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My name is Zelda Violet Star, and I’m an intuitive Tarot reader and psychic.  

My readings are here to empower you to understand what may be affecting you or holding you back and to visualise and build the life that you want; as well as dealing with more immediate challenges.  My driving values are compassion and understanding; helping you to grow in a sustainable way.  I can tap into patterns and likely outcomes, so I can make predictions; but the real work is in helping you to see what’s out there, what you’re working with and what your options are so you can shape the future that you want. Think of it like a weather forecast – if you have an idea of what’s coming, you can choose to pack a jumper or an umbrella, or if a hurricane’s on the way you might want to just get out of there altogether.

To give you some information about me – I’m a trans woman, and (earlier in my life) come from a background in activism, labour rights and radical politics.  I have an understanding of how structural oppression and trauma have shaped my life and the lives of others; and this allows me to work with you on a practical basis that takes into account your own experiences and material circumstances – some things you can control, some you cannot; and where you cannot, how you work within those limitations and respond to what life throws at you is just as important as the bigger picture of who you are and where you want to be.  

My service is inclusive – I have an understanding of the many ways our experiences can impact our mental health; having dealt with complex trauma myself.  I’m here to provide a safe space that recognises your reality and helps you to work with all that entails.  To me, identity is incredibly important – if we don’t know who we are in relation to the world we’re living in and the experiences that’s led to; it’s like having one hand tied behind your back.  It’s only through understanding our starting point that we can eventually transcend the restrictions that we face.  My own gender transition, the space it has given me to expand into; but also the real barriers I’ve faced in the process of it have given me a focus on healing and integration – areas we all owe it to ourselves to work on in whatever sense.

Parallel to this has been my own spiritual development; and this has included developing as an intuitive and psychic.  It was my own awakening that led me to accept my gender and has launched me on this path.  We all have certain things we need to do in life and while they may not seem (or be) easy; by finding ways to face those we also find that doors start to open for us.  The unexplored and untapped parts of ourselves, as well as those afflicted by trauma; often in turn become our greatest strengths.  I’m repeatedly told I have an ability to get direct to the heart of what someone’s dealing with, as well as to offer solutions that allow them to be heard and understood.  I’m honoured to have the opportunity to offer you that service, if you’re drawn to working with me.

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Bec McCarthy

Oh my god.  Oh my good giddy god.


Absolutely unreal.  There are not enough stars for this.  If you don’t get read by Zelda, you’re missing a truly insightful and genuine experience.


Zelda.  Amazing.  Thank you xx

Julie McConnell

I am a fellow tarot card reader and medium, I truly appreciate Zelda’s style of reading because she knows her cards very well but is still extremely intuitive and can pin-point right away what is important for you to know.  Her reading was a good reminder of issues for me to continue to work on for my own personal growth and development. She is compassionate and understanding, she’s able to quickly pin-point and explain where issues are in your life are and how it would be best for you to handle them and continue to grow as a person.

Christine Wilde

The reading I had with Zelda was life-changing. She painted such a vivid picture of my past and present reality and got straight to the heart of the matter. It was like she helped me find the missing piece of the puzzle. The reading made so much sense. She helped me realize, for the first time, subconcious tendencies that were blocking me at the time. After my reading with her, I have been able to make actual real-life positive changes in my life.- that has led to wonderful things thus far. I felt a wave of peace, calm, understanding and clarity. What an indescribable gift she is. The heart and soul she put into the reading was like none other.  She is such a solid, beautiful, heart-warming soul; I am astounded with the results.-and where the course of my life has led to since connecting with Zelda. I highly recommend Zelda if you are looking for a reading. She does not dissapoint.

Marie X

I recently had a reading from Zelda which hit many important nails on the head with regards to my blockages and future aspirations. It covered many areas, including relationships, life purpose, and supressed ambitions and gave me vital insight into the roots of my self-limiting beliefs and guidance on how to push past them. I was reminded that self-empowerment is key, and the importance of believing in the magic that lies within, and, as such, was everything I needed to hear. Thanks so much to Zelda and I highly recommend this service to all.

Liza Sylvian

VST provides an insightful, compassionate and deeply helpful service. Communication is clear throughout, and she handled the issues the reading raised with wisdom and tact. Highly recommended, she is the real deal!

Jade Mitchell

The impact this reading has had is so great that it’s not even measurable. This reading gave me hope in a very dark period of my life. It gave me the reassurances that I was making the right choices and that I was capable of overcoming the struggles I was facing.

I will be forever grateful for the strength Zelda’s reading helped me find and continue to look back on this and compare it to how I am doing today. I would recommend Zelda to anyone I knew including people who were new to tarot reading as I was. She is fantastic both on a personal and professional level.

Cindy Peters

She really broke things down in the most beautiful way, and it wasn’t just detailed and accurate but also very compassionate. The reading really helped verify my feelings while also giving more clarity than I was able to on my own. I will be coming back when I have the opportunity to! Thank you, Zelda!!

Lauren Abi Phipps

Zelda’s readings are fantastic, spot on and very detailed. Her reading has helped me move forward in a tricky point in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Highly recommended!


Zelda is very talented, she is honest and compassionate and the reading was very insightful and informative. She gives a clear outline of the process and timeframe. The reading was comprehensive and the advice thorough. I would highly recommend Zelda.

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