Detailed Tarot Reading by email

Detailed Tarot Reading by email

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Suitable for gaining a deeper insight into a question or situation, with guidance offered. I’ll design a custom, structured spread for you, using 5-7 cards to answer your question, examine what is influencing your situation, and chart a way forwards; and will discuss my approach with you before proceeding. This will also include a psychic reading of your energy.  Your reading will typically be 1,500-2,500 words in length and will include a picture of the cards that came up – emailed to you in pdf format. Recommended for analysing a relationship, career situation or decision, past or current crisis or trauma, attracting love; or anything else where a detailed and impartial perspective would help.

Please include your question and any details on your situation in the “Additional Information” box on the checkout page. I’ll email you to confirm this and ask for any further information.

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