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How I work with the Tarot

Ultimately I’m here to meet and work with you where you’re at.  We’re all facing challenges and pressures; we all have untapped potential and a shadow side to integrate.  And we’re all on this planet to have experiences, to learn and to grow.  A Tarot reading can focus on any of these areas, as well as on more mundane decisions; and I’m here to provide a specific kind of perspective, often from angles you may not have considered.  As an intuitive reader, the cards that come up and what I see in them, individually and collectively, are my jumping-off point – from there the messages flow as I get in touch with your own energy and the messages that you need to receive.  Yes, I can tap into patterns and likely outcomes, so I can make predictions; but I’m not a “fortune teller”; I’m here to help you to see what’s out there, what you’re working with and what your options are so you can shape the future that you want.  Think of it like a weather forecast – if you have an idea of what’s coming, you can choose to pack a jumper or an umbrella, or if a hurricane’s on the way you might want to just get out of there altogether.

Maybe you have relationship concerns.  Whether you’re in a relationship or seeking one, I can help you dig into that issue.  My service is LGBTQIA-inclusive (I’m a gay trans woman myself), and I can advise you no matter what style of relationship you’re in or pursuing.  Don’t worry if you’re straight, I can still help you too.

I can read on your career; whether you’re looking for a promotion, dealing with a difficult boss, working for yourself, planning a big project or thinking of quitting and doing something else.  And this can apply to any industry – I have experience reading for sex workers and can provide a safe and accepting space.

I can also help with family dilemmas, past traumas, or recovering from difficult or abusive relationships.  While I should state that I’m not a psychotherapist, Tarot can be used to look at the conscious and unconscious processes that drive patterns of thought and behaviour and our reactions to difficult experiences, and this can help inform you on what you may need to work on, either alone or in an appropriate therapeutic environment.  I have used Tarot effectively to work on my own trauma and coping methods – I know it can be a valuable tool and would like to share it with you.


Used correctly, I believe the Tarot is a powerful tool for both exploring our own subconscious; and for accessing higher guidance.  I offer a detailed and personalised approach as I prefer to leave no stone unturned and aim to offer you the most complete guidance I can.

Please type your question and any information on your situation in the notes or instructions box on the Checkout page.  I will email you if further information is required.

Upon receipt of your reading request; I will contact you to discuss the approach I plan to take to your reading.  Once we have agreed an approach; you can expect to receive your reading within 72 hours; however at busy times please allow up to 5 days.  I will advise you when agreeing and accepting your reading if there will be any delay of this nature.  Your reading will be supplied via email in pdf format.