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What’s Going On?

Airstrology is a brand new healing system, based on astrological synastry. So what is that?

  • Put very simply, synastry is the study of how two astrological charts interact with each other. Much of the time, synastry is only considered when looking at compatability in terms of romantic love and sex. But we have synastry with everyone we interact with. Your family members, your friends, your colleagues, the person who sells you gas, your doctor, your therapist and so on. And the way your synastry works with them will colour your interactions with them. And where it gets more interesting – if you interact with a piece of art, your synastry with both that piece of art and with its creator influences how it affects you.

  • When you book an Airstrology appointment with me, I ask you for your full birth details so I can draw your birth chart; and I ask you to name a couple of areas of your personality you’d like to strengthen, or specific challenges you’re facing in this moment or over a much longer period. I then identify where these are indicated within your birth chart or in transits to or progressions of your chart, and which influences in synastry would be most helpful to you. And then I identify the musicians with the unique ability to affect you in subtle ways, based on their synastry with you. And I also ask you for some musicians who’ve helped you through particular challenges in life or who’ve otherwise been influential – and we use this to identify where you’re already finding that synastry for yourself so you can see how this all works.

  • From there we have a consultation over live video (other formats are available if needed for accessibility) in which we discuss all of this and I advise you of my provisional recommendations. Once we’ve completed this, you’ll receive a full write up and then it’s just a matter of pulling up your preferred music streaming app whenever it suits you. I will typically recommend 10-15 different artists to you.

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