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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 15-21 April 2019


Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



The Guardian / Six of Pentacles

It’s an emotional time for you, Aries.  Everything just feels like it’s a lot; and it’s stretching you to what you’re worrying may be breaking point.  It’s taken you by surprise too – you didn’t feel like you’d end up back here; and you may be adding to it by giving yourself a hard time, simply for turning out to be human after all.  But it’s a struggle for you to find hope – you’re keeping going but finding it difficult to see how you emerge from this one.  The question is whether you’re reaching for help at this stage; or if you’re going to keep turning inwards?  Because it does feel like you need the assistance of someone coming in from the outside – simply to restore your hope and trust as well as your self-confidence.  You pride yourself on self-reliance and while that’s an admirable trait; here it may become something more like stubbornness.  I feel you are being offered help and support at this time too – but you need to be willing to accept it.  To be able to open up and be vulnerable – because this is a sign of strength, not weakness, at this time.  Don’t be so hasty to turn down advice or material support or simply comfort and nurturing – this really does feel like a case of a problem shared being a problem halved.  And by opening yourself up in this way, you also open to the light breaking through again – and that’s something you can follow to somewhere safer.

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Nine of Pentacles / Death

You’ve been guarding your heart, Taurus – guarding it really hard.  Past hurts have led to you closing off to truly deep levels of loving connection and you’re suspicious of anyone who looks like they might come too close to you – you naturally suspect they either have an agenda or simply that they or you can’t be trusted to develop a deep relationship.  This also conceals a deeper issue concerning self-worth – it’s like you don’t feel you can possibly be open at this time.  But divine timing doesn’t operate by those rules; so now you’re faced with someone in front of you and the feelings are there, much as part of you may wish they were not; what will you do next?  You value your independence very strongly – you had to battle to find your way here, and you don’t want to return to where you were before.  But this doesn’t feel like it has to be going backwards in that sense; and you underestimate your ability to stay afloat, to embrace a new dawn, and ultimately to find your way to somewhere calmer alongside this person.  You’re aware the feelings are mutual here; and while your fears are very real, you’re also being offered an opportunity for growth and healing here.  Sometimes we don’t have to close off, even when our wounds are some way from healed; and sometimes being open to love can be the most healing thing of all.  Obviously you can proceed cautiously and ensure you take heed of any genuine red flags – but don’t deny yourself out of feelings of unworthiness – you are ready for this, and it may surprise you.

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The Star / Nine of Wands

I feel like you’re being confused by what’s in front of you this week, Gemini.  Someone’s behaviour is simply making no sense to you; and it may even be disgusting you on some level.  Be careful that you don’t rush to any conclusions or rash reactions though; as I don’t feel like you have the whole picture so you absolutely can’t make a judgement on face value.  You are a natural communicator, so rather than assuming or confronting; simply try asking.  Find out what’s happening in this person’s life and why that’s causing them to act in such a way that seems highly erratic to you.  Because it’s likely they’d appreciate a friend at this time, and one who will offer understanding at that.  I feel like this person is under a lot of strain and you’re not here to add to that.  But it feels like they may be a bit lost, and maybe they’ve been dealing with aggravation from other people too.  So what’s needed is to offer a helping hand.  A chance for them to see they don’t have to go it alone or internalise what they’re feeling.  More than anything they need to feel supported.  And this is where you bite your tongue, suspend judgement, and make that offer.  The positive impact you can have at this time may surprise both you and them.

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Six of Pentacles / The World

My heart instantly sank as I felt into your energy, Cancer – it’s a real struggle for you just to go on at this time.  It feels like so many roads have been closing off to you or at least you’re no longer seeing much point in investing too much energy in what shows little promise of fulfilment; and so you’re trying to focus what reserves you have on what’s immediate and practical.  Not a fun place to be in.  But while you’re trying to be practical; you’re also looking back at these projects, these people, anywhere your effort had been going; somewhat forlornly and even resentfully.  And this may be causing you to close off too.  It may be making you distrustful and it may be leaving you feeling like you’re owed something that you haven’t received from those places.  Too much time focusing on that and in this way is likely to drain you still further.  Undoubtedly it’s frustrating that what you invested in didn’t bear much fruit for you.  But I don’t feel like it was for nothing and focusing on the details in this way means you may miss the bigger picture of where things are leading you at the moment.  Because there is a lot of hope here.  If you can release the disappointment.  If you can release the expectation of a payout.  Because that, more than anything else, is what’s draining you at this time.  So it needs you to focus only on what’s in front of you.  You’ve been building a foundation of experience; but you have to trust the Universe to deliver, rather than looking to individuals who you feel treated you harshly.  And you have to stop beating yourself up – you weren’t wrong to try, and better times do lie ahead.

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Ace of Swords / Four of Swords

You feel quite aggressive at this time, Leo.  Whether that’s good aggressive or bad aggressive is going to depend entirely on the outlet you choose for it, or indeed if you choose to turn it on yourself, which is a risk for you.  You’ve been feeling bound in some sense for a while; and that isn’t a comfortable place for you of all signs – but I do feel you making a burst for freedom at this time.  But all this pent-up energy is something that needs to go somewhere.  Some of you are feeling this as a suddenly high sex drive and this may well be something that you work out in this way – obviously safely and consensually if you go this route.  For others – you feel an urge to make a big shift in your life – leaving something behind, and this could be a home or it could be a job.  But in any case, you want to feel free, you want to feel alive, and you don’t want anyone or anything to stand in your way.  And it may be the right time for that kind of change, but how you go about it is important.  You’re not here to take out your frustrations on anyone else; and you need to watch for your own warning signs and possibly withdraw if it feels things are going in that direction.  But equally, if you’ve been given shit or held back by someone in particular; it is time to tell them what you think.  Not out of revenge or anything like it – but asserting who you are and your own sovereignty.  And you may want to hit the gym too.  It’s all about working this stuff out and about releasing what’s been storing up.  Just ensure you don’t target anyone unfairly or act in a way that traps you even more, right at the point that you’re making a bid for freedom.

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Six of Wands / Eight of Pentacles

Have you bitten off more than you can chew lately, Virgo?  Maybe started a fight that’s now escalated and you don’t have the heart to go on with?  Or offered more help or more of yourself to a situation than you can reasonably sustain?  Or simply cut a number of people out of your life, or at least pushed them to the margins?  I’m feeling strain and a degree of unnecessary isolation here – so what’s been driving this and what’s your way back from this tight corner; because I don’t feel keeping on fighting is going to help you at this time.  It felt good, didn’t it?  Asserting yourself in this way.  Feeling like a boss, feeling in charge.  But now its like the chickens are coming home to roost and you’re realising you got carried away.  Even if your cause was honourable; you’re still finite and now things are settling down you feel more uneasy and alone than this.  So this is a learning experience for you.  But it’s not irreversible.  It’s possible to offer an olive branch and it’s possible to de-escalate or at least to extricate yourself a bit.  I don’t feel the solution is simple here.  But you will help yourself by not digging yourself further in; because this isn’t fully entrenched yet.  It takes a lot to hold your hands up and say you’ve had enough.  Check your intentions here and ensure pride isn’t getting in your way.  Because I feel like you need more people around you than you currently have, and that requires a change in tack, and maybe some bridge-mending too.

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Ace of Swords / Six of Swords

You’re finding your joy again, Libra; finding your spark.  This feels like it’s been weeks of struggle for you but you’re absolutely getting it back now and you’re feeling highly motivated.  To do something new especially.  To take a chance on something.  You’ve been dogged by pessimism that you’ve found it so, so hard to shift; but I feel like opportunities are coming in for you this week – chances for work, chances for love; even things that you felt might be long dead may now be coming back to life.  And this needs you to follow them.  To be wide open to grasping what’s in front of you with both hands.  Because it’s lifting you up and offering you a way out of your recent quandary.  It’s almost an overnight shift – so much so that you’re struggling to understand it.  But you can trust it and it is exactly what you’ve been needing.  Don’t underestimate yourself here and don’t underestimate what’s in front of you.  Follow that light, even if it appears to be taking you to someplace strange and previously unknown – this is not the time to be asking too many questions or second-guessing yourself – it just needs you to be willing to commit to a brighter future doing things a bit differently.

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Six of Cups / Ten of Cups / Seven of Swords

You’re not trusting your heart, Scorpio.  Not willing to take a chance, not willing to give someone a chance or the benefit of the doubt as old hurts influence you and distort your thought processes and decision-making.  There’s a need to ground here.  To check on what’s actually influencing you rather than acting rashly and hastily in pushing someone away or even cutting them out.  Some internal work to do – and possibly work that you either felt was already completed or that you could simply put off to a later date.  But I feel you need to be giving this person a chance.  They’re different – different from who you’ve encountered in this lifetime anyway; because this feels very strongly like a soulmate connection.  Like someone who can fit incredibly well with and complement you and who can help you to balance out the difficult emotions that have been rising within you of late.  But that also needs you to turn and face them.  To get to know them for who they are.  A big part of you is against that.  A big part of you wants to run.  It’s not even a fear of being hurt necessarily.  It’s more like a fear of being found out in some sense – this is the part of you that doesn’t believe you’re loveable.  Doesn’t believe you’re worthy of this.  You need to look deeply to understand where that’s coming from.  But you also need to separate that out from who’s in front of you at this time.  I’d say give them a chance, but this is far more about giving yourself a chance.  Otherwise you’ll just be left wondering what might have been.

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Queen of Swords / Ten of Pentacles

You’re feeling motivated, Sagittarius.  Driven.  You’ve got the bit between your teeth and now there’s a need to focus this in the most effective way that you can.  And it feels like you’re inspired.  Especially in terms of work where you suddenly have new ideas and possibly a new way of doing things and you have an idea of how your future can look now and exactly what it is that you can offer.  This could mean a big shift for you.  It may mean a focus on study, it may mean looking at setting up a new business or taking an existing one in a radically different direction.  And it needs you to commit yourself whilst you have this burst of enthusiasm.  To plan far ahead whilst starting from exactly where you are.  This feels big and like it genuinely has huge potential.  But you have to allow yourself to go after it.  And that means tough decisions.  It means being willing to cut yourself loose from anything that’s standing in your way or holding you back.  There’s always a balance to be struck between fairness and ruthlessness; but at this time the main person you need to be fair to is yourself.  And that means allowing yourself to throw all you can at this.

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Page of Cups / The Lovers

You’re dreaming of far-off places, Capricorn.  Far-flung ideas.  These have been your go to place to get away from your stresses for a while because you’ve just not been feeling the day-to-day of life.  But what’s driving this isn’t actually a wanderlust; your lack of fulfilment has been coming from somewhere else and it feels like loneliness; even if you haven’t always acknowledged that to yourself.  You may value your independence and your ability to achieve; but a big part of you craves and misses that connection.  And I feel it’s opening to you this week; if you can allow yourself to be open to it.  You’re noticing someone, and they’re noticing you.  Maybe they’re new; maybe they’ve been there for a while but you haven’t allowed yourself to feel this and to believe in it.  But there’s a chance here.  If you can be soft.  If you can accept that you don’t know it all.  If you can accept that you still have plenty to learn.  This isn’t someone who’s going to hold you back or try to control you.  It’s someone who’s going to encourage you – who possibly already encourages you but now you’re being asked to see them in this new light.  It needs you to be free and it needs you to be open.  So you need to make time and space for them.  All that glancing around and yet you didn’t need to look far at all to find them.  This is a connection that can enrich pretty much every aspect of your life.  If you can allow it to.  If you can allow yourself to simply flow into it and along with it.  You’ll feel far more grounded once you have someone around who you know you can rely on to support you and who values the same in you.

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Knight of Pentacles / Ace of Swords

You’re acting quite pendantically at this time, Aquarius.  Even controllingly.  You’re determined for things to be done your way and only your way and you’re making that very, very clear and possibly rubbing other people up the wrong way in the process.  It betrays a lack of confidence you have, either in them or in yourself.  But it feels constricting; limiting; even self-defeating.  You need a break from this.  To go away and re-evaluate and to decide if these people and this situation are something you can work with – if they’re the problem or if you’re the problem or some combination of these.  Because something has to change.  This isn’t healthy or productive.  If you step back, you may be surprised by what they can pull off.  If you ask their opinion, they might surprise you with the insight they offer too.  If you carry on like this – don’t be surprised if you find yourself far more alone with this anyway.  This is ultimately about your motivations.  Because compassion and respect need to come into this – not just success at any cost.  If you can shift to this; these relationships can improve and your outcomes can meet what you’re looking for.  If not – if not then you’re best to go it alone.  But there’s no sense in building up bad blood.  Own what’s your part of this, and either do the best you can, or go elsewhere; but neither you nor they need to be punished like this.

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The Tower / Four of Cups

The weight is lifting from you, Pisces.  You can almost taste the freedom in the air as suddenly you’re less clouded and far more able to plan and to simply do as the confusion melts away.  And that’s allowing you to take stock of your situation and where you go from here.  I feel like something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.  Something you’d invested a lot of hope in and it’s something that has been trying to die for a while now.  But now you’re in a place where you can accept that and while part of you wants to grieve and will need to – the bigger part of you is utterly relieved that this is finally done and dusted and you can move forwards.  Yes, it was disappointing.  Yes, it’s been a slow death.  But I don’t feel like you care too much any more; because the writing has been on the wall for a while.  And that’s why you’re ready to set fire to this recent chapter of your life entirely.  You don’t even need to push yourself too hard just yet.  Just taste it, and know that you’re no longer held back in the way you were.  You can feel your way into where you go next from here; but there’s no need to rush and no need to grab at the first available thing.  Just allow yourself to be, and to enjoy this space.

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Cards featured are from 78 Tarot Mythical – Tarot of the Legendary, a global art collaboration © 2018 78 Tarot.

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