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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 25 February – 3 March 2019


Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Wheel of Fortune / Two of Cups

I see misunderstandings for you this week, Aries.  Or probably it’s more that you’re feeling misunderstood.  This is painful for you, and it might spark you into arguments that threaten to spiral out of control.  There is a risk here.  And that’s that you find yourself pushing away someone who you actually have very deep feelings for – probably a partner but if not then certainly someone you care about very deeply.  They could also be the one feeling misunderstood; so choose your words carefully and avoid jumping to any conclusions; calmly asking for clarification if necessary.  There is a fated element to your relationship with them; and it feels like this situation could be fated too – in the sense that it will test both of you in terms of emotional maturity.  It’s vital that you’re open and honest about your feelings at this time – misunderstandings will be occurring if there’s an underlying sense of something being hidden.  The feelings are just as deep on their side too; and whichever form of love this is, it has the potential to be life-changing for both of you.  But you need to stay on top of things; to have the wisdom not to fly off the handle, and if there’s a threat of things escalating at all, to be the one to defuse things and calmly discuss them.  I sense you may be a little defensive as a warning signal to them.  No, you don’t have to open up entirely; but if you need to hold something back, try to be clear with them about why that is.  Your relationship may well be strengthened enormously if you can handle this one maturely, tactfully, and respectfully.

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The Fool / The Emperor

It’s an emotional time for you this week, Taurus, and I see you battling to stop those feelings from taking over as you feel if you do so, they’ll hold you back and get in the way of all you need to be getting on with.  You’re not necessarily repressing them – in fact you’re very aware of them and even have an idea of what they may be telling you – but you just don’t want to go there right now.  You feel they’d stop you from expressing as you need to – the more carefree and unflappable image you wish to give off.  And it’s obviously important that you still manage to meet your existing commitments and responsibilities.  But you do need to make time for them as well.  Because they’re showing you something new.  A new possibility.  An opportunity that you’re going to need to explore at some stage.  If feels like that’s what you’re most afraid of – it’s a door that you don’t feel ready to look behind.  Because it could mean a new start.  The start of something potentially bigger – but it would mean tearing up some foundations in order to lay more solid ones that allow you to pursue this.  And you don’t feel able.  You feel it would be too disruptive.  Possibly that it would deny you the level of control that you’ve convinced yourself you need.  You may not have to make a decision on this during this week.  But that pressure is building; and sooner or later you won’t be able to ignore it any more.  Keep a record of what you’re feeling.  Take the time to notice how that develops.  When you’re ready to explore where this points you, you’ll still be able to maintain some control – but it will be on vastly shifted terrain.

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Page of Pentacles / The Hierophant

This could be emotional overwhelm for you, Gemini, as your frustrations threaten to boil over.  There’s something you can’t shift – it’s like an immovable object – and more than anything this is leading to sadness, but it might also lead to you taking it out on someone else if you’re not mindful of how you react to this.  There’s something you want very badly.  Possibly something that you’ve been working on and it’s just not shifting for now; and that’s where the frustration is coming from.  It’s making you feel like you’re not good enough; even like you can’t be good enough, and the danger is that in turning this on yourself or outward onto other people, things get a little out of control.  And because you’re feeling a little foolish or childish in relation to it, you may be tempted to act in that way too.  This is complicated as your feelings around this are very real and may be very raw.  But you need to be measured in response and you need to be patient with it.  I feel a need for you to seek guidance.  Possibly from someone more experienced or possibly from a spiritual or religious figure or guide about how you can work through this and the feelings that it’s bringing up in you.  You have something to learn – and they’re in place to advise or even teach you.  I don’t feel like what you’re working on is off-limits; but patience is going to be required.  Above all else you need to avoid any tendency to self-sabotage here – that’s the biggest risk.  It’s OK to express your emotions so long as you don’t just spray them out irresponsibly, and it’s OK to seek support and guidance.  There is a way through, but you may need to seek that help to find it.

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The Moon / Nine of Pentacles

Something’s bothering you this week, Cancer.  Coming seemingly out of the blue and in the midst of your success or whatever else it is that you’re proud of – it’s appearing as a sudden interruption and it’s bringing up all kinds of personal doubt.  It feels like someone challenging you.  And not related to what you’re doing at that moment, either – someone’s stepping in and bringing up something from the past that was never resolved but which you had thought was ancient history by now.  And yet now here they are; in the midst of this, breaking your focus and with it your sense of personal security.  This is testing your resolve.  It’s causing you to question how far you’ve come.  Part of you wants to retreat.  To hide.  Because all of a sudden you don’t feel good enough.  But you are, Cancer, you are.  This isn’t about your competency or capability for what you’re doing now.  It’s about something older.  So it needs you to stay composed.  To assert yourself on the situation.  Not to dismiss this person or situation that’s coming up out of hand, but not to allow it to get in the way of more pressing matters or to make you feel inadequate.  Acknowledge them.  Let them know that you’ll make time for them and to finally put this one to bed.  Just not now.  At a time when you can slot them in – which will also allow you time to think things through and to prepare; rather than this flaring up.  You’re very capable.  And maybe you have some amends to make.  But you’ll do that on your timetable, not whenever it’s demanded of you.  That’s all that’s being asked of you here.

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The Star / Four of Swords

I feel like you want to turn and run this week, Leo.  Something feels like it’s too much and the only direction you want to assert yourself is as far away as possible; wherever that takes you to.  You may be feeling a sense of inadequacy, or of not being ready for what’s appearing in your life at this time; and you want to be anywhere but here.  But don’t be so hasty; and watch out that this isn’t just a coping method based on a need to control every aspect of your life.  What is it that you’re so threatened by?  That you don’t feel equipped to handle or even to accept?  Because this isn’t a bad situation; it’s just one that you’re not allowing yourself to trust.  Because if you do, it means big changes.  Possibly to your plans; possibly to your ideas or pre-conceptions of who you are and what you want from the next phase of life.  And yet if you can slow down, this is pointing you somewhere.  It’s offering you a new direction; and one that gives you space to expand into.  If you’re willing to trust it.  If you can accept that the Universe is on your side here, and is showing you something you didn’t even realise you needed.  This is fertile ground that can open up for you, and has huge potential.  But you need to be able to relinquish some old beliefs in order to be able to work with it.  Possibly to work through and release some old hurts.  You don’t necessarily have to commit just yet either.  Just don’t run from it.  Take the time to observe and to consider things.  And open yourself up to higher guidance, notice any signs coming through; and be prepared to accept and follow them, in time.  This isn’t easy.  But it’s offering you something of wonderful potential; and all you need do is be open.

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Eight of Cups / Ace of Cups

You’re edging your way forward, Virgo; but you’re cautious, even anxious – distrustful of your situation and it’s like you’re expecting to be ambushed every time you go round the next corner.  And that’s slowing your progress and occupying an awful lot of your mind at this time.  There’s a lot of fear here.  And a choice to make.  To leave something behind.  I feel like there was something that felt really good for a time; but now it’s gone sour and you’re needing to move on; but you don’t trust what will happen if you do; and so you’re taking those steps, but you’re really worried about the repercussions of doing so.  Like there’ll be blow-back.  Or like you’ll be pulled back.  So you don’t feel able to free yourself, or else to trust that you’ll be OK after you do so.  And so this vigilance.  There’s a need to keep going.  To push on with this.  Because the threat isn’t as severe as you think it is; but you need to ensure you’re cutting those ties adequately.  You’re heading on to something better – far, far better.  And as you free yourself you’ll be so relieved.  Even ecstatic from it.  This needs you to trust yourself and your decision to move on.  And to keep your focus on that.  What awaits you is going to be so, so worth it.  Don’t even think about looking back.

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The Hermit / Five of Wands

You have options at this time, Libra.  A number of possibilities.  And yet in considering them you may well be overthinking and missing what’s right in front of your face.  Maybe because that option feels overwhelming.  Because you don’t feel good enough.  Because that’s the one where you’d need to make a firm choice and stick to it – and that’s why you’re holding back.  You don’t feel ready.  Or you don’t feel able to stay the course.  You’re worried about it exposing you – possibly parts of yourself you don’t feel ready to expose, even parts of yourself that you haven’t fully accepted and understood.  This is the source of indecision.  For now, put those other options and your thoughts of retreat or giving up to one side.  Because the thing you were drawn to in the first place is where you need to be going, and there’s no need for this level of doubt to be creeping in.  No, it’s not the easy option.  It’s one that tests you.  That forces you to grow and to be more and to trust both what you’ve learned as well as yourself and your own staying power.  But it’s also where things are most brightly lit.  It’s also what’s in line with your destiny and your soul needs.  Yes, it means exposing yourself.  Yes, it means having to trust in your decision from this point forwards.  But you also really want this.  That’s why you’re drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way here; least of all your own repetitive thought process.

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Four of Swords  / Ace of Wands

You know exactly where you’re going at this time, Scorpio.  Your target’s in sight and nothing and no-one is going to get in your way – or if they do, you know you’ll make short work of them.  Determined and fiery because you know this leads on to something new.  There may also be a bit of tunnel vision here though.  It’s like you’re feeling a need to prove yourself, and that’s why you’re pushing yourself so hard.  Yes, this is one way to get there, and it gets you there in the shortest possible time and by the most direct route.  But it’s also the most draining route.  And for those in your way: you may deal with them very quickly and straightforwardly; but that doesn’t mean that won’t affect you in the future.  You might want to take just a little step back.  To think this through.  To plan and strategise because you may not need to make so many enemies on your way, or place such a strain on yourself.  You may have been in this battle-like mode of thinking for a while now; and while you can continue with this for a time, you are also finite and may need to take slightly better care of yourself.  The impact of how you deal with people at this time will also be permanent; so take care that you don’t do more damage to them and to yourself – including upsetting those you may need on your side in the future – than is absolutely necessary.  I feel like you’re heading to the right place.  But there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  Tread wisely, and as fairly as possible; and if you need to rest and rethink then allow yourself to do so.

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The Devil / Seven of Pentacles

You’re receiving information this week, Sagittarius.  Possibly in greater volume and more directly than you normally would – flashes of knowing; possible visions and other psychic insights and downloads are all on the cards for you and you have a need to open up and allow it all to come through.  I feel like some of you may be surprised by the volume of it and the apparent clarity of it too.  But you’ll also need time to process it.  To gain an understanding of what you’re being shown.  I feel like in this you’ll need to be quite discerning and not just go with your first assumption, but nor should you turn away from it.  Record what comes through.  You’ll need time to piece it together; this is a picture that will take a little while to become truly clear.  But this is also the start of something for you – this isn’t just about this week; over time more and more of this is likely to come through to you, if you can remain open to it.  Discernment will be needed because the temptation will be there to rely solely on it; and to bypass your normal processes entirely.  Or to disregard it and stick too rigidly to your normal processes.  There’s a balance to be struck here.  And also a need to not just abandon those material tasks that you already have in process.  As these insights mesh together with what you already know, they will lead to a much bigger eureka moment.  And that will be the time to act.  Follow this process, but be wary of jumping the gun or being thrown off your normal course entirely; and don’t allow this development to fuel your ego.  This is there to help you, but work responsibly and diligently with it.

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Seven of Wands / Page of Cups

You have a need to speak your truth this week, Capricorn.  Openly and honestly and with real feeling and expressiveness; so you can’t just keep with your usual ultra-serious manner, you really need to get into this one.  Dropping that facade does mean exposing yourself.  You’ll be less guarded than usual and yet this is an absolute necessity and it’s something that you can rise to so long as you don’t let your own apprehensiveness take control of you.  This has a romantic vibe to it for many of you.  There’s someone you’re interested in, maybe more than interested in; but you’re almost scared of admitting that to yourself, far less to them.  That’s why you’re treading carefully.  For others of you this may be another area of life but one where you have real passion, but again you’re not naturally confident to show it.  So you have to push yourself here.  Get really into your feelings and really into how you wish to express them.  It involves really giving it everything.  But more than that it involves trusting yourself and the beauty that you’re recognising around you at this time.  I feel like the main thing that could undo you here is yourself.  But only if you slip back into old ways.  Because you’ve got this; it just comes down to you to allow yourself to give it everything; and to speak and act from the heart.  This is freeing up new and unexpressed sides of you – trust them.

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Queen of Swords / Seven of Swords

You’re feeling blocked this week, Aquarius.  Unable to speak, not being properly heard; or even like someone is silencing you or talking over you.  You’re seeing whoever’s responsible as a massive obstacle.  And it’s getting to you – your anger is rising, and you may even be spoiling for a fight over this.  But I don’t necessarily feel you need a fight; and certainly not in this het-up state.  This is someone who makes you feel small.  But it’s also someone who is relatively unflappable, compared to you at this time.  There’s a good chance they’re another air sign – Gemini, Libra or Aquarius; Sun, Moon or Rising; and I feel like rising to the bait here would be playing right into their hands and you could expect to come off worst; and others might think poorly of you as well.  That may not be fair, but it is where the wind seems to be blowing.  So you need to cool it.  Maybe accept that as a block at this time.  Because any outburst is likely to just disadvantage you from this point onwards.  So bide your time.  Play the long game, think of the big picture.  Even let them have this one.  You may or may not get the chance to settle the score in the future; but for now you’re best off chalking this one up to experience and focusing your energy elsewhere, somewhere more worthy of your efforts.  Because this person, even if they’re a cold-hearted bully, isn’t; at least not while they hold the upper hand.

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The Empress / The Star

Oh my goodness, Pisces; this feels wonderful for you.  A real breakthrough and you’re not just smiling, you want to share this with the whole world.  I feel you lightening up people’s lives with this amazing news; and it’s all so heartfelt that they won’t be able to resist sharing in your joy; and with so many of the other signs struggling at this time, it’s your absolute responsibility to be doing so.  For some of you this is just a wonderful insight or brainwave that you’ve had; but you know that it can carry you such a long way and I feel you’re sharing it both to share your excitement but also to bounce ideas off of people.  But for others this is definitely love; and you can’t contain your joy at this at this time.  This means everything to you; and that it means everything to you means that it can create a mood that sweeps everyone around you up too; and offers them a bit of hope in the darkness.  For you it’s even more than that; and yes you’re going to be sharing it, but more importantly you’re following it – you’re going to be proving your point and your desire and commitment in practice.  This is all communication this week; huge amounts of talking in person; messaging; phone and video calls – you may not have been this vocal in a very long time.  But take the steps to make it practical too.  Getting a bit carried away is only a danger if you keep it all in the abstract.  Make this material, make it solid; because it has huge, huge potential – I feel like you’re setting up an incredibly bright phase of life from here.

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Cards featured are from Oculi Occultati Tarot © 2018 Scarlet Imprint.

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