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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 18-24 February 2019


Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Five of Cups / Two of Swords

You’re like an immovable object this week, Aries – giving no ground and giving nothing away either.  It’s a stubborn place and it may be hard for anyone to get past your shields; for good or for bad.  This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself – you’ve been hurt before and it feels like you’re protecting yourself – even if it also means not allowing the connections you may still desire to deepen as far as they might be able to; but it’s also not a stance you’re going to want to maintain in the long-term.  Because it blocks them, but it blocks you too.  It might maintain some stability and some sense of control in your life, but at the same time it holds you back and stops your relationships of all kinds from developing.  While this isn’t personal to those encountering you, it may still feel that way to them.  At the very least I feel like those people will need some reassurances from you.  But there will be a need for you to relax a little more too.  Yes, opening yourself up can open you up to being hurt too.  But it can also open the space for deeper love to develop.  There’s a large extent to which you’re automatically expecting the worst to happen if you do.  But this also means nothing can move forward much.  Take the time to understand what’s motivating you – your own assumptions about outcomes will keep you stuck here as long as you allow them to dominate.

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The Moon / Seven of Swords

“Just get out of my way!”.  That’s the combative stance you’re heading into this week with, Taurus – it feels like you’re not taking any prisoners.  It may get you to where you’re going very quickly.  It may mean no-one challenges you.  It may also store up some problems for the future.  Obviously you should be focused on your intentions.  And your first responsibility is to yourself.  But that doesn’t mean your impact on others is not relevant.  There’s a raw, primal aggression that you’re harnessing and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Provided clear intentions are all that’s driving you.  Because I feel a degree of anxiety too.  A sense that you believe that if you stop and check in with yourself and others then that may open the floodgates to spiralling thoughts – or to self-doubt – and that’s something you’ve decided you want to avoid at all costs.  It’s true that overthinking is unhealthy.  But so is not taking the time to think things through at all.  I mentioned this feels primal.  Open yourself a bit this week to higher guidance and insight into your patterns here.  Remember that just because you’re perceiving people as obstacles doesn’t necessarily mean they are so.  If you can, take the time to hear them out; as well as listening to that guidance from higher.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be as combative and single-minded as this.

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The Lovers / The Hierophant

This feels quite calm and settled, Gemini.  If you can allow it to be.  If you can permit yourself to soak it up; and not immediate feel the need to either tear up what you’ve built; or to rush to move it on to the next level.  It’s a comfortable space and yet the fact that it being comfortable is unfamiliar is precisely why you’re struggling to leave it be.  Can you be content with it?  Can you commit to continuing what you’ve started, and allowing things to flow along over time?  The prospect of that is definitely making you uneasy.  You have a million ideas about how it could be tweaked or altered and while attention to detail is valuable, there is also such a thing as over-watering or over-pruning a plant.  This needs a degree of maturity.  To step away from it and from your tendency to hyper-focus on it.  I feel that you know exactly what this refers to – whether it’s a project, a relationship, an area of personal healing; or some combination of these.  Wisdom says to let go and let God.  Your impulse says you need to maintain your controlling streak.  For the first to win out, you need to understand the roots of your perfectionism and controlling streak.  What it is that you’re trying to prove and to whom?  The more you can get to grips with that, the more you’ll be able to release it; and with it your expectations of what comes next, or your belief that you have to keep refining what’s already complete.

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Two of Pentacles / Eight of Wands

You’re feeling a little anxious this week, Cancer.  Part of you is glancing around and looking for the threat, but you’re not letting it show on the surface.  A veneer of confidence and calm control; and yet this isn’t somewhere that you’re comfortable.  I feel like you feel scrutinised or possibly over-burdened with responsibility; and you feel held back as a result but don’t feel able to do too much about it; despite the facade you’re creating.  You certainly don’t feel able to speak freely about it; and it’s possible that this is because when you’ve attempted to in the past, you haven’t felt heard or understood.  So now you’re in this place of “Why even bother trying?”.  That feels like vigilance rather than sulking; but it still limits your expressiveness and ability to assert yourself on your situation.  You may be dealing with an boss or other authority figure; or a partner or family member who seems over-bearing.  It doesn’t feel like you’re on comfortable home turf.  But it’s holding you up; and there’s a need to break free.  Not by losing your temper.  But by gathering yourself in order to speak assuredly and confidently.  I feel like you’re making that out to be harder than it genuinely is.  Keep your shots above the waist; don’t be undignified in how you approach this.  But don’t allow yourself to be stifled like this – you have a need to express at this time – speak from the heart and with passion and integrity.

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Nine of Pentacles / Ten of Pentacles

There’s a deep connection coming through for you this week, Leo.  I feel closeness, I feel dating, I feel fun times spent together and I feel understanding developing.  This is comfortable and it shows potential.  You’re also a bit reticent to allow this to develop towards that potential.  “I’m happy on my own!  I don’t need the disruption and distraction!”  You feel like you might lose your footing in the rest of life, or lose your independence or sense of self if you allow this to become more.  Maybe you don’t feel ready for a commitment of any kind.  That’s coming from somewhere real.  You worked hard to get to this stage and while you’re enjoying this contact, the attention, and the sense of connection – your barriers are still up.  But how long do you maintain this for?  Are you sure that no part of you wants more; and that this could not allow your life to become even stronger and more complete?  There isn’t a simple answer to that; only the one that’s right for you.  No, you shouldn’t rush into anything.  No, there’s no need to take unnecessary risks.  But you can allow a bit (or a lot) more flexibility than this.  It won’t destroy you to allow you to peer behind your own closed doors; including the ones to your heart.  And it’s only with the knowledge you’ll gain when you do that you can make a decision about whether or not to allow this to become more; but you are strong enough and stable enough to handle it, if you choose to.

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The Hermit / King of Pentacles

Thrust into the spotlight this week, Virgo.  Not necessarily natural terrain for you; but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and own it.  You’re in this position because of your creativity; your expressiveness; your success.  This is recognition of your efforts; not the trap or hiding-to-nothing that you might be suspecting it to be.  For many of you, it’s your work in particular that’s being recognised; and you’ve put a lot into that.  Others of you are being viewed as teachers, mentors or guides, in particular I feel a number of you offering advice or guidance to children or at least to those considerably younger than you.  This needs you to be confident.  Assured.  Able to trust in your own abilities; because someone really looks up to you or values what you bring – and what you bring is deeply personal and honest.  That’s what you need to remind yourself of and what you need to be harnessing as you step out into this at this time.  You will be successful precisely because of all the work you’ve put in to get to this stage; so quit second-guessing yourself and go for it.

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The Star / Seven of Swords

Something’s opening up for you this week, Libra; if you can trust the guidance coming in from higher.  It’s going to surprise you too – opening up possibilities that you hadn’t considered – but you’re going to need to grasp them and assert yourself in order to make them a reality; and that’s not something that always comes easily to you – so you’re being nudged out of your comfort zone.  It’s also not going to be something that’s helped by asking others for their opinion or their approval – they’re not likely to understand and having those discussions is only going to cause you confusion; so you have to take this one on trust.  This needs you to be open and to pay attention to the direction you’re being prompted in.  It’s also going to need you to abandon certain assumptions and maybe to radically alter some plans you’ve been adhering rigidly to.  Predominantly this affects you in terms of work; though it may hit in other areas of life too.  That might mean learning new skills or modalities.  It might mean moving away from a boss or a teacher to do things more under your own steam and in your own style.  Remember that you’re not letting anyone down by doing that – this is your opportunity to spread your wings and fly.  The only thing holding you back is your own possible reluctance to make this shift and truly express yourself as an individual.

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Ace of Pentacles / Page of Wands

Something’s hurting you this week, Scorpio.  Something you weren’t expecting; as someone close to you challenges you on something that you hadn’t even considered might be an issue.  You might want to dismiss what they’re bringing up out of hand.  You may feel it’s unfair.  But that’s a defensive reaction and one that doesn’t truly serve you – in reality; there’s something in this and you need to hear them out.  Yes, before you jump in to give your side of the story and certainly before you rush to retaliate – so you need to exert some self-discipline here.  You may feel hard done by; and this may be the end of a friendship or a relationship – or it may just be the end of a phase of one; but how you respond will determine that.  This doesn’t have to weaken you.  But nor do you have to put on a brave face and pretend it doesn’t affect you either.  Because there’s space for growth here.  For you to learn from this and to identify what you need to work on.  You may even need to admit a degree of fault – and that’s not a position of weakness, it’s one of strength.  If you can accept this, or at least show some nuance; and if you can drop the need to appear unflappable; then things can improve from here, one way or the other.  But you need to be able to accept the feelings that this person is expressing as real and valid; rather than meeting them with a kneejerk response in order to deflect your hurt feelings.

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Queen of Wands / The Moon

I feel like you know where you’re going at this time, Sagittarius.  Stepping out with purpose and with focus.  But you’re not being foolhardy either – I see you checking and double-checking to ensure the coast is clear.  This might mean you adopt a kind of stop-start approach.  It also means you risk a stop-stop approach; if you catch wind of something that you don’t like the sound of.  Vigilance and caution have their value.  Paranoia and holding yourself back unnecessarily don’t; and it’s a fine line that you tread here.  You may have a genuine need to pause.  The issue is if you pause for too long; or even retreat back into your shell.  Because I feel like what you’re embarking upon will be successful only if you can maintain consistent motion.  That suggests it’s time-limited; or at the very least that a degree of momentum is vital.  You have a clear idea of where you want to go and yes; your plans may have been disrupted in the past.  But the best antidote to that is likely to be maintaining your focus and keeping your stride.  This is something you want to move forward and it’s something that it feels vital that you complete.  If you check, and the coast is clear, then you don’t need to pause at all.  And even if it’s not, there’s no need to wait around for anything more than the minimum necessary time.  I don’t feel like anyone standing in your way has the beating of you.  Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated this week.

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The Guardian / King of Swords

There’s a need for you to be flowing quickly this week, Capricorn.  I feel that you may be having visions; or that vital messages or information will be reaching by others means – think signs, think symbols; and trust what you’re being shown – trying to rationalise this stuff will only slow you and will act as a diversion from what you need to be doing.  For some of you, this may mean a radical change in plans or direction; because I feel that what you will be receiving has a protective nature to it.  So it’s there to get you to make a shift and make it quickly; as the road you were following may run out or deteriorate fast.  That needs you to commit to altering what you thought was set in stone.  But also to trust yourself to be able to do so smoothly and without delay – because there won’t be any time to lose on this one.  That ability and that power are very much within you.  Everything here seems geared to prevent you from making a big mistake or heading into a dead-end or pitfall; so accept and quickly integrate whatever it is that you learn.

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The Guardian / Justice

You’re pushing yourself this week, Aquarius.  Pushing yourself hard to overcome something.  Fatigue.  Doubt.  Because you want to get over the finish line so that you set yourself up for all that you need to do next; and you won’t be denied.  You’re perceiving a short window of opportunity here; and you want to dive through it before it slams shut, even if it takes a toll on you.  You may need to.  But that toll is important – there is a cost, and you’ll need to allow yourself to recover and regroup.  You’ve been maintaining a fast pace.  Maybe faster than you’re used to, and certainly faster than is sustainable.  So when you do complete this, then you need to reward yourself.  And you need to rest.  Even if you don’t feel you want to.  Even if the adrenaline rush makes you feel you can just keep going and going.  Because you’re still human.  Because sheer determination isn’t everything.  And because you have other needs too.  So yes, you need to push on, just a little longer and further.  But the risk of continuing past that and immediately reaching for more, or for bigger; isn’t going to be worth it.  Take the time to acknowledge whatever it is that you complete.  But you don’t have to immediately move onto the next big thing afterwards – it will still be there for you once you’ve taken the time out that you need; accepting help from outside if necessary too.

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The Star / Six of Wands

I feel like you’re open to new love at this time, Pisces.  And yet, there are also absolutely ways in which you’re blocking it out.  Self-imposed limitations; self-limiting beliefs and conceptions.  Surprisingly rigid ideas about the circumstances in which you would embrace opportunity; and possibly about who you’d accept it from and offer it to.  Yes, you have standards and yes, you’ve developed self worth.  But I feel like you may push people away before you have any chance to get to know them.  What’s driving this?  It’s less an unhealed old hurt; but more an automatic expectation of getting hurt.  Because someone superficially reminds you of someone else.  Because a situation reminds you of an old one.  And even though I feel like you’ve gone a long way to healing the core wound; you don’t seem to have broken the associations you hold to it.  That means you’ve already done most of the healing work.  But there’s a level on which you’re still defeating yourself here.  Still holding yourself back.  This is a very small adjustment you need to make.  It means recognising your healing and your progress.  Recognising the programming that is running that gets in your way.  Because it’s awareness of it that will allow you to shift it out of your way; to remove the filter it’s placing on your perception; and allow you to get a much clearer sense of what may happen with the person or people entering your life at this time.

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Cards featured are from 78 Tarot Mythical – Tarot of the Legendary, a global art collaboration © 2018 78 Tarot.

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