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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 11-17 February 2019

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Three of Cups / Ace of Cups

I feel like you’ve come through something, Aries.  Some kind of challenge and not something you’d been looking forward to; and yet when it came down to it; it was so much easier and smoother than you expected.  And now for you it’s almost like “what do I do next?”, because so much had been focused on this that you hadn’t allowed yourself to look too far past it.  This might even be leaving you feeling a little uneasy; just because you were prepared for more of a battle.  But this is a good space and it is a well-earned place in which you find yourself – you just need to trust it.  I feel a new-found appreciation for yourself and for those who you have around you; because there are those present who understand and who value you too.  This breeds confidence and in turn can allow you to express yourself far more and in a much more relaxed sense.  I also feel you may be preparing to let some barriers down.  This is bringing self-love but it’s also bringing with it an openness to deeper love for others too.  And this may be becoming closer to your friends; but for some of you it also means a window is opening in which you feel ready for a new relationship.  This space in which you find yourself leaves you far less afraid and more open to this than you might have felt before.  There are people around who have your back – be open to deepening those connections in whatever sense.  Allow yourself to feel everything – you’ve earned it.

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Queen of Cups / XIII – Death

I feel that you’re learning something, Taurus.  Or it may be more like you’re coming to an understanding of something.  But it’s like the information is dripping in bit-by-bit rather than all at once.  And it feels like an internal process rather than the information coming in from the outside.  So you need to be very much in touch with your feelings at this time; and probably keeping a record or a journal of them.  Piecing together what this is telling you.  Don’t pre-suppose or try to short-circuit this one; and don’t try to think or rationalise your way through it – it’s coming from somewhere deep.  Intuition and other psychic senses will be your best guides here, but it will take time for you to fully grasp the message.  It feels profound.  Transformative.  Possibly radically changing your view of yourself, the world around you, and your relationships within it.  Every experience has meaning for you at this time in terms of what you’re feeling in relation to it and what that’s telling you about yourself.  Possibly about your desires and your hopes and dreams.  This needs you to be open to big changes within yourself.  You may need to look at what your dreams and desires are during this week; and they may need to shift in the light of what you’re learning.  You don’t have to make any decisions just yet – just allow yourself to flow with this process; and follow where it’s pointing you.  It’s likely to yield dramatic insight and revelations.  As it becomes clearer, you owe it to yourself to follow those feelings and what they’re telling you, even if it means re-drawing the map.

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XIII – Death / Four of Swords

Big, big changes happening in your life at this time, Gemini.  While the shifts may be subtle; the landscape is shifting around you in ways that you may be struggling to accept.  I feel like you’re having real breakthroughs and for some of you, big successes that you may have hoped for but didn’t anticipate.   Yet now here you are, and you can scarcely believe it.  I feel this is deeply healing for you.  That you’ve stepped up to the mark and maybe out of your comfort zone; and that’s starting to blow your possibilities wide-open, broadening your horizons.  So long as you can accept this, and that it is real and you are where you need to be; this can open doors for you.  And I feel like you need to commit to whatever this is showing for you.  But that commitment doesn’t mean immediately charging in and burying yourself in extra work and responsibilities – it means self-recognition and commitment to continuing what you’ve started over a long-term period.  Because you also need a bit of rest to go with the self-recognition.  Maybe some relaxation too.  That’s a reward you’ve earned and it should help to stop you questioning this situation and your successes; and to step into this more wholeheartedly.  I feel that what you’ve begun will become lasting.  Feel deeply into it and trust it – there’s no need to feel like the rug will be pulled out from under you here.

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Ace of Cups / Queen of Cups

I feel your heart opening at this time, Cancer; as a beautiful, romantic atmosphere surrounds you.  And it’s one that you can step into and embrace.  I feel a budding relationship for you; maybe right in its early stages or at least, this is where your feelings are starting to feel deep and real for the first time since you met them.  You can trust this situation and now it’s all about how you express how you’re feeling.  I feel dating this week – right on time for Valentine’s Day.  And I don’t feel that looks like a run-of-the-mill date – you’re not just going to a bar with them; you want to express something more.  What to you would be a truly romantic gesture and a memorable way to spend time with this person?  And what do you sense would be the most romantic thing in their eyes too?  This date is one that you need to approach with feeling – really put your heart into it, because I feel like this sets the tone for where this relationship may go; and that’s why you shouldn’t hold back.  Yes, even if your ideas feel a little cheesy – if they’re heartfelt then they will be appreciated and can deepen things still further.  I feel like the setting should be private and intimate, but also deeply personal in quality to both of you.  It feels like this connection has real potential – make sure you’re doing that justice with your approach here; because there’s magic in the air.

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Four of Wands / Five of Pentacles

You need to open yourself to receive this week, Leo – I feel insight is coming your way but not from viewing things on a conscious level; as that means all your pre-existing ideas, values and expectations are projected onto them.  So there’s a need to operate with no illusions.  And this goes for all situations and interactions that you’re finding yourself on.  Less about the surface; more about what the Universe is actually telling you; and indeed what you’re sensing within those.  This needs you to be relaxed and to be fully embodied.  I feel you’re in a comfortable space.  A stable space.  I also feel like there’s someone you’re feeling very close to; but you haven’t necessarily worked out what those feelings are yet.  For some of you this may be potential love; but I don’t feel you’re moving on it yet.  Others of you may be considering a change in terms of work.  In these and other cases, it feels like a big step.  And one that you don’t feel fully comfortable in making; as you think the risk is too high, and you don’t want to lose what’s already in place.  A tricky one there; but that’s precisely why your pre-conceptions need to be put to one side.  There are no guarantees of anything and naturally you don’t want to expose yourself; but these fears are leading to that “better the devil you know” approach.  It is in getting past that, and beneath that; that you can glimpse what the possibilities truly are.  You need to trust what’s coming through and what it’s pushing you to do – what you have at the moment is wonderful, but many of you have a need to reach for potentially more, if that’s what’s being indicated to you.

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Six of Cups / Seven of Wands

I’m feeling a fond memory for you, Virgo.  A past relationship, or somewhere you’ve visited; or maybe somewhere you visited where there was a fleeting connection with someone – but it’s a happy place.  You may be daydreaming about it a lot this week.  Maybe wondering what could have been; or if it was longer-term, not being sure why it ended.  But certainly within it, there’s this happy moment in time.  And it’s coming up now because it’s influencing your present view of things.  Some of you are avoiding romance; or at least avoiding deep connection.  Feeling like it can’t measure up to that happy moment or the fantasy that you hold most dear.  Expecting that even if something feels good; that that light might be blocked out.  It’s driving a pattern of behaviours for you that prevent you from being truly open to feeling a deep level of connection.  And yes, you’re doing fine by yourself and no-one should tell you otherwise.  I feel that you’ve worked a lot on self-love and being able to enjoy your own company.  And a big part of you doesn’t want to risk that happiness by involving someone else, especially if you don’t feel like they’ll compare to the figure you’re daydreaming about.  But this isn’t about comparisons.  And it isn’t about compromising your own happiness and independence.  It’s just about being open.  About living in the present.  So yes, celebrate who you’ve become.  Allow yourself to daydream too.  But leave that door open, even if it’s just a crack; and if someone walks through it; allow yourself to view them on their own merits and if they fit with who you are now – rather than using someone else as the yardstick to judge them by.

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King of Cups / Queen of Wands

A decision for you to make this week, Libra.  Possibly between two people or two approaches; and it does concern your love life.  I feel like there’s someone who you’re very interested in on a romantic level.  The emotional attraction is very strong here; but it’s also something that may not happen just yet, and you don’t know how much to invest.  At the same time, I feel there’s an opportunity for a more predominantly physical relationship with someone else – and this is someone showing a lot of interest in you.  You’re a bit torn over this.  It’s showing two potential partners but also two sides of you.  One situation that has not yet come to fruition and yet it feels like you desire it very strongly.  And the other which seems to be there, if you choose to pursue it.  There’s a need for you to be honest with yourself here.  About your feelings and about what you choose to invest in.  And if you do want to pursue this more physical connection; there’s also a need for you to communicate clearly with them so they don’t feel you’re offering more than you truly are.  You also need to decide if it’s worth holding out for the other person; and indeed if your feelings for them are blocking you from exploring things elsewhere and from feeling the same level of emotional attraction there.  This isn’t a simple decision, but it’s one that does have the potential for someone, whether you or someone else, to get hurt.  There’s also no simple right or wrong answer, just what’s most in alignment with your own needs and values.  Take the time to weigh this up rather than rushing into any decision – but don’t feel like you need to deny yourself on the off-chance of something that’s still a fantasy becoming real.  It may be that you need to emotionally detach from that in order to allow yourself to see if you can feel more for that other person.  Not easy to do, but in any case you have a need to be clear and honest with those involved in navigating this.  And remember that you’re not here to martyr yourself.

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Ten of Pentacles / XII – The Hanged Man

I feel like you’re holding out here, Scorpio.  Not yet ready to take a step, a plunge, a risk – because you can’t see what would be coming next and that’s making you anxious.  You’re in what seems to be a stable place – in good health and with resources at your disposal.  But if anything this may be making you a little too comfortable.  A little too conservative and static in your approach.  And I feel that’s because you’re viewing this as all or nothing.  Yes, there is a potential new beginning here.  Most likely a work or study opportunity, a change in location, or something that you might be investing material resources into – be this money, energy or both.  But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing – I feel like there’s a middle ground and some safeguards that you could put in place, should you wish to.  Starting something part-time.  Living between two locations as a trial.  Holding some resources back.  This would allow you to test the water rather than committing everything at your disposal – though I don’t feel like your resources are in quite as short a supply as you feel they are.  So there’s some planning required for you this week.  In order to be able to make a commitment, even if it’s only a partial one.  It’s worth you feeling into where this apprehensiveness is coming from too.  Giving up something may allow you to develop in the direction you ultimately need to go.  But you have to allow yourself to go after that; because I feel like turning this down altogether will mean you miss out on a deeply valuable experience.

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III – The Empress / Seven of Wands

You’re noticing someone this week, Sagittarius – maybe meeting them for the first time too – and I feel you’re very open to them.  That is, if you can avoid doubting yourself and your worth in relation to them.  Because you’re kinda blown away by them, and it’s like your heart is simultaneously leaping at the thought of them, and yet falling as you don’t feel like you measure up.  But you do.  You entirely do.  So where is this self-doubt coming from, and what’s it telling you?  For some of you, this feels like a coping method, an excuse to avoid connection because you expect to get hurt.  But it’s OK to go slow and it’s OK to feel your way into this one – I feel like you may be skipping to the end and pre-supposing the outcome of this before it’s even become a reality.  And there’s no need for that if it’s just leading to you withdrawing.  You need to get into your feelings around this, and in particular there’s a need to trust your heart.  And to look at your self-worth in relation to this.  It may be driven by an old wound, or bad past experiences, but it’s showing a need for you to work on self-love.  You have immense value and there’s a need for you to work on recognising this.  But you’re also drawn to this person, and there’s no harm in exploring that too.  Go slow if you need to.  Get to know them.  Move this out of your head, and into the material.  The chances are they’re interested in you too.  Allow that to develop as it needs to, but don’t ignore the deeper work this is showing up as a need for you too – it feels like a pattern that you have a need to find your way past.

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Divine Wisdom / XVIII – The Moon

You’re feeling confident, Capricorn, and it’s opening up possibilities for you.  New ways to express yourself, new avenues to assert yourself; and at the same time I feel like you’re receiving accolades for your work, which is proving very fruitful at this time.  Success does often breed success; but there is a need for you to not let all of this go to your head – you do still need to remain humble.  I feel like your recent progress is a sign of being in the right place, but there’s also a need for you to acknowledge and give credit to those who have helped you along your way here – to spread some of that love and confidence around.  There are a number of directions you can go in from here; but I do feel like you should avoid rushing into further commitments until you get a clearer picture of where this is all going.  Because you are likely to have ideas and to be offered further opportunities; but you don’t need to charge in and find yourself in over your head.  Again, take the time to get into your feelings.  Is there something you’re still avoiding or repressing?  Is there something you left unfinished or unexplored?  Rather than adding something new, it may be time to revisit that from this new, stronger position.  I feel like what you have achieved recently can be lasting; but that it is your feelings rather than thoughts or external input that will tell you where you go next.  Take the time this week to re-evaluate, and maybe to re-open some doors that you closed in the past.

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Nine of Cups / VII – The Chariot

I feel like you’re the focus of a lot of attention this week, Aquarius.  The life of the party.  People like you, they like how you’re expressing yourself, and they like what you have to say.  And that’s like the wind in your sails.  So if there’s something you want – maybe something you’ve wanted for a while – I feel like you won’t have to push too hard to get it at this time.  That might be a raise or a promotion.  You might be making a presentation or pitching something.  But I feel like it’s there for you to go and get this week; taking advantage of the light in which you’re being viewed.  The most important part is the most obvious part – and that’s asking for what you want.  Not just sitting back, basking in the attention, and waiting for it.  This has to fuel you.  You need to use it to pick up momentum; so what you decide to focus your efforts on should be something that shows potential longevity too.  Soak up the atmosphere; but make full use of this window – the seeds you sow at this very fertile time may set up the next year or more or your life.

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Nine of Cups / Seven of Wands / Queen of Pentacles

You’re another sign in a deeply romantic place this week, Pisces; and I feel like there’s someone in particular who you’re feeling close to.  It feels like a very comfortable and relaxed connection; and you might be meeting them for a few drinks and I see you chilling and laughing and enjoying each other’s company and everything just feeling very easy.  It’s the kind of connection you may have hoped for for a long time as it feels very stress-free and like it creates the space you need to truly feel yourself.  They’re likely to be an Earth sign – Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn; Sun, Moon or Rising – and I feel like they’re both treating you by spending money on you, but also that there’s going a be a lot of physical touch and affection here.  That is something to enjoy.  It’s also something that you probably shouldn’t lose yourself completely inside of at this time.  Remember your own independence too.  Remember your own self-love.  I feel like this is someone you need to get to know over time; and while that doesn’t mean you need to hold back on any level in connecting to them; don’t assume this is more than it currently is for now.  You’re new to each other and this may develop into something lasting over time.  This person may be a little more grounded than you and while you don’t need to try to be anyone but yourself here, it is probably worth you keeping at least one foot on the ground too.  Really get into and enjoy the moment and its potential; but don’t plan too far into the future just yet – that picture will become clearer over time.

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Cards featured are from The Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel © 2018 Starseed Designs.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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