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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 4-10 February 2019

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Four of Wands / The Star

Oh Aries!  You’ve really come through something.  This is huge for you.  I see an old demon – something you’ve feared or dreaded for so long.  But now, the fear isn’t there.  You’re able to approach this; and with it you’re able to change your relationship to your past, possibly including figures from your past who you haven’t felt able to deal with without being triggered, feeling like you might regress or revert to an old role in relation to them; or simply recoiling at the prospect of them.  This is a monumental shift – you’re in control here; you’re able to assert yourself on this situation.  This is a huge part of yourself that you’ve faced internally; and now you’re able to move into action; to walk without that trepidation.  This opens things up for you.  To reconstructing relationships to people you felt the need to move away from or turn your back on.  To activities and focuses that you felt you had to relinquish for your own emotional safety.  Now instead, you can approach these with hope.  In the knowledge that you’ve come so far and can hold your head up high.  You’re being guided at this time and it raises so many possibilities for you.  As you approach things this week, you can remain in your own power and light, and accept that higher guidance is with you.  You can follow what is in front of you.  Because there’s nothing to fear so long as you can recognise and accept just how far you’ve come.

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Six of Pentacles / Ten of Cups / Event Horizon

I feel like you’ve been searching for something, Taurus.  Something that you felt you needed and yet was out of reach; something that you’d lost sight of and you assumed was gone forever.  And yet, now it’s appearing to you and you’re able to grasp it and it’s making you feel secure and valued.  I feel like this is a familial relationship for many of you; or else an old and dear friendship that came to an end.  But now there’s a chance to reinvigorate it.  If you can put into it too.  If you can have faith that your efforts will be met with efforts from the other parties involved too.  This is a space for growth and for some of you that’s surprise growth; and it comes from your own openness and willingness to both give and receive.  A major turning point for you and one that allows for much deeper fulfilment on both a material and emotional level – for maybe the first time, you’ll be able to feel comfortable in this environment and able to gain genuine hope for its future.  And it comes from the work you’ve been putting in.  From your willingness to follow your own path, to learn from your experiences; and not assuming that the future has to look like the path.  Go into these encounters with no pre-conceptions this week, just a determination to show yourself at your best and not to hide or cloak any parts of yourself – you’re here to share yourself as a whole.

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King of Wands / Two of Pentacles

This feels very light for you, Gemini.  You’re going into this week in a space of comfort and enjoyment in your relationships; and those relationships feel balanced and they feel safe.  And you feel very much in the moment with them; and you’d probably be content to just stay in this space and not even worry about what’s going on outside.  But that’s not a long-term option; but it is the case that you’re in a position to take this joy and enthusiasm and use it to enhance other areas of your life.  There’s a need to be dynamic and a need to go after things at this time – stepping outside of those relationships for part of your day is a part of that.  I feel like you’re ready to take on new responsibilities and to push yourself just that bit harder; remembering that you still have the safety of these relationships to carry you along and that you can bring that light and warm approach to other parts of life too.  This is about asserting yourself on your goals and doing so with passion.  That means a focus on work and creative pursuits; but not just for the sake of it – you have a need to bring these into alignment with your greater life purpose, and that’s something very specific to you.  That also means that you have to look honestly at what’s in the way of that.  The things that you might have deemed important but that are outside of that – and that may mean relinquishing some responsibilities and approaches that no longer serve you.  That requires brutal honesty and that needs to come from the heart, not the ego.  It’s in making those choices that you’ll take your next steps, and you’ll do so lighter in all senses.

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The Fool / Judgement

Slightly timid going into this week, Cancer – you’re waiting for the right moment to move on something and feeling quite exposed – you don’t want to get this one wrong.  So you’re apprehensive and not ready to assert yourself just yet.  I feel like a number of you are dealing with deep issues relating to your father or at least to a father figure but it’s not that you’re dealing with him directly necessarily – rather there are things, beliefs, approaches that you either learned from him or that were simply passed down to you; and this is driving this vigilance – this sense that now is not the time, that it’s not safe to go yet.  That’s old stuff and it’s weighing on you and stopping you from feeling as free as you need to.  It’s something that you need to get in touch with because it’s causing this level of doubt that seems disproportionate to what’s actually in front of you.  I feel disapproval weighing on you.  Possibly shame that you’ve internalised.  All of it old, all of it outdated.  It’s OK to not want to take unnecessary risks and it’s OK to seek to time your actions correctly.  But there is also a need to move forward and move onwards.  Feel into yourself – breathe really deeply and see if you can identify where and how you’re holding yourself back beyond what you need to.  It limits your growth.  It limits you from fully inhabiting your whole being.  It’s recognising what’s underpinning your approach that will allow you to adjust it as you need to.

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Ace of Pentacles / Six of Pentacles / The Emperor

This feels like a whirlwind of activity that you’ve been engaged in, Leo – are you able to catch your breath and keep your bearings?  You’re very swept up in all that you’re doing and it feels positive and it should be no surprise that you just want to ride this wave as far as it will go.  But there may be a need for you to take that breather and get your feet back on solid ground, so you can see where you’re up to.  I feel like real progress has been made – possibly within what are new starts that do promise to carry you a long way; and in particular this is suggesting new levels of financial security but also a much better relationship to yourself and to your body.  With this I also feel there have been emotional surges, and those are what may threaten to take your focus a little too much off the material.  So what do you do with this from here?  Because you’re full of life and you have no shortage of energy at this time.  There’s a need for some balance here.  And a need to share what you’ve gained in recent times.  I feel like you have friends and maybe family members who are in need of your assistance and possibly both you and they are in need of each other as stabilising influences.  There’s a need for you to ground and a need for you to get in touch with that side of things this week – the balance comes from laying down stability for your own future; and also offering to act as a stabilising influence for them too – and allowing them to play that role in your life where it is needed.

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Eight of Swords / Five of Cups

This feels romantic for you Virgo; you’re noticing someone this week.  Whether this is a brand new person; or whether you’re suddenly seeing this in someone already present in your life, I feel your heart leaping.  However, it’s not straightforward.  I don’t feel like this is necessarily someone who is single and available at this time; or if they are, they may not immediately reciprocate.  Or if they do, there may be something about them that you’re not fully aware of and that they might not disclose.  So tread carefully at this time; I feel like there’s a chance that you could get hurt or set yourself up for a fall if you invest a lot or leap at them prematurely.  This is someone you need to take the time to get to know before setting your heart on them.  All sides of them and all parts of them.  Because whatever the complication is here; you need to be able to look at it head-on and fully rationally.  Be careful with how much of yourself you invest at this time; and ensure you don’t get lost in a fantasy that means you overlook what’s right in front of you.  This isn’t necessarily a hopeless situation.  But it is one that you need to approach with your eyes open, and armed with all the facts.

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King of Cups / Five of Swords / Six of Swords

It feels like you need to impress someone this week, Libra.  This might be a job interview or a presentation; but this is somebody in authority and you’re going to need to be at your best; and that’s going to require substance and not just style.  And this is making you a little anxious – they have a lot of power here; and you’re wondering if you can measure up.  Others seem to be meeting a parental figure here – someone who you may have some fear or wounding in relation to; and you’re likely to be sharing something personal and important.  Sometimes you can get away with putting on a brave face and being a smooth-talker.  But this week and in each of these cases, there’s a need for you to take a more mature approach – but also one where you express yourself.  Genuine expression is very different from sweet-talking.  So this means showing yourself; your actual self; and using that as the basis of your expressiveness, rather than assuming any kind of mask or false persona.  This may not come easily to you and so you will need to take some time preparing yourself for this – and yes that means being knowledgeable about your subject but also gathering the confidence to be able to make this very personal and very you.  Locate where within you that doubt, that reflex that makes you put on the mask, comes from – because it is rooted in fear and possibly in a wound.  That’s not something you’ll heal overnight, but it is something to be mindful of.  Recognising that reflex is how you avoid it taking over.  Have faith that expressing yourself truly and knowledgeably is what will carry you to where you need to go – there’s no space here for bullshit.

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Wheel of Fortune / Six of Pentacles

I’m getting a sense of despair for some of you at this time, Scorpio.  Something’s not going how you wanted it to – and in fact it may be more than that; I see you pounding the ground and even throwing your hands up and feeling like giving up on something.  This may even be a crisis of faith, certainly of faith in your current pursuits if not bigger still.  That’s pretty big.  It’s also the case that you may be looking in the wrong places.  I feel a need for you more than most to be opening up to higher guidance this week; you’ve been fixated on something going a particular way and while you don’t like to admit weakness, you may not have a plan B in mind and you need to make a decision whether to push on with this.  But if you can open yourself up, then there is space for things to shift for you.  This may mean a change in direction or even a brand new project; but there is a sense that there’s something you need to cut your losses on.  Not just because it might be draining you; but actually because it’s in the way of where you need to focus your efforts next.  An opportunity is coming your way and it’s something you’ll need to invest time and energy if not also material resources into.  And while it may not be an overnight success, it does show long-term potential.  But you need to be free enough to grasp it; and that means calling time on what isn’t paying off.

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Eight of Cups / King of Wands

I feel you changing course this week, Sagittarius.  Maybe trying a few different things.  Leaping from place to place, trying to see what fits and what might lead to something lasting.  So you’re leaving something behind too.  Not necessarily with any regret – it feels far more than you’re feeling freer and this is what’s leading you to try those new things.  That’s your starting point.  And it’s good to feel a few things out before making any firm decisions or commitments.  It’s also the case that at some stage the music stops and you’ll need to settle on something.  And it is something new and something bigger than what you’ve done before.  For many of you this feels like a new approach to your love life; so you might be dating a number of people or simply trying different approaches to dating or to relationships.  There is a danger in jumping around too much, and that is that you don’t get a real taste for something before switching again – and that won’t give you the basis to make a decision.  You do need to be heading towards something and not just away from something.  I feel a need coming, if not to commit to something just yet; at least to hang around long enough to give it a chance.  That isn’t being tied down prematurely either – but really take the time to get a feel, and decide from there whether or not it’s worth investing in – you’re still free to move on if not.

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Five of Wands / Nine of Cups

Things are not necessarily what they seem for you this week, Capricorn; so you might not want to charge ahead, especially if that’s digging you deeper into something, in particular if it’s a conflict or confrontation.  You’re highly vigilant at this time; and you may either be perceiving a threat that’s not really there, or underestimating someone; or for those of you not in confrontation, you may be making assumptions about someone’s intentions or the nature of the situation in which you find yourself that lead you down a wrong pathway.  Pull back, and relax into yourself.  This doesn’t feel like what appears on the surface is the whole truth.  And what you may be plunging into or getting drawn into may be far from being in your best interests.  This may also go for rushing into relationships at this time – you may be biting off more than you can chew.  Drop away from that space of being fired up.  Drop away from trying to grapple with this purely rationally or by force too.  The answers are there, but they’ll only come to you in a far more receptive space.  The deeper you can go into yourself and the more you can open yourself, the more you’ll be able to trust what comes through – and it will lead you to somewhere far more in alignment with where you truly wish to be.

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Page of Swords / Ace of Wands

It feels like you’re confident and taking centre-stage this week, Aquarius.  Ready to show yourself, to express yourself and to assert yourself on your situation and it feels like you’re going to be out to impress someone in particular.  That feels like it might be a boss or an authority figure; and you’ve been working hard for this, preparing yourself, possibly studying or perfecting something and now it’s your time to shine.  And it feels like it’s going to open doors for you – and may well give you space to continue to express yourself far more freely.  This is an opportunity that may come up suddenly – even though it’s something that you’ve been working towards for some time.  And in that case, you’re going to need to be ready to grasp it.  To put everything you’ve got into it.  Because I feel huge potential within it; and this may also mean making a break with something too – or else you’re breaking with whatever self-doubt stands in the way of you fully going after this.  It’s going to take a lot.  It’s also something that you’re entirely up to.  Allow anything standing in the way of that to burn away – this is your time.

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Knight of Wands / Ace of Wands

You’re pushing yourself this week, Pisces.  To take on or deal with something that you’ve been feeling anxious about.  Possibly in an area where you’ve been hurt, turned away, or felt the door slam in your face before; but now you’re not being deterred – you wanna get out there and get to work on this.  A new level of impetus and drive that you’re harnessing – and for you this is going to be all about momentum; pushing yourself hard so that a quick retreat is no longer an appealing option.  I feel that in some way this has to do with authority figures too – and if these are not institutional or corporate ones; then it’s someone who you’ve had to deal with a sense of inferiority in relation to, or someone who’s held something over you.  But not this week.  This week you’re going for it.  If you’re waiting for a sign that this is the right time to do that; then this is that sign for you.  This is where you prove yourself to yourself and where you wipe the smile off the face of anyone who’s lorded it over you in this way.  And that’s a new beginning for you, Pisces.  A new way of doing things and a drastically improved self-image that beckon.  Don’t underestimate what you’re capable of here.  You’re focused and in control and you’re set to surprise a lot of people.  Possibly including yourself.

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Cards featured are from 78 Tarot Astral – Tarot in Space, a global art collaboration © 2017 78 Tarot.

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