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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 28 January – 3 February 2019

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Ten of Swords / Page of Pentacles

I’m feeling this tidal wave of emotions within you, Aries; and in your mind it’s so severe that you don’t want to go near it – you feel like if you do; it’ll churn up so much and cause so much disruption to you.  And yet it’s already disrupting you – you’re being blocked from expressing yourself in a fully embodied way and from following through on those things you’ve already started.  It also feels like there’s a fear here that’s greater than the reality; that the trepidation may be greater than the pain.  It’s something that you need to feel but also that you need to channel.  It needs to be channeled creatively in some sense – so this isn’t about just diving into the feeling and sitting with it – but it’s also not a static feeling; it’s shifting and changing within you and to bring it out and turn it into something tangible is going to be the thing that helps you.  This might be journalling about it; it might be painting, it might be poetry – but this is your means of both processing and releasing at this time – transforming what you fear into something beautiful; rather than allowing it to push you back from the other things you’re engaged in too.  Take the time this week to get in touch with this and to find the outlet that frees both it and you.

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XII – The Hanged Man / I – The Magician

I feel you opening up this week, Taurus; as new life enters you and you step into the light and suddenly things are starting to grow again; it feels green and I sense your heart opening to new possibilities.  New possibilities in relation to old people; in particular to family relationships or friends that you lost touch with or drifted from.  But it’s also something that you have to go and get – it’s not something that will come to you; so you’re going to need to be the one taking that first step and reaching out.  This is something you’ve been reticent to do – even apprehensive of – but you’re being given the opportunity and a green light to take responsibility for this at this time.  What’s been holding you back is your old or established view of these relationships – feeling powerless or like things can never change.  But they can – if you assert yourself on this.  And if you genuinely go in with an open heart; using the light that floods into you at this time as your impetus and as your means of sustaining yourself.  If these had a chance of becoming better, more harmonious, healed relationships; wouldn’t you want to give them a chance?  Don’t let stubbornness and doubt hold you back at this time.

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Six of Swords / Ten of Pentacles

Things are opening up for you, Gemini – a new dawn and a bright blue sky overhead and this expands your possibilities; it calls on you to look upwards and to look outwards.  If you’re willing to.  It feels like some of you might acknowledge this but then put your head back down and keep doing the same things you’ve been doing for a while and in the same old way – like you’re disinterested or that you simply don’t trust it.  But this is a new beginning for you; and it gives you space to expand into; and that may mean dropping some things too – or at least some ways of doing things.  Because there’s new potential here.  Because there’s a window to expand your horizons.  Because the way you shift your projects and your focus at this time opens you to success on both a material and a spiritual level.  Is that something you want to let pig-headedness get in the way of?  Is there any need to keep doing things the same way when there’s a chance of something new and something better?  All you need to do is accept the opening and the insight coming your way this week – and it can set you on a path to something so much more fulfilling.

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Six of Cups / Three of Cups

You’re emerging into the light this week as well, Cancer – at least, that is, if you choose to.  It feels like you’ve been struggling along for a while now and it’s steady progress; but the sudden change and hope might actually lead to you feeling a little off-balance and you might retreat back into your shell as a kneejerk reaction – not trusting what’s coming in and even expecting the worst or that it can’t possibly last.  Someone or possibly multiple people will be opening themselves to you and may be reaching out to you this week – but you need to be reaching for them, too.  You feel things very deeply, and it’s possible that in the past when you’ve truly opened up and exposed yourself, placing yourself in a vulnerable place; this has led to people abusing your trust.  But that isn’t the situation this week.  These are far more heartfelt connections that can be found and can be deepened and this can free you from your inner turmoil – and in the case of some of you, from what feels like a deep loneliness.  These feel like potentially soul-level connections, whether these are deep friendships or a chance to truly feel and merge with someone on an individual level, they’re potentially truly intimate and can allow you to feel not just connected but also more whole within yourself.  But you need to let them in – into all parts of you.

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Ace of Pentacles / XIV – Temperance

You’re not just focused this week, Leo; you’ve been disciplined in what you’ve been working on and now you’re well-practiced, in control; and you have something to share with the world.  What I’m literally seeing is someone performing an intricate dance or a martial art to an incredibly high standard – but this can translate to whatever you’ve been working on.  So this week is about showing yourself.  In a controlled way.  In a focused way.  But also in a dynamic way – because what you’ve put so much effort into creating and refining and that allows you to express yourself is beyond any material value.  And people will be both impressed and helped by it.  This may be performance for some of you but for others it may be writing or more traditional art.  But it’s something that you shouldn’t keep to yourself because it’s something that, in whatever form, is showing what’s possible, showing where your own effort has led to; and that can open the eyes of other people.  And the discipline you’ve shown is something that can be applied elsewhere too.  You’ll need to keep working on this too; to keep developing it; but it’s both unlocking something within you and it can unlock something within those you share it with too.  So don’t keep it to yourself.

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Six of Swords / Six of Wands

You’re feeling so much freer this week, Virgo.  It may have taken you a while to get off the ground and to get going; and it may take plenty more effort to keep going but this feels really exciting and expansive and like you’re leaving something behind – maybe not so much an old hurt; but it feels like a move away from a restrictive and self-limiting belief system; ideas that have blocked you, told you that you can’t do certain things or be a certain way and yet the moment you start to cross that line and to break that pattern; you feel excited and you want more and more of this.  And it’s not just opening your mind, it’s opening you to feeling a lot more.  To going after new things and to recognising your own efforts in taking this step.  And it’s bringing you into a vibration of self-love and self-acceptance.  This can carry you a very long way.  And you don’t need to plan too far ahead with this.  Feel into it and where you’re driven to go from here.  And expect success.  Expect this to get wider and wider and for you to be able to soar higher and higher.  Climbing far away from those old ways of perceiving yourself and your situation as they gradually become tinier and tinier specks in the distance.  There’s no need for you to look back.

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Nine of Swords / XI – Strength

You have something you want to share this week, Libra.  Not publicly, but with a particular person.  Or they have something they want to share with you.  But the one doing the sharing is very guarded about it – it’s very personal and revealing a deep part of you or them; something that hasn’t been shared easily before.  So there are nerves involved – one of you feels exposed in revealing this.  But if it’s you doing the revealing, it’s also fantastically positive for you to be doing so at this time.  You can trust them; and this will bring you closer and allow you to understand each other far better.  And if they’re sharing something with you; bear in mind how difficult this is for them.  That they too fear exposing themselves, or even losing you.  This is a precious secret, one of you is truly opening their heart to the other.  This may be a partner or a close friend; and the sharing is showing the high regard in which you hold each other.  Your response should not be quick or presumptuous when they open up to you in this manner.  Be respectful and be supportive – this isn’t easy for them.  Don’t be tempted to intellectualise this or give a textbook response either – really feel into this and how meaningful it is to them.  Whatever type of relationship this is, it has a chance to flower in response to this.  Be open to connecting on a far deeper level than before.

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VIII – Justice / Eight of Wands

You’re feeling exposed, Scorpio.  Out in the open, without your usual protection; and it’s driving a bit of fear within you.  Outside of your comfort zone; you’re worried someone might try to get at you.  It feels like you’ve revealed a truth about yourself – or someone else has taken it upon themself to share something about you behind your back – and that has you, well, concerned and looking over your shoulder.  It’s also a lot less severe than that in reality, so long as you don’t dwell on it and expect the worst; and so long as you don’t go picking fights.  You might simply be perceiving someone as wanting to get at you – but you don’t have all the facts.  You need to stay in integrity here.  And to be direct and forthright with your own truth.  If you shared this, you did so for a very good reason; and you don’t have this need for doubt because you’ve been open and honest.  And if someone has compromised your privacy then while you may be feeling wound up; you need to use that energy to assert yourself and your own truth more fully; not get drawn into something here – because that’s the way that you actually lose.  Keep heading to where you were before this broke out and don’t be deterred from your own personal goals by those who would seek to get at you – you’ve got this one, so long as you don’t allow yourself to be distracted or needled or pulled down to a lower level.

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Seven of Wands / Five of Pentacles

This feels fiery, Sagittarius.  It also feels like you’re not scared or or put off by it – you’re going in deeper; right into the heat of it.  Some of you unafraid of those who might like to get at you.  Others unafraid of developing more a more passionate connection with someone special.  In either case, you’re not just feeling in your own power – you’re feeling at home here; feeling flameproof and ready to expand on this.  And that’s in alignment – it’s just what you need to be doing.  Where this is a connection that’s deepening – you’re ready for it; ready to sink into it.  It may have taken you by surprise, but it’s comfortable and it feels safe and right and you can step into it.  And where this is someone who wants to bring you down, wants to harsh your buzz; you’re having none of it – you know how much you’ve achieved; you’re entirely on the right path, and anything they might throw at you is bouncing right off the armour you’ve developed.  This is anything but a minor development for you – these are situations you may have run from or guarded against in the past; but you’re so ready for this now; and nothing’s going to pull you down or stand in your way.  Give any haters no more time or respect than they deserve.  And for those embracing a deeper connection, maybe on a soul level; allow it to envelope you – it will raise both of you up.

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Page of Swords / Six of Pentacles

You seem to be stumbling about in the dark here, Capricorn.  A little confused and unsure of what your next step is.  This may be one of those moments where you don’t just need to push on for the sake of it; but where you can pause and take stock of your situation.  Because it’s causing you just a little worry and a little strain; and movement for the sake of it doesn’t really have too much value; especially if you’re unclear on where you’re headed or why you’re going there.  This will clear, but not if you just keep on like this; which may just result in you going around in circles; whether in the material world or in your head.  Take a break from it.  A proper break.  And get outside.  Outside into the light and maybe even consider taking some brief time away from your usual surroundings.  To get some rest.  To get some perspective.  To take a far broader view of what you’ve been working on and what you’ve learned from it.  And get in touch with your feelings and don’t judge them – simply be aware of and accept them for what they are – rather than pushing on to avoid them.  Because this is likely to bring insight and some fresh ideas to you.  It’s likely to indicate which way you need to go.  And it will allow you to feel calmer and more balanced – and yes, you’re very much in need of that at this time and it’s OK to give yourself permission to seek it out.  Trust that you’ll return with a much clearer picture and more sustainable plan of action.

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Nine of Wands / Five of Pentacles

I’m feeling a flash of inspiration for you this week, Aquarius.  And it’s getting you going; getting you moving and with a clear sense of where you’re heading towards.  So long as you pick up on it; because it’s going to be easy for you to be distracted this week too.  Easy because the other thing that may come out of nowhere is someone picking a fight or sparking a confrontation with you.  Be aware that this is a diversion and is unlikely to yield anything good for either of you; but could throw you off-balance and off your path.  So it’s vital that you stay grounded and mindful to avoid this.  But that inspiration is coming to you; and it’s an “a-ha!” moment as you suddenly realise what you need to do and visualise where you need to go – like a doorway you’d never noticed before opening up.  Pay very close attention to where the Universe is pointing you; keep a record of dreams, meditations and any signs or messages you receive; because all you need to know is going to be right there and if you’re prepared then you’ll grasp it and be able to move on it quickly.  Don’t wait around once you’ve got the message – hang up the phone and get going straight away.

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King of Wands / Five of Wands

Oh Pisces!  You’ve climbed so, so high and you can scarcely believe it but it’s time to catch your breath and look back on how much you’ve shifted things in recent times.  No wonder you feel powerful and this has been a huge step.  Take a brief rest and take the time to breathe it in.  None of this has been easy for you.  You’ve had to let go of a lot of self-limiting beliefs and a lot of things you’d told yourself or others had told you; and to throw some caution to the wind and move on past and even if to those on the outside this doesn’t seem like a huge deal – to you it’s massive.  Affirm this achievement.  Affirm yourself.  Give yourself the recognition you deserve for knocking those barriers down.  And recognise this also as just the start – it’s a first step and something that you need to build on; you can rest; but now it’s time to look at those other barriers that you previously saw as unbreachable.  Because now you’ve been through this  you know that finding the weak point in them will force them to crumble too.  You need to be smart with this.  It’s also about what’s achievable for you.  And while that’s expanded; keep your focus firmly on the things you can change – not those that are genuinely out of your control and which you may have a tendency to be overwhelmed by.  You are transcending restriction – so move on from here to where you can achieve a further resounding victory; rather than dwelling on what you can’t shift for now.

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Cards featured are from Serpentfire Tarot – 7th Edition by Devany Wolfe © 2018 Serpentfire.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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