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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 signs for 21-27 January 2019

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Eight of Pentacles / Four of Swords

There’s a choice for you to make this week, Aries.  So what have you been resisting?  What have you decided is too hard, too risky, or would involve giving up too much?  It feels like a commitment is in front of you; but to take it on requires a shift in both thoughts and in actions.  This is where you’re finding it difficult – you feel like you’re already committed to so much, and that what you’ve committed to already is what allows you the space to build an incredibly solid future; that you’re wary about adding something, especially where the path ahead is less than clear and may be treacherous.  But part of you wants to pursue it; part of you recognises that taking the route that on the surface seems easier would be the safer option.  But will that truly fulfill you?  Will it take you to somewhere that you ultimately want to be?  Or can you trust yourself to take on the tougher option, and do you recognise that if this is in alignment then the Universe will still provide what you need on that journey?  I won’t pretend this is an easy decision.  Giving up what’s familiar in terms of beliefs and how you go about things never is.  But that potential, something maybe out of sight but which you know may be there is still worth taking a chance on, isn’t it?  Take the time this week to examine what beliefs are holding you back here, and if they genuinely serve you at this time; and don’t assume the worst of what’s potentially in front of you.

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Seven of Wands / The High Priestess

I’m feeling a relationship here, Taurus.  A relationship that maybe never was or that came to a premature end.  One that you closed the door on or one that they closed the door on but that’s on your mind this week.  A longing.  A wondering what could have been and maybe what could still be.  Possibly coming in as waves of emotion that you weren’t expecting at this time; back and forth and now you’re not sure what you think.  You’re only peeking at the moment and you don’t know whether there’s still something worth exploring and you may be overthinking this as a result.  Understandably you’re guarded over this – you don’t want to just be pulled back into a fantasy and not move on with your life.  And you’re unlikely to find that those you speak to understand why you have this longing; because they’re likely to just advise you to forget it and move on.  What matters is what’s deep inside though.  This is coming up for a reason.  It’s coming up because on some level this was never truly resolved within you.  And it is from deep inside that you’ll find the answers.  If there’s something to be gained by taking a chance here, it feels like you should.  If this feels like someone you’re supposed to be with, then you may need to open that door.  You may need to let your guard down.  And find out for real.

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The Emperor / Queen of Pentacles

Things are going well, Gemini.  Really well.  It feels like you’re happy in your surroundings and appreciating those around you – it’s a light energy that you’re welcoming in.  And it’s allowing you to feel more secure, more balanced, and just more full of life.  But there’s also something coming in this week that threatens to throw you a little off course.  Not even necessarily a bad thing, but certainly a challenge.  Something that you fear and therefore something that may trigger some doubt within you.  You may experience this as threatening or foreboding, because it’s bringing up elements of your shadow that move you out of your comfort zone; that threatens to stop the music and place you somewhere you don’t believe you want to be.  It’s also more foreboding in your head than in reality.  Not because it won’t be hard work – it certainly will, and possibly you weren’t prepared for this coming in at this time.  But the support you have in place isn’t going anywhere – this is just showing you something else that you need to do, that you need to work on.  So what matters is not letting your head drop.  It’s being able to accept the feelings this triggers within you, but to proceed anyway, as this has healing potential for you and allows you to envisage more for yourself in time.  Hold on to the lightness and the joy that have come your way, but be prepared to take what you gain from those and face up to this too.

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Two of Wands / Eight of Swords

Something’s flaring up for you this week, Cancer.  Your path is suddenly blocked.  And it’s blocked by a situation or a person who seems volatile, and on the surface at least looks like they might harm you.  It’s also possible that this is simply there to attempt to scare you off.  In either case, it’s wise to back away a safe distance – don’t be drawn into a direct confrontation at this time.  I feel like you know exactly where you’re attempting to head to; and therefore you may feel incredibly frustrated about having your path blocked like this, and apprehensive about what this means for your plans.  But this tactical retreat can do more than just protect you in the immediacy.  It’s like you’ve convinced yourself that only one road leads to the top – and so if you can’t go this way then you can’t go there at all.  But from a distance not only can you regroup, you can rethink too.  You can examine why you feel your options are so limited.  Because either there’s another way, or else this isn’t the threat or the sabotage or your plans that you’re viewing it as.  That needs you to examine things calmly and rationally.  To identify where it is that you’re blocking yourself; either out of fear or rigidity.  One way or another, you can still get where you’re going.  But it needs you to identify which of your beliefs and thought patterns are limiting you.

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King of Wands / Ace of Pentacles

You’re in a happy place this week, Leo.  Calm, relaxed; feeling so much yourself.  This feels peaceful, restful, rejuvenating.  So much so that you may be tempted to stay for a long time.  You’ve found this calmness, this centre.  But you can’t stay forever.  Instead you need to use this.  The rest is wonderful and you deserve it, but you’re also going to need this to rebuild your energy reserves in order to start something new.  This may be a new area of work or a new relationship but it needs you to use this moment to really tap into your creativity, into what you’re driven to go after next.  The purpose of this rest is to make space for that, not to move into perpetual slumber because you have things to do and the opportunities are opening up and they have the potential for huge success.  But only if you go after them.  That you’ve reached this place is wonderful.  Do what you can to hold the feeling of it, write about it, programme a crystal with this emotional space; and know that you can return whenever you choose to.  But then focus yourself and embrace that new beginning.  You’re in the best possible place to be laying those first stones.

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Eight of Pentacles / Three of Cups / Ten of Wands

You’re popular this week, Virgo.  Everyone seems pleased to see you; and you’re charming everyone around you – there’s a great deal of respect and admiration being shown for you.  And it’s offering you both social opportunities and easing your professional path – and you may even have multiple people showing a romantic interest in you too.  This feels nice and it hasn’t necessarily been easy for you to get here – it’s taken work and it’s taken focus; but it’s also taken your willpower both to not be distracted and to not allow difficult emotions to weigh you down.  So now you have all these people wanting to be around you; wanting to help you, possibly to collaborate with you and maybe some wanting to date you.  What do you do with that?  There is a danger here; and that’s being pulled in too many directions at once, it’s being spread too thinly.  Remember, you’re in a position of strength here.  A position to pick and choose, because you’re someone people are looking up to and value and want around them.  So schedule your time well.  Allow yourself your own personal space and rest time too.  You may feel a bit like you want to be out every day and night and you may well have the opportunity to; but you can prioritise and you can trust that those who value you will understand that they may have to wait a little while for your attention at a busy time like this.  Enjoy it, just don’t try to do too much all at once – slow and steady still wins the race.

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The Star / The Hierophant

You may be feeling a little lost or apprehensive this week, Libra.  You’re proceeding with what you’ve started and that may involve a new commitment at this time; but you don’t necessarily have an idea of where this is going to lead.  It’s something that you;re going to have to follow with trust at this time.  And that’s not easy for you – you like certainty; you like to know outcomes in advance, but that information may be obscured to you for a while longer.  This may be bringing up some old issues – things that have turned out differently from how you wished before, perhaps a lack of trust in yourself; but it seems like when you look to the past, you’re only focusing on the details and the negatives and this is where you’re struggling for faith.  Look at those past upsets again.  Was that the end of the story, or was it part of a longer chain of events that ultimately led you to a better place or one of more awareness and understanding about yourself?  Through it you should have gained in both trust and self-confidence.  Yes, you have past hurts but those are also things that you can draw strength from now – you know that there’s no need to turn back just because the outcome is unclear.  This needs you to look up in hope and expect that things will work out for you – that this will turn into something lasting.  And remember that this too is a learning process; and it’s growing you into who you’re needed to be.  Don’t be put off by past difficulties, recognise them as the source of your current trepidation, but as something that you’ve moved past, because this situation is genuinely hopeful, it only needs you to apply yourself to it.

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Six of Cups / Ten of Cups

You’re not letting anyone mess with you, Scorpio – there’s fire in your eyes and possibly in your belly.  It’s a stance that you may have had to adopt to get through some tough times.  But you do have a softer side – don’t you?  There may be a need to reach for that before everyone in your path gets burned.  It’s good that you’re in a place where you’re driven and confident and won’t take any shit.  It’s also a stance that masks some past hurts; possibly very deep hurts from early in life.  And yes it means you can shut people out when you need to; but sometimes you need to let them in.  There’s a chance for an existing relationship to deepen this week, or for a new and lasting one to be formed.  This is someone who’s a match for you – who can handle the fire and the darkness; but you need to let them into the other parts of you too.  So this calls on you to be vulnerable.  To be trusting, possibly in a way that you haven’t been for a long time.  There’s a chance for something deep and lasting here that may be both healing and transformative for you.  But it needs you to allow it to happen.  You can still reserve the toughness for those who you need it in relation to.  But where it’s not needed, you can open that door a crack, and see what comes through; because this is someone who gets you.

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King of Cups / Ace of Wands

You’re opening right up to the new this week, Sagittarius.  New ways of seeing things, new ways of doing things, new ways of being.  It’s not that your old problems or hurts have gone away – the things that happened still happened – but you’re seeing them in a new light; your relationship to them is changing, and you no longer feel restricted or held back.  This is major growth on your part; and it’s freeing you up to do something new.  And I don’t feel like you’re short of ideas or opportunities either, and the desire is there to launch yourself at something.  This can be a time of great expansion for you, an opportunity to blaze a new path and though the release and the space to breathe may feel like they’re coming suddenly, in truth you’ve worked towards this for a long time.  So now it’s about laying down a marker and pursuing what you desire.  And for some of you this is a new direction in work or study; but for many it feels more like you’re ready for a relationship.  Opening to a passionate relationship and possibly ready to pursue someone who’s caught your eye – but without feeling the doubt or reluctance that you might have carried with you before.  This week feels a lot like an open door for you – it’s just a matter of choosing your direction and allowing yourself to fly.



The World / Knight of Swords

This feels like you’re calm and considered but with your sights set very high at this time, Capricorn.  This is like a hunter stalking their prey.  You’re planning your every move very carefully, putting things in place; but doing so to go after the big prize, something you’ve coveted for a long time.  And this feels like work, like something you’ve committed to and now you have the ideas to fulfill it.  It may be something that you waited a long time for too – but it’s an opportunity that you’ve earned.  Planning is obviously vital, but there is a danger that you’re overthinking this a little too.  Because you so still need to move into action in order to head towards your goal; and that means getting down to the work, to the practical things that you need to do to make a go of this.  At this time you have a quick and a sharp mind; and you should be able to see exactly where you can apply yourself most effectively – which buttons to press.  So you don’t need to keep endlessly planning, endlessly stalking this.  It’s time to get moving on it – you’re in a great position to make a lot of headway if you stop holding back.

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The World / The Hierophant

Stormy weather for you this week, Aquarius; and it feels like there may be something you have to give up on because this is getting pretty hairy.  You’re feeling decidedly ungrounded and unsafe and you’re feeling like the situation you find yourself in has run its course; at least in its current form.  You’re going to have to make a choice – whether to battle on through it; or whether to pull out and so something else.  It feels like an argument – possibly an argument that’s been brewing for some time; and this may be someone with undue influence over your life or who you have a degree of dependence on – and that’s why this is so turbulent for you.  And if you do want to stick it out then you need to be very firm and confront this head-on.  But you need to make an honest assessment over whether this is truly worth it.  Is there something to be gained from hanging on in this manner, in battling for control; or is it just stubbornness that’s keeping you locked into this?  Things don’t lose their value just because they peter out or come to an end; and you need to decide if this is still worth it or not.  If you must face the storm then steer into it; but you may well be better placed pulling away from it entirely, as there may not be much to salvage from this; but it may give you an opportunity to build a greater level of independence.

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The Guardian / Ace of Cups

It feels calm for you going into this week, Pisces.  Very calm in fact, and you may be tempted to settle into this.  It’s almost balmy; and you may not have had too many spells like this of late.  But settling into it entirely may leave you a little off your guard; for good or for bad.  Yes, enjoy the peace; but this needs you to keep your eyes open too.  For two things in fact; both of which are on the agenda this week.  The first is danger; and it’s something that you’ll be pre-warned of if you keep your wits about you.  This isn’t catastrophic at this stage; but crucially it’s something that can be avoided entirely if you watch for the warning signs and take the evasive or even pre-emptive action that you need to.  But the second is far more engrossing.  This relaxing energy is very pleasant; but it won’t serve its purpose if you use it to close off.  Instead you need to be opening yourself.  Because there’s an opportunity for some good times and possibly even to meet a potential partner this week – or to dramatically deepen your feelings for someone who’s already around you; but again you need to be open to recognising the signs.  If you make the time for them.  If you open yourself fully to feeling what you need to.  So this doesn’t mean you have to fly into action all week – you can afford to enjoy the rest a bit.  Just ensure you’re still aware and present so you can deal with those things, both good and potentially less so, coming your way this week.

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Cards featured are from 78 Tarot Mythical – Tarot of the Legendary, a global art collaboration © 2018 78 Tarot.

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