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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 signs for 7-13 January 2019

Please check your Sun, Moon & Rising.



Moonchild / V – The Hierophant

You’re moving away from something Aries.  Something old that now holds less sway on you.  It feels like old hurts, or more accurately emotions associated with old hurts; but their grip on you is lessening, you’re no longer so tied to that relationship to past events.  Where once this was a major trigger, now it’s more a case of noticing what happened but feeling “Oh.  That thing.  And what?”  This is a major shift for you, accepting your past by no longer being defined by a particular relationship to it – yes you were hurt, yes you’re still healing; but you don’t feel the need to keep revisiting it, to stir things up for the sake of it, and if you need to you’re now able to stare it in the face.  It’s a letting go in that sense.  And this mature stance, this shift to a new phase, opens up certain new directions for you to move in.  A lot of you are thinking about study at this time; part of the shift is that you no longer feel an inferiority complex in relation to education.  But this shift may take you in other directions too – more than anything you’re ready to explore, to go looking for new things.  Be patient with this search – you don’t need to jump at or latch onto the first opportunity that comes your way.  Look for the option that offers you space for self-exploration and growth – something that will test you but can also provide lasting benefits – there’s no need to limit or underestimate yourself at this time.

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XVIII – The Moon / Page of Swords

You’re a bit bored with your old scene, Taurus.  Being around the same old people, doing the same old things; it just isn’t cutting it for you any more.  You’re not quite ready to move away from them yet though.  You’re watching, observing; so this is a passive stance for you.  Seeing people go through the motions, they may seem quite predictable to you – they’re still looking to involve you, but you’re just not feeling it.  It’s all just a bit of a turn-off.  So what to do about it?  The first thing is not to act in haste here – we do grow apart from some people or we lose interest in some things but this doesn’t need you to be judgemental or resentful; because this is a natural development.  Nor is there any need to cut people out of your life when you may need each other in the future.  So be careful not to assume more severe feelings than restlessness here.  But the times do call for you to explore.  To meet new people, to try new things.  This is a good time to place yourself in that environment if you feel drawn to – but don’t force it; wait for the right opportunities and people to appear.  Because you’re also in need of some rest.  You might want to spend more time than usual at home in the coming week so you can properly recharge and figure out what you want to do next.  The main thing that will guide you is sudden insight, possibly a sudden draw towards something or a flash realisation.  Trust that when it comes through – it is leading you towards those people who align with who you are.

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X – Wheel of Fortune / Ace of Swords

This feels turbulent, Gemini.  You’re clinging onto something, seemingly for dear life.  And you really don’t want to let it go either.  A relationship situation that is causing you big issues in many cases; for others of you it seems to be work-related, and possibly about your approach to work.  Everything got harder and less stable and you’re not sure how it happened but nor do you want to let go or change your approach.  But that may cause you issues if you keep sticking to that stance.  Remember that you’re flexible, remember that you can change, remember that you can rebuild; and you’re better at all of these than most.  It feels like something here needs to end; because it’s not going to get any less bumpy any time soon, so this may be time up on this particular situation or approach.  At the very least an adjustment is needed; but most of you simply need to cut yourselves loose because this isn’t going to get any easier.  So that needs you to be decisive.  To look clearly both at your needs and at the impact this is having on you.  This is a natural stage to have to pass through; but it won’t end unless you make that call, and look forward optimistically to something more in line with what your needs now are.

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Nine of Wands / Seven of Cups

You’re being cautious, Cancer.  Feeling under threat.  Possibly under scrutiny but it’s very much a sense of you edging your way along a narrow ledge without much margin for error.  Not altogether comfortable in this situation.  It feels like some of you want out.  You don’t like this and you’ve had enough; it wasn’t what you signed up for.  But you can’t see a way out so you’re keeping on edging along, hoping the path will widen soon.  This isn’t easy, but you are in need of a rest.  And taking a rest, taking time for yourself, isn’t the same as giving up; but it may allow you the opportunity to reflect and identify another approach.  That won’t come externally either, it needs you to take the time to really feel deeply into yourself this week.  What haven’t you spotted?  What’s making you feel this unsure of yourself and your surroundings?  I don’t feel like there’s going to be much to be gained from reaching out for help at this time – in fact those you would usually ask may meet you with some poor advice.  So it comes down to you.  There is another route, there is another way; or possibly another stance that will allow you to rise to this challenge and make your way past it with far greater ease.  But that answer will have to come from you, from your inner knowledge and guidance.

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IX – The Hermit / Nine of Wands

You’re leaving something behind too Leo.  It’s something you just wanna get the hell away from too.  It’s like you have a literal sense of revulsion – you don’t even want to look at it, or know it’s there, far less have anything to do with it any more.  Entirely ready for something new, something better; and to the extent that you don’t even necessarily care what you find, you just want the freedom of not being there any more.  There’s been some kind of insight here, like the rose-tints falling away from your eyes and seeing things for what they are, you’re wondering why you wanted anything to do with that in the first place.  This may be a relationship that you overlooked things in in the first place; but for most of you, it’s not that – it’s a stance, a set of beliefs; something that kept you in a repetitive cycle that has long since served any purpose it had – and that may be what led you into the wrong relationship or situation, but you’re so done with it.  In this withdrawal, you may feel a need for some enforced solitude.  That can have its uses, but be careful – you don’t need to close yourself off entirely to people; it’s more that the way you relate to or interact with them may need to shift.  But with this, there is some soul-searching that needs to take place for you; and that does need some deep work.  Be very open to higher and inner guidance this week – this feels like a very psychically active time for you – be prepared to follow what comes through to something better.

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I – The Magician / Eight of Wands

Things are just a little dim for you at the moment, Virgo; you’re struggling to see the light and the way ahead.  Possibly lacking a little confidence in yourself to find the right way.  There’s a lot of newness to your life in the early part of this year; this is coming as there is an increasing need for you to assert yourself on your life – to direct things to where you ultimately need to go rather than just focusing on the needs of others.  I feel your lack of self-confidence and your reservedness regarding this – this isn’t necessarily natural territory for you, but that’s precisely why you’re being pushed to work on this.  Hopefully you’ve set clear intentions for how to go about this in 2019; and if not, make that a focus this week – you do need a clear idea of where you want to head to and indeed who you ultimately want to be.  As you go about this – and this may take you into new projects, areas of work or even new or restructured relationships – it’s OK if you stumble a bit.  It’s OK if the path isn’t clear at first – you’ll find it so long as you maintain your focus.  But more than that; things will start to shift quickly.  You’ll find that not only do you get the hang of this, but the pace quickens too and far from knocking you over, you’ll be riding it like a wave.  You’re so ready to rise to this and to head into a bright future – it just needs you to focus on what you truly want and need for yourself.

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XVII – The Star / Eight of Cups / Page of Swords

Something didn’t go how you expected it to, Libra.  Possibly a relationship, or an encounter; or for some of you it was a new practice that you were looking to incorporate into your life.  And yet, that’s not a bad thing, and after the initial shock, it feels like you’re aware it’s not a bad thing.  You’re looking up, not down – this is really hopeful for you.  Because there was a disappointment, an upset, and it was unexpected; but it’s actually working out well for you, so long as you don’t allow yourself to be knocked to the floor by it.  Instead it’s reconfiguring – your relationship to this has needed to change and change quickly but that’s offering hope and giving you room to expand.  It’s also building your trust in yourself to deal with disappointment and it feels like your prospects have expanded, not contracted.  Not only is that situation changing rapidly into something that actually suits your needs far better; it’s also allowing you to move on; to move onto something that is far more right for you, and that can be the relationship or practice that you actually need in your life.  But it needs you to take this positive and optimistic stance, to not be or at least not stay downhearted; but instead to accept this this situation is actually helping you; and that means complete honesty with yourself rather than needless pessimism.  Something potentially magical is coming into view for you – but to be able to receive it you need to move forward wholeheartedly and optimistically; treating what happened or what is currently happening as a learning experience and a chance for growth.  Keep the faith because you’re being guided to exactly where you need to be.

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Five of Swords / Nine of Wands

You feel kinda caught Scorpio.  This is a tussle, but it’s an internal one.  Between the old and the new.  You’re feeling a bit exposed.  Something from your past that is unresolved; but it doesn’t feel like a person, it feels like an attitude that you take to yourself and possibly to the world as a whole.  Something that makes you feel embattled, distrusting, even paranoid.  A difficult time – you’re finding it hard to separate fact from fiction, illusion from reality.  Look deeply for the patterns, the cycles of thoughts, and what you think they’re telling you.  I don’t want to say this isn’t the first time you’ve been here – it’s more that you’re looking at a new situation through old eyes; expecting something to be the same as what came before; rather than giving it a chance or judging it on its own merits.  “I can’t do that, because it will turn out this way”.  You’re very incisive, Scorpio.  You’re also sometimes wrong.  And this feels like one of those times.  Part of you knows this, and hence the struggle that you find yourself in.  If you want to know the truth for sure, ask for higher guidance.  But also be prepared to explore what’s in front of you; what you may be prematurely dismissing or ruling out.  You need to be more open than this.

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V – The Hierophant / XXI – The Universe

I’m feeling a separation happening for you, Sagittarius.  Something you’re breaking apart and drifting away from.  Not by choice; more like circumstances are pulling you apart and taking you to different places.  Away from something that you thought you relied on.  I feel like you’re having to rethink a lot of things here.  It may not be a person you’re losing.  It’s more like a structure, a belief system; a way of understanding or of doing things.  But there’s sorrow associated with this, it doesn’t feel like you’re quite ready to let go and deal with the necessity of this.  I don’t feel like you’re clinging, but you’re kinda watching it drift off; possibly with the expectation that this will lead to you losing people too.  This is a mental state that you could be stuck in for a while if you don’t shake yourself out of it; and that threatens to limit you.  It can be distressing when we lose faith in something; when something turns out to no longer be helpful to us.  But this is freeing you up to redefine your belief system and with it your self-conception.  There’s space to expand here.  Obviously where there’s loss, there’s often grief, and you shouldn’t repress your feelings in any way.  But you do need to turn away a bit, being open to the new and ready to draw upon new sources of wisdom; which can lead you to entirely new and inspiring places.

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Queen of Cups / Queen of Swords

It’s not like you to lose your work ethic, Capricorn.  Your desire and your drive.  But it feels like you got distracted from it lately; and that you got drawn into something else.  Thoughts of love, of romance, desire… these may have started to take over of late.  And you may have chucked yourself headlong into that pursuit, because you don’t tend to do things by halves.  And it feels like for some of you, that didn’t work out quite how you expected or hoped.  But you got a taste for that feeling.  And you wanna go after it again; or for those where it is going better, you wanna keep on investing in it.  Balance is needed here.  Yes, a passionate romance or even just the prospect of one may be the most appealing thing in the world once you get the flavour of it.  But it can’t take over your whole life.  You need a calmer and more rational assessment of your situation.  Not to just go cold, either; not to close yourself off; but there are things you’ve been neglecting and they mostly relate to your work and your own personal development.  Some of you have gone the other way, and it’s become all about work, all about being strict and super-rational.  But those of you that applies to are not feeling and you’re not healing.  Somewhere in between these points is where you need to be.  Open to love, allowing yourself to feel and to hope and embrace what comes, but not in a daydream, and still ensuring you take care of all you need to.

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Ace of Pentacles / Divine Wisdom

I feel like you’re on the defensive this week, Aquarius.  Almost like you’re ducking for cover – like there’s a barrage hitting you.  You weren’t expecting this; and yet, at least in part it feels like you brought this upon yourself.  There’s something or someone that you didn’t pay proper respect to; and now that’s being taken away, and you feel it’s unfair but you need to stop and take a harder look at the situation and what it’s telling you.  This hasn’t come out of nowhere, but you may have ignored a lot of warning signs and I can’t guarantee to you that it’s salvageable.  But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you; although it does mean that you may need to let it go and rebuild elsewhere.  This is a situation that you need to meditate on; it’s one where you need to open yourself to a higher perspective beyond any kind of defensive reaction.  What you find is what will guide in what you need to do – and that may include taking responsibility for your part in bringing this about and it may include leaving it behind to rebuild elsewhere.  I don’t feel like relentlessly battling this will get you very far – what’s needed is that you’re completely honest with yourself in drawing the lessons from this; and being willing to let go of something that you may have held dear.

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Page of Swords / King of Wands

You’re feeling excited, Pisces.  It’s like a beautiful sunrise for you.  Fresh hope and you want not just to go after it; but to encourage those around you and bring them with you too.  It’s like you’re seeing something they’re not.  Cause for optimism in the darkness – you’ve freed yourself from some kind of blockage.  I feel revived self-belief and you immediately want to share this; to turn it into some kind of leadership; you feel like a role model here.  There’s something here of potential – something you can really apply yourself to and start to build.  But you may feel a little downhearted or put out by those who don’t share your optimism.  That’s something you need to avoid giving in to – you believe in this, you need to go out and pursue it, and prove your point in practice.  And what you’ll find is that even if your existing circle don’t come with you; there will be people you encounter through this who do fit with you.  This feels really creative in nature and like something you can get your teeth into.  Not necessarily work, but some kind of project or vision that has come to you more or less in a flash.  The situation calls for you to go after it, not to wait for anyone’s permission.  This is something that can grow; allowing you the sign you crave of things getting better for you this year.

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Cards featured are from The Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel © 2018 Starseed Designs.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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