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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 signs for 26 November – 2 December 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.


Four of Pentacles / Two of Pentacles

It feels like you’re tired, Aries.  And it’s like a deep, old tiredness; and it’s making you slow right down.  On the surface you feel overburdened or overwhelmed; but that’s not the whole picture.  There’s an inquisitive part of you – a part that wants to learn; wants to do new things – but with this; there’s a conflict because you’re tired of searching; tired of adding the new; always adding the new; you feel like you’ve had to leave so many things behind; but just for now, you’d like a moment of stability.  A moment to stop and work with what you have; rather than this demand to keep setting the agenda for yourself and your life.  It’s an old habit and an old pattern – your independence is valuable; but it’s likely you’ve had to be the one finding your way through life for so long and from a very early stage.  Lacking that encouragement and teaching in early life means that this developed in order that you could still move.  But now you’d like to settle down a bit – not just always moving on for the sake of it.  Yet the moment you try to, you feel stifled.  So this is about picking your next move carefully.  There’s a need for a lot of you for work in which you can be more flexible; more creative; but there’s also a need to address this deep sense of lack which can often lead to you overburdening yourself.  Deep down, can you begin to start appreciating yourself for who you are as well as what you do?  It is that false sense of inadequacy that leads you to take on so much yet also deny yourself the future that you need.  The transformation you need has to start at the root; it can’t be built from outside; and that can only come once you go easier on yourself.

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King of Cups / Divine Wisdom

Prepare to be inspired this week, Taurus – your priorities are likely to change very quickly based on what you experience and the information and insight that you receive – but it needs you to pay attention.  And that means not being distracted by your emotional responses to day-to-day life; and not being overly invested in concepts and beliefs that you may be clinging very tightly to.  You’re going to notice, or understand, something – and for most of you, this will come up in the early part of this week; around Tuesday.  And well – it’s something that attracts you strongly; pulls on your heart but also expands your heart.  Fresh hope and fresh desire; and in regards to something that you might not have considered before – this is where those old beliefs about yourself could potentially get in the way.  Because you’ll have an impulse to doubt it – even an impulse to block it – and the danger to you is that you allow that impulse to govern your next moves.  When you feel that sensation in your heart; you’ll know what this is – and then it becomes about allowing yourself to pursue it; rather than coming up with excuses not to.  It may well come in like a flash – but it’s a good feeling – all you need to do is allow yourself to follow it and see where it goes.

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Six of Wands / Two of Swords

So where now then, Gemini?  And why are you second-guessing yourself?  It feels like you’ve had a lot of success; made a lot of headway; perhaps so much that you don’t even believe it yourself; and now you’re setting up obstacles for yourself.  Not quite self-sabotage; but certainly self-obstructing.  I feel like you’re looking externally for validation; for someone to confirm to you that you’ve made the right choices; that you’re doing the right thing – but all the time that you’re doing this you’re unnecessarily disconnected from your own inner guidance.  Some of you are in relationships, or in jobs, that are going well – really well in fact; but you’re struggling to accept it; looking for the pitfalls or the sting-in-the-tail; all of it coming from this lack of self-confidence making you unnerved.  Can you stop and smell the roses?  Can you start to trust this situation a little more?  Overthinking is the enemy here – that’s where all this doubt is seeping in from.  Deep down, you have a far clearer picture; but you need to connect to that.  This isn’t always the simplest of tasks for you; but the more you engage with that inner guidance, the more you’ll be able to trust yourself and your situation.  And that’s where the path ahead becomes less foggy; because you can simply move into it.  Sometimes the only decision you need to make is to trust yourself and to keep going.

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Five of Cups / Queen of Swords

Excess.  And where it can lead.  Some of you Cancers have been partying pretty hard of late.  Getting out there, shaking your stuff, enjoying yourselves and that’s been mostly a great experience.  But it can also become a coping method if you start to overdo it.  In this you are lacking a bit of balance and moderation – and it’s possible you’ve been indulging in some other impulsive or hedonistic behaviours too.  Again, these are all fine in themselves – except when they take over your entire life and stop you from doing the things that you need to.  So this is where you ask yourself what you’ve been ignoring or avoiding.  Which responsibilities have you let slip; or which needs aren’t you meeting?  Some of you are feeling the fallout from overdoing it already; either in terms of the drain on yourself or the impact on your relationships (especially friendships); while for others; this is simply a warning to slow down a bit because that crash is coming.  This doesn’t mean a shift to abstinence or to no fun – it just means curbing things a little; recognising some warning signs; and checking in to see what you’ve been avoiding or where you haven’t engaged your critical mind.  A need to pause and think; and to take account of what’s still brewing for you in the background – because it does need you to get on top of it.

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Six of Cups / Knight of Pentacles

You need to take a bit of a backseat, Leo.  Time for some rest and some relaxation and to revisit some old memories.  A lot of you are thinking about your past and possibly a figure from your past – a brief romance or fling.  Possibly someone you met on holiday or whilst travelling – someone you had a chance meeting or encounter with.  And these are fond memories; even though they include a sense of what-might-have-been.  It doesn’t feel like a whirlwind romance; more like simple time spent enjoying each other’s company; but it felt safe and it felt grounding for that brief period of time.  This isn’t necessarily coming up so you can try to look them up or track them down or make what happened out to be more than it was – but it is a chance for you to look at what you look for in a partner at the moment; and your approach to romance.  Some of you are very active in this; want things to develop very quickly; and dismiss anything else as boring.  You crave excitement and you rule some people out because you don’t immediately see this in them.  But is this working for you at the moment?  Can you be more relaxed, let things come to you, and allow them to develop more slowly?  Have you shut out people who remind you of this figure from your past since or conversely; have you tended to pursue similar types?  This is just about taking the time to evaluate – nothing more; feeling into what you desire from someone at the moment – and if what you’re doing is in alignment with this.

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Three of Wands / Ten of Swords

Something’s hitting this week, Virgo, and it’s pretty painful.  There’s something you’ve been investing a lot of time and effort into of late (and possibly for longer); you’ve applied your usual meticulous attention to detail; but then it became a case of waiting, waiting, waiting; for the expected pay-off.  And it looks like upset is coming – this hasn’t turned out how you wanted it to – and this is throwing you; because you were far more invested in this than you admitted to yourself.  This is an impact that you need to prepare yourself for; because without that, you may just feel like throwing in the towel.  Will it be upsetting?  Sure, and you need to allow yourself to feel that.  But more than anything this is playing out as a caution against putting all of your eggs in one basket, and being overly attached to outcomes.  Because you’re much deeper than this; and your talents and abilities are far stronger than you presently accept.  I see hidden riches; deep within you – both reserves that you can draw on; but also abilities and talents that you can work on developing and making far more use of than you do currently.  And those ultimately are your way past this upset.  You need to apply your efforts to a few more things rather than hyperfocusing as you have been here.  The more you can bring these other skills out and develop them; the less of a severe impact times like these will have on you.

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V – The Hierophant / King of Pentacles

Libra’s focused on career.  You’ve been feeling a bit stuck for a while now.  Looking for inspiration; applying yourself and looking to move forward too – you want to expand; but you’re struggling to see how.  And you look at those who are having success; and there’s a bit of jealousy and resentment that creeps in.  Abundance issues are hardly unusual; but you’re feeling them more than most at the moment.  You’ve internalised a lot of ideas that are keeping you trapped; blocking success; possibly keeping you poorer than you need to be.  It feels like a lot of you undervalue yourselves and your work; operating off received wisdom that you need to keep prices or rates low; work long hours; constantly try to serve everyone else’s needs.  Being in service is vital; but at some stage you do have to service your own needs too.  And this week, you need to work out where you’re blocking that, and where you’re selling yourself short.  A lot of the messages in our society try to paint you as greedy if you seek to be adequately rewarded for your work, and these will keep you trapped for as long as you listen to them.  Because where you don’t value yourself, other people won’t either.  This tends to drive a lot of repetitive behaviours, but underpinning them is the basic idea that it would be unfair for you to genuinely accept that you deserve more.  You need to identify where this is the case for you too – and how this programming continues to hold you back.  You may wish to consider taking on some kind of mentor or coach to help you to work through these blockages – that help is available to you if you want it.  Your potential is huge – and this includes in financial terms – but you need to be able to allow yourself that success, and that has to come from self-worth just as much from putting the work in.  Be careful who you take advice and guidance from – and be mindful of how other people’s ideas over this limit your horizons.

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Seven of Swords / Queen of Pentacles

You’ve really been holding back an old hurt, Scorpio.  You don’t want anyone to know the level of pain that you’re in.  Despite your facade; there’s a deep lack of confidence that’s rearing its head.  Roots are in childhood and seem to stem from your experiences of one or both caregivers – those who were there to raise you; who were entrusted with your safety.  There seems to have been at times a high level of emotional abuse here.  You were put down; even torn into verbally (if not physically) and it just seems like they were constantly disappointed and that nothing you could do was right.  And this made you far more unsure of yourself than you often let on – damaging your ability to trust both yourself and those around you.  It’s not something you’ve ever felt comfortable talking about – but how long can you keep that mask on for?  This requires deep work, but it also requires you to be nurtured and supported in ways that were never afforded you in childhood.  It’s not about blame, but is is about healing.  For many of you this does need therapy – but you’re also likely to benefit from support groups or similar – you do need a space to let this out and where you can learn to offer yourself the love and encouragement that you need.  This is a major investment that you need to make in yourself; but it’s not longer something you can keep putting off.  You know this is tearing at you – the first step to healing it is acknowledging it.

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XI – Justice / Six of Cups / Ace of Swords

A sense of loss; an old loss; something that was taken from you or left you long ago, Sagittarius.  Some of you seem to be missing a childhood pet; or something or someone else that you relied on when you were growing up – but these memories are being triggered at this time because they seem unprocessed – it’s like you left a part of yourself behind at that time too.  You grew a bit harder, a bit firmer, a bit more rigid.  Possibly you haven’t allowed yourself to feel or to attach in the same way since – you’ve expected things to be more transient; and while this has helped you to cope with loss; it’s also made you less trusting of things around you; and may have made it harder for you to commit to things.  Accepting that things flow into and out or our lives is perfectly healthy – if that’s all you’re doing.  Not allowing things to fully enter in the first place is something else – and some of you seem to be in that place.  And well, that’s trapping you.  It’s limiting you.  It also makes some of you very pessimistic – feeling loss to be inevitable; or even when it happens that it’s somehow your fault.  So we’re dealing with a deeply held belief that was learned early on.  This isn’t an easy mindset to adjust; but the adjustment is precisely what is needed.  You need to be able to allow things to take much deeper root in your life than you do at present.  You glance around and see more solidity in the lives of others than you do in your own.  Doing this work is what will help you to open more to things taking root and ultimately blooming for you too.

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XVI – The Tower / Divine Wisdom

How has this year been for you, Capricorn?  Kinda slow?  Grinding at times?  Like you’re slaving away trying to accomplish things; and yet something unseen is weighing you down and everything feels harder than it should be?  That’s been really heavy for you.  It’s also coming to an end.  Pay very close attention to your feelings and any visions, dreams or messages you receive this week.  And yes that means you need to slow down enough to notice them; even if that means easing off the work a little.  Some of you are likely to have very profound experiences or revelations; and these may combine with sudden life-changing experiences.  None of this is superficial either – these will point to areas of life purpose and indeed what you most truly desire to move towards.  Some may suddenly realise they want a very different career – and this may be triggered by events at work too.  Others may suddenly realise how deeply they want children – and for some this may be triggered by an unplanned pregnancy.  But whatever’s coming and whatever triggers it (and for some it will be an internal process which does so) – it’s big; and potentially life-altering.  Make sure you’re in a position to notice and to act upon it.

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King of Cups / Four of Pentacles

You’ve been trying to rise above something, Aquarius.  Trying to hold it together.  Remaining calm, remaining stable; but underneath the surface, it looks a little different.  It’s like this is an area where you fear to tread – you don’t want to admit your true feelings – your fears.  A lot of you feel you need to be the strong one – need to hold steady for someone else in your life.  For many of you, this is a partner; for some, it seems to be a child.  And especially for those for whom it is a child, you obviously do have some responsibility here.  But you do still need to admit these feelings to yourself; and you do need to express them and talk them over with someone appropriate – whether this is a partner or someone else.  Because that pressure is building and the more you resist it; the more it starts to seep out and hold you up in other areas of life.  And it makes you more static; not the dynamic and forward-looking figure that you’re capable of being.  Ask yourself exactly what you’re afraid of; how that affects your life; and what truly the harm would be in communicating it?  The more pressure you put yourself under like this; the more likely it is to come out in other ways.  Where you’re feeling stuck or unable to express yourself; this is a big component of it at this time.

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Ace of Cups / Six of Wands

For some of you, Pisces, it’s been a long time since you felt secure and safe and genuinely hopeful.  But you’ve been working hard on this and it hasn’t been for nothing; and now new love is on the cards for you, if you can maintain your focus.  Some of you are struggling to believe what you’ve been through in recent times and I’m sensing this breathlessness as you’ve had to just push on and keep going.  It is still going to be uphill for a while longer; but you’re not going to be alone for it.  This is a week to expect chance encounters – either online or in the physical world; and you can expect excitement.  Obviously you still have to allow yourself to accept this when it comes in – and it’s likely to be one of those things that comes into your life from seemingly out of nowhere.  You can trust this; and what’s more you deserve it for all the work that you’ve been putting in.  But that doesn’t mean you can drop the work – this person is coming in to add to your life; not to replace what you’ve been building for yourself.  So you’ll need to keep going; but you won’t be doing so alone; unless you really want to.

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Cards featured are from The Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel © 2018 Starseed Designs.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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