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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 19-25 November 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising



Ten of Pentacles / Five of Wands

Trouble at home, Aries.  And it’s getting to you.  This feels like rows that are blowing up seemingly out of nowhere; but there’s a good chance that they’ve been simmering for a while.  What’s been left unsaid?  Where haven’t you been communicating; or open to communication?  These are challenges to your familial relationships and they are creating a real strain.  But are you able to listen, to understand what’s behind this?  Some of you feel like you’re being given a really hard time; that a partner or even your children want to get at you; but have you genuinely been attentive?  Have you been open to hearing what those close to you have been struggling with?  Your tendency might be to escalate; to fight fire with fire – and this is where you need to calm yourself; because that won’t do anyone any good.  You do need to start by acknowledging their feelings; and where appropriate, calmly explaining your side too and allowing the space for understanding to form.  This has been brewing for some time; so it’s not a simple storm in a teacup.  Can you take your hands off the reins, just for a bit?  Can you accept responsibility for where you may not have been as open as you could have been?  Your response will shape which direction these relationships move in.  So try not to act hard-done-by; and work to find genuine resolution.  Because this can strengthen this part of your life – so long as you are willing to do the work.  Don’t be quick to point the finger; work to understand what underlies this; and build a stronger foundation in its place.

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Six of Pentacles / 0 – The Fool

There’s something you want, Taurus.  Or possibly someone you want.  Not a brand new desire, but something that’s been growing for some time; creeping more and more into your consciousness.  Maybe not obsession but possibly veering that way – and it may be that intense for some of you.  And well, you’ve been making an effort to get it too.  This feels like people-pleasing; smooth-talking; even maneuvering – you’re looking to deploy every trick up your sleeve; and yet it remains elusive; out of reach; and it may well be that by now, the more effort you make; the further away it seems to get.  This is moving to a place beyond where it’s healthy, and you need to take a step back because you’re sabotaging yourself.  Yes, you want this – or them.  And that’s OK in and of itself.  But some of you have convinced yourselves that it’s a complete necessity; and so you’re focusing on that to the detriment of the rest of your life – making your plans for your future dependent on something that isn’t yours and isn’t within your control.  So it’s time to shift focus onto what you do have and what you can control.  Moving into a space of gratitude is badly needed here.  You’ve set your intention and that’s fine.  But you do need to show a bit more faith in the Universe now.  You do need to trust that what is right for you will flow towards you – if it’s already in your heart then it doesn’t need to occupy your head 24/7.  This week do something different; something new; something fun.  Something you can do for yourself.  The urgency you mentally attach to this is false, and it harms you.  So shift your attention away; if things are meant to be, then they will; but not while you neglect everything else.

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King of Pentacles / Eight of Cups

You’ve been working so hard, Gemini.  Really getting down to it; whether it’s your job or whether it’s head-in-the-the-books studying and planning; but you’re thinking ahead and applying yourself.  A strong sense of responsibility and you should be commended because you’re genuinely committed to improving your life situation and moving to a place of both responsibility and sustainability.  Strong routines; good work ethic; so well done.  But it can’t be all work; because that puts a strain on you too; and as the days draw in and the nights grow longer; you are getting just a little tired.  What you’ve started, you can go on with; but balance is needed too because the work is hard.  Can you make a bit of time to enjoy yourself this week?  Simple pleasures are needed here – so please don’t default to substance use as an escape (some of you have that on your mind).  If you can, get out into nature – reconnect and ground; because there are woods and fields calling to you.  Or some of you need to go out dancing; let your hair down that way – this is the kind of stress relief that you need.  There’s no need to be so hard on yourself because you deserve to be rewarded in this way. Time spent around children will also be beneficial at this time; because tasting that child-like sense of wonder for yourself will help to rejuvanate you.  And that will help you carry on with the more serious stuff, as some of the weight is lifted.

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VI – The Lovers / Queen of Cups

Someone has babies on their mind, Cancer.  I don’t know if you’re expecting or if you’re simply trying at the moment – but that natural urge has well and truly kicked in; and it’s dawning on you how important this is to you.  And you want to plan for this and make the absolute best situation you can for bringing this life into the world.  A lot of you are going to be consulting medical professionals this week – or others acting in a similar capacity.  For some, this will be typical doctors or midwives; others are considering IVF or similar assistance.  And some will be seeking out or choosing doulas or spiritual guides.  You do have some stuff to work through too – and seeking guidance; counselling; or any other external input is strongly indicated together with the medical assistance some of you will be needing.  For those who are just trying (with or without assistance) this is a good week for it and indeed a good week to be having that discussion with your partner if you’re still at that stage.  You can trust your instincts and you can trust your feelings; as well as the advice you may be receiving.  Pregnancy and birth at this time should be relatively free of any complications – for those seeking a green light or reassurance; this will hopefully be that.

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II – The High Priestess / Four of Cups

Some of you are really caught up in your own shit, Leo.  And that’s OK – except when it means you’re missing something important.  Because someone needs your help; and yet you’re not necessarily offering it – and that’s if you’ve even noticed.  And this isn’t a stranger; this is someone who’s been very loyal to you; possibly very supportive of you; and there’s a strong bond – even if you may have drifted a bit in recent times.  A little less day-dreaming and self-involvement is going to help you here; because this is an important relationship.  So while what you’re dealing with is still important; there’s a bit of urgency in getting your head up here and being willing to lend a hand where one is needed.  They trust you, this person.  Possibly more than they trust almost anyone else; especially with what they’re dealing with at this time; and your ability to understand, to offer insight and support is very badly needed.  Whatever you’re so intensely focused on, you can move away from it just a tiny bit to make the necessary room for them here.  Not only will you be helping in an invaluable way; but with your attention shifted, you may find a clearer insight or perspective on your own situation too.  If you’re aware of the call, answer it.

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Queen of Wands / Nine of Pentacles

You’re coasting just a little, Virgo.  Even idling.  And it is a well-earned rest because you’ve put in a lot of work.  But as your projects come to a close or happily tick over – and you can be pleased with yourself – you’re not necessarily completely fulfilled.  You may even be feeling a little lonely – and this isn’t about you needing to initiate loads of new projects; but it is about what you do next.  Your desires, and how they can be fulfilled.  Most of you have got really stuck into that work that’s led you here for the right reasons – but what’s been neglected?  Because some of you seem to be lacking a bit of satisfaction – and specifically it’s a lack of a sex life; at least one that is truly fulfilling for you; that is coming up.  Others just don’t feel that attractive or desirable right now.  So what are you going to do about that?  You’re allowed to feel beautiful and you’re allowed to feel desirable.  With Venus now moving direct in your 2nd House; some of you need to treat yourselves to makeovers or a new wardrobe.  Others need to get out and date.  This is a good time for you to attract someone; and the solid foundation you have built for yourself will help you and can be harnessed to make you more confident.  Strong affirmations at this time will help you too.  If this is what’s lacking; this is a good week to work on it – simple steps will drastically improve your self-image.

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XIX – The Sun / Ten of Cups

You’re feeling a little stifled, Libra.  Even taken for granted.  But certainly you want to break out; you want to feel freer than this.  There’s nothing specifically wrong with your social group; despite you possibly wanting to point the finger at them – but you don’t necessarily feel challenged by them, by spending time around the same old people; and you are yearning for something more and something new.  This is a natural development – you’ve been learning; you’ve been growing; and with Venus being reborn in your 1st House; you want to find a space in which you can flourish; alongside the right people.  For a lot of you; this is calling you to performance of some sort.  Joining a choir, or a band, or an acting group – but somewhere you feel able to express yourself freely; because the recent Venus Retrograde has been particularly hard for you.  Others of you want to take centre-stage in other ways – leading workshops or teaching classes; but in all of these it’s about finding your people and working with them; adding to something; finding that space for yourself.  Both for the sheer fun of it; but also because it will help you to develop skills, self-worth, and exciting new connections with the right people.  And in time that will ease the pressure on your existing relationships; and allow you to approach them in a more loving way; grateful for those who’ve stood by you.

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XIV – Temperance / Princess of Cups

Agitated, Scorpio; and you might just want to calm down a notch.  Some of you are kinda despairing at world events at this time; and things are turbulent and uncertain so this is understandable; but it’s going to matter whether you react out of despair or hope.  Because some of you really wanna watch the world burn, it seems.  Maybe in a less than productive way.  Your anger is righteous; but then this comes down to how you channel it; and to avoid taking it out on those around you.  So for some, involvement in various forms of direct action or protest is indicated.  Or this could be channeled into poetry, music or art.  Because you do need an outlet and you do need to be around like-minded people at this time.  What you’re putting in can certainly make a difference and can show, together with others; a different vision of how things can be.  So your passion is a blessing; and you don’t lack motivation to act at this time; if you can harness it.  You’ll know which direction to take this in; and it will be individual – let 1,000 flowers bloom; rather than rigidly demanding everyone do the same thing.  In all of it, remember you’re here to offer hope; and don’t underestimate the impact your actions will have – everyone you touch will be affected; so ensure you’re acting out of love, not spite, in all of this.

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Six of Wands / XVIII – The Moon

Time out needed for you, Sagittarius.  You’ve been through it, to say the least.  Really in the wars in some sense; but you are emerging into a new space and you should be feeling confident from your efforts and your success.  But now you need to shift.  Because you’ve had to occupy a certain mental space to get through things recently; but that combative stance isn’t one that’s needed at this time; although you now know you have it in your locker, when it’s called for.  This is where you take a break.  A much needed break.  Go and relax somewhere.  Seriously.  Whether you’re booking a holiday; starting a class in something relaxing or creative; or getting a massage, it doesn’t matter.  You need to chill.  Because otherwise what happens?  Old stuff starts to come up.  Old fears.  Old hang-ups; and they get projected outwards and there is simply no need for it right now.  This isn’t a time for that or for hard fights.  It’s a time for you to focus on you – on self-care; on having a good time whatever that looks like; and just in terms of taking a load off – you’ve earned it, so be kind to yourself.

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0 – The Fool / Three of Cups

Someone else is in need of time out, Capricorn.  You do know there’s a difference between healthy rivalry and competition; and hostility; right?  Because some of you are taking things entirely too seriously here.  Being drawn into petty squabbles; desperate to get one over on the other; but it’s not doing you any good, is it?  And yes, I know you’re just as hard on yourself.  But I’m feeling lovers’ tiffs and arguments with friends here; and some of this really has no basis beyond the fact that you’re irritating and needling each other.  So you know – you can bury the hatchet here.  You can make amends if needs be.  You can put a bit of fun back into things.  Basically you and they need a night out.  Or a day out – whichever works for you.  “Oh but there’s no time… Oh but they said this, they did this!…”  Is any of it really big though?  Does it really matter?  Would it kill you to clear the air?  You do know how to appreciate each other and to enjoy each other’s company – you just need to get yourself back into that place.  And it comes down to you to work on that this week – salvaging and refreshing your relationships; rather than burying them under a pile of needless shit.

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Three of Pentacles / Two of Wands

You always like to think you’re right; don’t you, Aquarius?  Keen mind, you expect to be top of the class and to have the clearest possible insights and perspectives.  A grand skill and one which you often demand recognition for.  But sometimes, you too can learn.  This is coming up in studies; and for some of you in work.  Because you’re up against someone else’s ideas, someone else’s authority; and you’re not comfortable with this.  In fact you really want to dismiss them out of hand – after all, you know best, right?  Wind it in a bit, please.  You can learn here.  You can expand your knowledge and your skills here.  An established authority is not necessarily your enemy; so give them a chance.  I know that’s hard for you.  Speak to them.  Openly.  One-on-one.  Not in an adversarial way; but in the spirit of respect and even collaboration.  Because if you’re not careful you’ll wind up blocking or even sabotaging yourself once the explosion dies down.  Be patient, play a longer game; and recognise that their input can have real value to you.  In fact it can strengthen you and launch a whole load of new ideas and desires within you.  It can help you to formulate a new vision; even to move off in a different direction.  But that has to come from mutual respect; and recognising that you both have something to offer.  It will be worth you biting your tongue; and listening to what they have to say.

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Prince of Swords / III – The Empress

Someone, probably a friend, needs your help this week, Pisces.  Someone struggling psychologically; with stress, with anxiety, or something similar; but it’s really messing them up.  They’re talking a lot and maybe not making much sense of knowing how to work through this; but this is where you come in.  You’re reticent to help, I can tell.  You may not feel their issues are that serious; you may feel you’re not getting through well; or you may be too busy with your own stuff.  But you’re not too busy – not really; because there is stuff you can’t shift either and that you too have been dwelling on.  Being able to offer support here is actually a reprieve for you – and you’re well placed to offer compassionate support and understanding; it just requires a shift into that space for you.  You can be incredibly perceptive and thoughtful; when you’re not bogged down within yourself; and this is someone who does need your help – and as much as anything else, what you’re offering them at this time is some hope.  Sometimes those close to us do find themselves in crisis; and while we can’t fix their problems or do their work for them (don’t be tempted to take this approach); simply being there for them can made all the difference.  Hold space for them; make it clear that you care; and help them with those things that they can’t do at this time; because this will help them to work through what they need to.  You’ll both emerge stronger and closer from this.

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Cards featured are from Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding © 2011 Schiffer. 

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