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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 12-18 November 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Knight of Swords / Knight of Crystals

A bit of a conflict brewing for you this week in either a business relationship or at home (for most of you this seems to be at home), Aries.  You’re feeling inspired and you’re ready to move on something big.  And it involves a big risk – even a dive into the unknown – and you’re so eager to get going; to set these wheels in motion because for you this isn’t just huge, it feels vital from your perspective – and so you want to dive headlong into it.  But someone else doesn’t quite see it the same way; and they want you to slow down.  They’re not convinced you’ve considered this fully; they see material risks and even if they’re not outlining potential pitfalls in details; they don’t quite grasp your sense of this having to happen so urgently; so right now; why you feel you have no time to waste.  Perhaps they’ve been burned by similar experiences in the past; perhaps they’re concerned this is just a rush of blood to the head; but either way, this is someone you have a relationship to and you should be hearing them out.  Balance here doesn’t necessarily mean shelving your ideas but it may mean taking the time to at least flesh them out more fully.  Act in haste, repent at leisure – and this person is genuinely concerned about what you might be willing to burn to follow this.  This doesn’t feel unreasonable; yet there is a risk that you may resent someone you perceive as holding you back.  As such, this is a test for your relationship or partnership.  Its future may hinge on your ability to demonstrate how your plans enhance and build upon what has already been established; rather than posing an unnecessary risk to it.



Two of Crystals / Queen of Swords

You’re laying foundations this week, Taurus, and it seems like you’re trying to win some support too.  And the support you’re seeking is from someone very methodical and rational; so there’s no sense trying to schmooze them or come up with a carefully crafted sales-pitch; they simply want to know the facts as they are and indeed as you are.  This is a setting in which you are not necessarily confident – you don’t really like having to ask for help at all or to win someone else’s approval and certain areas of self-doubt may be surfacing.  This feels financial and possibly work-related – some of you either have a big job interview coming or else you’re trying to secure a loan or investment, or a promotion.  No bullshitting here – you need to prepare adequately and give not just the best but the clearest possible account of yourself and your plans.  But some of you are facing a slightly different situation and it’s that you’re meeting a new partner’s family for the first time.  And wow, those fears and sense of inadequacy really are coming up for some of you, huh?  But again, no point in pretending to be anyone other than who you are here.  Yes, you want to give a good account of yourself and it feels like there may be cultural differences between you and your partner’s background – but your partner is someone who cares enough about you to be introducing you like this.  It’s likely your fears far exceed the reality here – after all, you are building something for the future too.  The main things is to show that you’re serious and that you want a future here – so long as you’re respectful, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.



Nine of Crystals / Three of Wands

Gemini’s kinda in a comfort zone right now.  Things are… OK, going well, no immediate threats and it feels like you’re tempted to just more or less settle in for the Winter.  Because what’s on your plate is what you can handle; it’s pretty much giving you what you need; and it’s nice and smooth if uneventful.  This has you feeling pretty accomplished because you didn’t expect this to come this easily given the instabilities of the not-too-distant past.  So this is about what your aspirations are from here – it’s about how long you just lay back and enjoy this.  Because part of you does want to reach for more – but it also feels like this might be coming from two different places for those amongst you.  Watch out for old programming here.  Because some of you might seek to self-sabotage surprisingly quickly – a sense of “this is nice, but I’m bored now”; that causes you to lose interest in what you’ve been doing.  By contrast others might want to cling just a bit too hard to this; and not explore anything new at all.  You do need to take advantage of this time to initiate and to start to reach for more; but this is something you can bring about over time and in addition to your current routines; not through disrupting them unnecessarily or destructively.  This can give you the basis for new relationships and new projects but the test for you is staying power as you test the waters of those.  Remember, you have something to fall back on now; so still protect that – what you start to add work to attract does not have to be all-consuming; and you can afford to take it slow.  But do start that process of exploration – because you have a rare and promising opportunity to do so – itself a reward for your efforts.



Knight of Swords / Knight of Cups

Someone’s pursuing you this week, Cancer.  Or else you’re pursuing them; but it feels more like the first one for a lot of you.  You’ve caught their eye and it feels like there’s a lot of contact.  It’s like your phones are beeping with messages from each other every few minutes – and you’re very into this; they know which buttons to press and they’re quite the smooth-talker.  And you’re naturally getting quite day-dreamy about this as a result.  The language and the whole feeling of this is deeply romantic and it’s exciting to you – it’s something that you’ve wanted for some time.  And for many of you, this is someone new; and you’re just lapping this up.  That’s most of you, because there’s a few of you who are having this seeing revival of contact with an ex.  And you just wanna forget the past and go again with a clean slate – possibly against the advice of others around you.  Maybe don’t start planning the wedding just yet though.  If this is someone who you already know what they’re about – watch carefully for old patterns simply repeating themselves – because if these are just moves being put on you then you do need to avoid making old mistakes only to be taken around the houses all over again.  Even with new people, there can still be old patterns that play out.  Allow yourself the time to dream, but also check that the reality matches up to it and that you’re not just being sucked in – even if that means taking your foot off the gas, just a bit.  A port in a storm can be nice – just mind that you don’t get drowned there anyway.



Ace of Cups / Seven of Cups

A new relationship blooming for you, Leo – or at least you’re attracting a lot of interest.  What a lovely moment.  And not just lovely – exciting too; whoever this new interest it, you’re feeling, well, really turned on and horny to be honest and you’re absolutely loving the amount of interest they’re lavishing on you too.  So far, so good; and sometimes it really is that simple.  But you are cautioned against rushing into anything here.  The strength of your feelings are absolutely real – that’s in no doubt at all – but for some of you, this may not be quite all it’s cracked up to be.  This isn’t someone you know well, after all, and despite what they’re offering; they may not actually be prepared to live up to it.  This isn’t telling you to end this – to stop it dead – but it is telling you to just keep your feet on the ground a little as you learn about each other a bit more.  And to check what you and they truly want.  For some this feels more like it’s going to develop into a casual or friends-with-benefits situation – if you want that.  For others, well, this is where getting to know someone counts because somebody may not be as single as they’ve told you they are.  But for others this could be the real thing – so what matters is to slow it down; and feel it out over time; taking care not to compromise your own boundaries in the process because some of you are being met with empty promises.  The fog will clear in a few weeks, and then you’ll have a much clearer idea of where you both stand.



Queen of Swords / Page of Wands

You’re a bit cautious at the moment, Virgo.  I mean, I say “at the moment”; but you are kind of known for this and it’s not a bad trait – your attention to detail and your avoidance of needless risks – but it can make you seem a bit cold and it can sometimes shut you off to new things.  You don’t seem to be under major threat at this time – things may not be moving rapidly but they are at least moving a bit; and you can see new possibilities on the horizon – you’re just not necessarily pursuing them.  For some of you this is kind of an old head on young shoulders thing going on here – like you grew up before your time.  No need for any radical changes here; but it does feel a lot like some of you need to let your hair down a bit – you are only here once, after all.  So what have you been denying yourself throughout this?  And here, I’m thinking of enjoying yourself in ways that you might feel are a bit flippant or childish – or at least you tell yourself that on the surface – yet deep down you still want to jump into them because you never had the opportunity before.  What would help you to re-capture a bit more of a sense of wonder and excitement at this time?  And where might that lead, if you start to allow it into your life?  Don’t overthink this one – but what’s the first thing that comes to mind – or the first invite coming in that you’d usually say no to?  Open that door a crack this week; and allow yourself to look at and feel what’s behind it.



I – The Magician / XVI – The Tower

You’re getting a surprise this week, Libra.  Something you’ve wished for; worked for; is starting to manifest.  So your efforts are paying off and you’re feeling confident because you didn’t quite accept this was possible, and yet here it is.  This seems to be playing out in all kinds of different ways for each of you in different areas of life; but it’s something real that is finally coming into view for the first time – and for many of you, it has been a long time coming.  And it’s something that you feel the need to grasp – to grab onto, and to grab quickly.  It’s a great moment to do so and bringing this about can dramatically change not just your self-image but also your views of what you’re capable of and indeed what’s possible.  This is there for you to grasp in just this way – but not as something static; this is a dynamic situation and it’s now up to you to build on it; to add to it; to use this both to advance and to evolve yourself.  Because as your view of yourself and the world around you changes; so too do your aspirations; so this is a time to reach for more, to aim still higher; an addition to investing in what you’ve managed to bring about.  A key moment in determining the kind of future that you head towards; at least in the coming months.  You may be shocked by these sudden developments; but don’t be afraid of them – this is where the path starts to open up in front of you; so be careful what you wish for, but push ahead with whatever you genuinely desire; not just what you think might impress others.



Nine of Swords / Ace of Cups

Oh Scorpio.  It feels like you’ve really gotten yourself into something here and I can sense the level of doubt that’s suddenly surfacing.  This began so promisingly too, with such excitement and hope – especially for those of you who felt like you’d met your dream partner.  And now you feel like that dream might be fading, or even over already.  But it might not be quite as bad as you’re making it out to be.  I’ll be honest that some of you seem to have messed up here.  You didn’t treat your partner with a full level of respect, you kept something from them; possibly you even did something behind their back.  And now the guilt’s here; the worry’s here; and it’s eating you up inside.  Others of you have noticed something about your partner or your situation that you don’t particularly like; and you haven’t mentioned it; but it sure is messing with you.  How long are you going to keep this to yourself for?  Do you really think it will help to do so?  This is a real challenge for you and for this relationship; but what it needs is honesty and communication.  Because it doesn’t follow that all hope is lost here – but it sure as hell will be if you just allow things to deteriorate like this without saying anything.  This is where you have to own your shit and it’s where you demonstrate how much respect you actually have for your partner.  It won’t be easy – there will probably be wailing, gnashing of teeth, tears before bedtime and everything else.  But it comes down to how you want to go on from here – your honesty and commitment to working things through can, in time, re-invigorate this relationship; if you want that.  But even if you don’t; at least open up.  This is about your integrity, your growth, and basic respect for the person that you’re with.



Ten of Cups / XIII – Transformation

A challenge is being handed to you this week, Sagittarius.  Something you may have wanted, and yet something that you don’t necessarily feel up to; but that’s precisely why it’s coming about at this time.  Because there’s emotional responsibility here.  Yes for yourself, but for someone else too.  Some of you are moving into a parental or possibly a mentoring role at this time; while others suddenly are faced with caring responsibilities for someone close to you.  And it feels like a lot – even where this is a new child on the way and you’ve wanted this for so long, it still feels like a lot.  For those where this is mentoring or caring; you may not feel mature or responsible enough for it.  But don’t underestimate yourself – this is coming up because you are ready for it; even if your inner critic is giving you a really hard time and no matter how flighty your urges are.  And a big part; probably the majority part of you, wants this; the chance to develop; the chance to prove yourself; the chance simply to help; to do well by someone else.  And that’s the part that needs to win out here.  It also feels like some of you have the chance to reconcile with family or with old loves or friends; and this brings up a big fear within you because things have been explosive before.  But these are new times and this is new terrain.  Across all of these; the main thing is to give yourself, and the situation; a chance.  It means letting go of something, sure – whether that is material or whether it is an old way of perceiving things.  But it offers huge opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth; so don’t be tempted to turn your back on it; because you’re likely to surprise yourself.



Two of Crystals / Queen of Wands

You’ve been holding back a bit, Capricorn.  Frustration has given way to conservativism – where you’ve felt limited by the world around you and not feeling like you’ve had a fair crack of the whip; now you’ve internalised that and you’ve been limiting yourself too; so there is a certain amount of pessimism around you at this time; as you guard yourself and what you have.  But things are shifting and you need to shift with them.  But what matters is doing so in a way that is actually in balance with what’s around you.  You’re generally very determined – you know what you want, and you push tirelessly in pursuit of it.  And when this doesn’t work is when you start to get annoyed; and possibly when you start giving yourself a hard time.  But this is actually about what you need to attract, not what you need to pursue.  Because when things haven’t come easily; you’ve found yourself shifting from target, to target, to target…  Lack of self-confidence here.  But you are good enough; if you can shift your mindset and your approach.  So this time is about recognising the work you have put in; without having to push any harder.  Relax.  Affirm your self-image.  You are worth what you desire here.  But you need to stop pushing so hard; and simply let it come to you.  Trust that you are enough to attract exactly what you need – and allow it, or them, simply to flow in your direction.



Ten of Crystals / Page of Cups

It’s coming together for you, Aquarius.  The work may have been painstaking at times; but you’ve followed your vision and all that you’ve invested is paying off.  And for you, this is just part of a bigger picture; one stage in all that you wish to accomplish and to bring about.  A huge amount of excitement; but naturally you don’t like waiting around – you want to charge off towards the next thing now – the next stage of your grand plan.  And yes, you should be confident; but chill out for a bit, because you might miss something otherwise.  Focus has got you here, but tunnel-vision isn’t necessarily the best thing for you right now; because someone or something does want your attention.  And for most of you this is an existing or a potential new partner.  Where they are someone you are already with; they may well have been supporting you behind the scenes throughout all of this; knowing how important it was to you; but isn’t it about time you paid them some more attention now?  Or where this is someone new – it’s not going to hurt you to take the time to explore that, rather than being all work-work-work.  It’s time to let a bit more feeling in, Aquarius.  A bit more fun and frivolity.  And to make room for love to enhance your life; rather than you seeing it at times as an inconvenient or needless distraction.  Those who care about you are just as worthy of your time and energy – ensure you are offering it where you can.



XVI – The Tower / King of Swords

A shock to the system for you, Pisces.  Possibly upsetting, certainly startling; and yet it might just stir you out of your malaise and into action.  There’s something you’ve been dreading.  In fact the worries have been going round and round and round in your head – and now the shit is hitting the fan in some way; and you’re going to have to act in response to it.  This feels financial in some sense for a lot of you – possibly a loss of work or of some expected income; or even a potential threat to your living situation.  So it is big; and there’s no pretending it’s not.  But there is also help on offer.  So while your first instinct may be to hide; even to prematurely feel defeated – what you need to do is reach out and seek advice.  Clear and professional advice, because it is on hand; and you’ll need that help in seeing things for what they truly are so that you can consider your options; with nothing necessarily ruled out.  Yes, this is a huge challenge for you; and no, it can’t be ignored at this time.  But you do need to be able to gather yourself in order to produce a calm and considered response.  In this sense you owe it to yourself not to fall apart; and to call on others to assist with this; as well as talking it through – but with clear goal-setting; not just going round in circles.  What you’re dealing with now is tangible; rather than just fear.  But conversely, this can actually give you the focus and sense of purpose that you’ve been lacking.  There is a way through this; you just need to identify and to plan it.


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Cards featured are from The Starchild Tarot – Akashic Records Edition by Danielle Noel © 2017 Starseed Designs.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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