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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 signs for 5-11 November 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Nine of Swords / Ace of Cups

You’re moving away from something difficult, Aries.  For many of you this feels like an old wound but one that has been triggered or that circumstances have forced you to confront – and now it’s casting a shadow over the good in your life.  This is old and it feels like something that was done to you – some form of abuse; something that you haven’t felt comfortable admitting to yourself, far less talking about to others.  And while there is a severe pain associated with this and that needs to be acknowledged and worked through; you seem to be stuck in the mental space with this; going over and over it and at times it’s like you’re being pulled right back to when it happened.  Focusing on this, you’re really struggling to see the light around you – to adapt to how far you’ve come and how much of your life is so, so close to moving forward in the direction you want.  Now, this isn’t something that should be ignored; but it is something that you will need support in healing.  The question is how much of your life you give over to it in the meantime.  You feel guilty for even acknowledging it; but it isn’t your fault.  And help is there, if you reach for it.  This is an aspect of your life – of your past – but it is not all-encompassing.  But you have to be open to the beauty around you and to letting love in.  You are likely to need a new approach to healing and possibly one that is radically different from how you have worked on this before – because approaching it on a psychological level alone doesn’t seem to be enough.  A healer who helps you to contact your feelings in a more meaningful way and helps you to shift or transmute the blockage is likely to be the source of help that you need.  But in the meantime, don’t shut out love or understanding.  New people will be coming into your life this week.  Trust that they care enough to support you through this.

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XV – The Devil / Ten of Pentacles

You’ve been dealing with financial worries, Taurus.  For some, this is debt; for others, it’s about falling short, not having enough, not being able to meet your goals in order to do the things that you truly wish to.  And you’re being faced with a choice about what you do about this.  Because an offer is being made to you.  An offer that on the surface seems very tempting; and would at least for now bring an end to your worries.  That may feel like a dream come true, but it may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.  Because either the party making this offer to you may be less than honest; or else there is some dishonesty that would be required on your part.  Possibly you’re being offered illicit means to obtain the finances that you crave.  Or else someone is offering you a very shady loan or gift.  Sometimes we are simply bound to accept what is on offer; especially in the latter case here.  But that always comes at a price.  Similarly, if you are being pushed or tempted to start to make your gains in a way that is less than honest; it is important that you weigh up both the potential ramifications for you and danger to yourself.  Be very wary of anything that appears too good to be true or that may be compromising of you and your integrity.  Your own personal values will tell you what you can and can’t align with.  In the most dire cases; we sometimes find ourselves accepting what seems like a last resort offer anyway.  At the very least, please ensure that you have exhausted all other avenues; and that you are aware of and fully understand every part of what you may be getting yourself into.  Desperate times call for desperate measures; just ensure that you are not digging yourself even deeper; especially if there is still time for a kinder offer to present.  This is especially true if someone else stands to get hurt from your decision.

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King of Wands / Eight of Cups

Frustration, Gemini.  You know exactly what you want to go after and exactly what you want to bring into your life but you don’t feel able to reach it.  You’re feeling bogged down by responsibilities; by things you agreed or committed to at the time but now are having second thoughts about.  You change so rapidly; your aims alter; and now this feels old and out of place; like a dead-weight on you.  Part of you is starting to resent or even blame the people around you; the other part is blaming yourself; and some of you are simply falling into self-pity.  There’s a good chance you’re having emotional or even physical symptoms around this; because you’re feeling stuck in between these places.  You need time to gather yourself here.  To connect and to align.  Because yes, you are driven to move in a particular direction – and that drive just gets stronger and stronger so long as what you are aiming for is in line with your own evolution.  But it’s not that someone else is holding you back and it’s not that anyone is to blame for this tension.  Time must be taken to understand exactly what you are feeling.  For those where this relates to work; you may indeed need to start to plan a new career; but what you are doing at the moment does not need to go up in smoke just yet – a much smoother transition is called for.  While for those who are feeling this in relationships (and this includes friendships and familial relationships) – don’t be so quick to write those people off.  Don’t assume they won’t understand or support you on any level; and certainly don’t take this out on them.  This is a tricky transition and it must be approached with care and you must always act out of a place of love – this needs to come from your heart, not from your ego.  Yes, it may feel very heavy and overwhelming right now.  But allow the space for this to be much smoother than you may have anticipated; and don’t assume that the support you need won’t be forthcoming.

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Queen of Pentacles / XIX – The Sun

It’s been a long road to get to this stage, Cancer.  Working so hard and amidst such turmoil; at times you have been almost afraid to feel, so great has been your sense of grief and of loss.  But new hope is emerging this week; as support begins to be offered to you, if you can only be open to receiving it.  Your experiences have made you distrustful; but at this time you are being asked to open up to what is coming in and its ability to help you heal and to emerge with a much stronger sense of hope and purpose.  It feels like many of you have been struggling with health issues and I’m particularly feeling fertility issues for some of you here; and this has been damaging your confidence too.  Relief is coming onto the horizon at this time though; but it needs you to be ready to move towards it in a spirit of hope.  For some this will mean major healing; for others simply the help that you need to move towards that stage – but it is vital that you don’t default to shutting it out; however painful where you are coming from has been.  To be able to move forward fully will need you to expose yourself in this way; in this window that opens up for you; so this is not a time to hold back, hide, or turn away from whoever and whatever is coming in to help.

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Eight of Pentacles / I – The Magician

Raring to go, Leo.  Your plans are coming together and you’re feeling confident.  This is the culmination of a lot of work, possibly a lot of strife; and certainly some deep self-reflection; as your recent experiences have made you far clearer on who you are and also who you are not – and this sense of self is deeply valuable as you start to plan where you go from this.  Many of you are hatching work or career plans; possibly looking to move in a new direction or at least to dramatically expand on what you have been doing up until now.  And you’re feeling very bold with this – with the foundations you have carefully laid, you’re ready to move into the new.  What matters most for you here is focus – it’s likely you have a number of ideas and inspirations; lots of things you are now planning to do and to explore.  And while they all have value and potential; there is a danger in scattering yourself too widely.  Which is the most important; which offers the most space for expansion at this time; and crucially which allows you to build on what you have already done rather than starting over?  This is the direction, more than any other, that you should move into, because this is what will help you to reshape your world and your future.  There is a sense of outdoor work for some of you – not confined to an office or other building.  For those that applies to, the space you are to expand into seems physical too.  Just remember that focus is key, do not allow yourself to be sidetracked or pulled off into other projects at this time, enticing though they may be.  There’s no need to aim lower than the top.

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Three of Wands / Ace of Wands

Virgo just needs to come back into themself a tiny bit for now.  Things have been moving ahead and they’re certainly not going badly for you; but some of you seem to be running largely on autopilot.  In a routine, maybe even feeling in a zone; but when was the last time you checked in with yourself properly and made sure that this is still in line with your needs?  The success that you’re having should bring confidence and that confidence is there for you to draw on – there is power within you that you can access.  But what’s the long-term plan; where do you truly wish to be in six months; a year; five years?  Yes it is necessary to think in those terms at this time.  For some of you the check-in may just mean confirmation that you’re already on course; but for others – for others there does need to be a correction; and you’ll get there by centering yourself this week; by connecting deep to what your needs and drives are.  All of this is going to fuel you as you step forwards; but only you – the you deep within – will know what it is that you truly need to step towards, and the answers may surprise you.  Don’t let habits, old self-definitions, or goals that are not truly yours obstruct this – and if you do need to chart a fresh course, be confident in doing so.

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Eight of Swords / Four of Swords

You’re still struggling, huh Libra?  Things have eased a bit, but it feels like there are old demons eating away at you.  Some of you are dealing with deep, deep, trauma; and in the midst of it you’re struggling to find the light.  It’s made you distrustful and even though for most of you this is an old and not a current trauma that’s being triggered; nonetheless that darkness is there; you feel threatened and possibly destabilised and there are moments when everything just goes black.  It’s a struggle for you to find a firm foundation and it’s a struggle to find the joy that you need; because while we all need to confront our own darkness and to heal our deepest wounds; that still has to be balanced out with things that are lighter.  This week for you is about finding those simple moments of joy and those people who you can trust and who will offer you understanding and stability.  There’s no need to put yourself under any more pressure than that.  The intensity of this period will pass; but you do need to focus on finding your way out of it without simply repressing what lies beneath it all over again.  Allow yourself to feel it, but find ways to express it, be this through journalling; writing; or forms of art – and plan this into your day; so you can also make time to do those simple things that bring you joy.  You have a lot to think about and a lot to work through; but endless and anxious circular thinking is not the way to go about it – not when it just drags you deeper.  Allow for the dark – and never try to deny its existence – but reach for that light too.  There is more support and hope around you than you think.

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Nine of Swords / Two of Pentacles

It’s an in-between moment for you, Scorpio.  As Jupiter completes its year-long transit through your sign; it’s time to look forward to the work you have begun this year beginning to take shape.  After all, this is a new cycle for you and the seeds you have sown will bear fruit over the next eleven years.  Yet some of you are feeling very unsure of yourselves.  Still gazing back to the old patterns and the old ways – to where you were over a year ago; and some of that seems upsetting.  But while there is stuff there to work through; it is stuff that you have moved away from and you are poised on the verge of bigger breakthroughs than you might imagine.  More than anything it is your mindset holding you back here – a lack of faith in the Universe, lack of trust in yourself and the decisions you have made.  But what you have begun in the past year has potential; and that is where your focus should be at this time – because it is up to you to follow through on it.  Where you go from here is beginning to be lit up; and it is something that you can follow and head towards in hope.  Some of you are dogged by memories of failures; of what-might-have-beens and almost-weres.  But you’re being exceptionally harsh on yourself here; because all these are experiences that you have learned and grown from.  Believe that you have made good choices in recent times; and make the choice to follow them to wherever they lead – because they light the way to transformation for you.

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Nine of Swords / Four of Swords

What is in the air this week?  So many of you struggling to find the light, and you’re in a similar place, Sagittarius.  For you, much of this is self-doubt and it seems to be showing up in relationships; but not just your love life – for some of you, it’s about your family too.  Be wary of travelling backwards in time.  By that, I mean that it feels like many of you are looking at your current relationships through an old, old lens.  With old experiences and beliefs that haunt you.  And whether with new people or with old (especially in the case of family); you’re struggling to trust that things are different now.  You’re struggling to trust that you’ve changed, and you’re struggling to trust that they’ve changed.  And it’s making you pessimistic; even fatalistic – but these are new times and the old rules don’t necessarily apply.  Keep a close eye on your reactions this week; because it feels like some of you are perceiving a threat where none is there; or expecting the worst rather than giving someone a chance and this is closing you off to what’s possible.  Time has passed and things have changed, and it won’t help you to shut people out prematurely; especially if you’re projecting an old image of someone else onto them.  Look for the light and the hope in these situations, rather than fixating on the worst possible outcome.  And move towards that, whilst still keeping your wits about you and your eyes wide open; because a lot of this is just fear-programming playing tricks on you.

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Queen of Cups / Ace of Swords

You’re on the verge of something, Capricorn.  It feels like a new level of understanding, either of yourself or of a situation that you’re facing.  Provided, that is, that you slow yourself down long enough to feel and to understand it.  Because you’re not always that open with or connected to your own feelings – you’ve been hurt before and it’s led to a kind of rigidity within you.  But this is a time to get in touch with yourself; with what lies deeper, and what’s affecting those around you.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our own problems and worries that we miss what’s glaringly obvious.  And that’s something you can ill afford to do at this time.  I sense a frustration in some of you; possibly there’s a barrier that you’ve been pounding and pounding at in order to make your way through.  This week, you need to to try to ease off from that; because you’re so deeply entrenched and embedded that you’re ignoring everything else.  And yet a light is being shined in front of you.  Something that offers you new ideas and possibly a new direction.  Does what you’ve been pursuing still genuinely feel like what you want?  Are you letting stubbornness get in the way of other options and other approaches?  Really feel into that this week; pause what hasn’t been working; and be open to that spark of inspiration that can open new doors and perspectives for you.  You need to soften up sometime.

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Six of Swords / Page of Pentacles

You’ve made strides forward, Aquarius; and you’re genuinely hopeful at this time.  You’ve been putting the work in, you’ve gained in confidence; and you’re feeling so much clearer on where you go next – and you’re thinking big, your ambitions are sky high and you’re champing at the bit to get moving on them.  With your vision clear, all you want to do is get to work on them.  You can and should celebrate this progress, you should feel proud; and you should proceed in starting to make your vision a reality.  But you are reminded that you didn’t get here alone.  You’ve been helped when moving towards this stage; and there’s a need for you to show your gratitude and your love to those who have aided and encouraged you through the fog.  And there’s an equal need to pay this forward – the help and support that you’ve had is something that you can show to others; particularly those who are going through what you are just moving out of.  This is a simple reminder to you not make everything all self-self-self at the moment – where you can offer guidance and where you can offer hope you should do.  Your goals are beautiful and noble and becoming clearer and clearer and they’re just waiting for you to go after them.  Just ensure that you’re devoting some time and energy to those in need of the love you were shown too.  Filled with light, this is also a good time to resolve or bury any old grudges you’re carrying.

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Nine of Swords / VIII – Justice

Moving forward at last but still hampered by self-doubt, Pisces.  It’s a tricky balancing act for you.  Some of you have been through a big loss or even several big losses recently; there’s grief and there’s anger here and these emotions do need to be honoured.  But you have this temptation to stay in them longer than is necessary and for some of you this feels like a constant battle right now.  You’re struggling to be kind to yourself and even as good things start to come in; you keep looking back, keep looking back, looking back, over your shoulder, waiting for another crisis to hit.  Some of you are dangerously close to casting yourselves in the role of the martyr here.  No, what you went through wasn’t fair, and it wasn’t easy; but it doesn’t have to be a permanent pattern, if you stay open.  Of course you can allow yourself to grieve and to adjust; but there is a bigger picture here too because you are emerging into a far more promising future – but it is one that you have to allow yourself to glimpse and to accept.  There’s a danger that some of you have drawn the conclusion that the Universe is fundamentally hostile and will only deal you pain; and this is why you close off in this way.  Yet things are brightening around you and love and support are being offered.  Does this make it easy?  Of course not, but through all of this you are still growing, still expanding; if you can allow yourself to.  Like everyone else you will still receive your share of hope, joy and emotional nourishment too.  But you do need to focus on moving towards it; away from the pain that has threatened to envelope you at times.  Stay in the light as much as you can; things will improve in time.

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Cards featured are from Serpentfire Tarot – 7th Edition by Devany Wolfe © 2018 Serpentfire.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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