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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 signs for 8-14 October 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



II – The High Priestess / VII – The Chariot (reversed)

No sudden moves this week, Aries – the time isn’t right for it.  It’s not always that easy for you to hold back but, at this time, trying to force things is only going to harm you.  For now… for now you need to trust in the foundations you have already laid; in what you have learned and achieved and the status that has created for you.  Allow others to come to you and be receptive to their ideas – because you can’t always be the boss; you can’t always be the one calling the shots.  If there is something you are waiting for movement on then expect delays and accept those delays – and focus your energy on yourself; your own healing; and those more difficult and challenging beliefs you hold about yourself that you don’t often admit to others; and that you sometimes act rashly in order to shield yourself from the reality of.  It’s a time to let other people come to you; based on the respect you have created in their eyes.  Do not try to force anything in terms of deepening or progressing in relationships at this time – intuition and quiet confidence will be your best tools; but above all be receptive and open.  You’ll be on your merry way again before too long; but for now, take the opportunity to re-evaluate and to work on yourself.

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IV – The Emperor / Six of Wands

This week, Taurus, it’s all about holding steady because good times are coming.  You may be a little tired or lethargic; it’s been a bit heavy for you of late but through it you have achieved and your confidence should be growing.  It’s a time yo feel proud and celebrate those achievements – just rewards for all your hard work and focus.  Things might be seeming to slow a bit right now; but this offers you the rest you need and affords you time to start to plan for the future.  For many of you; those areas you have worked hard on are starting to pay off and if you haven’t harvested those fruits just yet; it will soon be time to.  It also feels like some reading are currently in the hunt for a new home – the signs are that this is a good week to stake a claim for one; confident that it will be a wise investment and an opportunity to put down long-term roots.  Have confidence in your decision-making at this time, Taurus; as in all areas of life you can expect to be savvy and on the mark; but aggression is not necessarily needed and you should guard against it; trusting in your inner power.  For those of you involved in power struggles or conflicts recently, you can expect them to fade into the background – the storm is ending; and your relief is likely to be palpable; as you feel more stable and your emotions come more into balance.

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III – The Empress / XVII – The Star

Calm and under control, Gemini.  I know that sounds really out of character but just for the moment, you can enjoy this.  Enjoy your inner peace.  And even when something external threatens to puncture it at this time; have the confidence to simply say “stop”, to say “no”, or to withdraw from a situation that you gain nothing by stoking.  This is a good time to spend amongst those you love and care about and especially to devote extra energy to your children or to those you have a similar role towards.  This is a good time also for creativity – and if you are a writer this is a fertile time to get published; while artists amongst you will find it easier to attract commissions.  If these have been hard to come by of late then this will come as a huge relief to you; but it is a sign of your work and perseverance paying off.  Pregnancy is also strongly indicated at this time – good news for those seeking it – for those less keen, you may wish to take some extra precautions.  For all of you it is a window for advancement and those opportunities coming in have long-term potential if you can trust in them.  For those who are single it is also a good time to attract a partner; and for those in relationships; difficulties should fade into the background for now – but for those that applies to, use that calm to do the deeper work; and avoid taking your partner for granted in any way; keeping a close check on your own patterns of behaviour.

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Three of Wands / X – Wheel of Fortune

An exciting time for you, Cancer, as your efforts start to pay off.  Whatever you have been investing your time and energy into; you’re poised to see results from.  However there is a warning and that is not to set your sights too narrowly – your main focus is vital and you will need to maintain it beyond here; but you should not be putting all your eggs in one basket, so consider the ways in which you can spread your energy here.  Some of you are in for a big surprise – a big opportunity – but it will come at a cost and you will need to make a careful decision.  This feels like a big work opportunity for many of you; and it may be a difficult call as to whether to grasp it or not.  With the successes you’re finding where you are at present; you may wonder whether to stick or twist.  Because there is a fly in the ointment.  If a wonderful opportunity comes up but it potentially means moving far away; are you ready for what you would need to give up to pursue it?  Others may find a similar opportunity for a long distance relationship emerging; but distance seems to be the driving factor in what is coming in for you.  Again; you are reminded to look at dividing your energy – it doesn’t necessarily have to be either/or in many cases and you may find it easier to combine what is coming in with what you are already engaged in; or to divide your time between two locations.  For those who have to make a sharper decision; you will need to weigh things up and take it calmly and rationally.  Not all sacrifices are worth making at this time; seek compromise if necessary; and if you are about to risk a lot; attention to detail will be vital – check all the smallprint.  It’s nice to get chances and choices like these; but you may find there is no need to chuck out the baby with the bathwater.

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0 – The Fool / Two of Pentacles

You have opportunity coming your way too, Leo.  Possibly multiple opportunities; and this is where you may wish to look before you leap.  Not because what is coming your way lacks potential – far from it – but because whichever direction you choose to go looks like turning into a long-term commitment.  It’s a bit of a turning point for you as you emerge from a period in which you may have felt a little in the doldrums or just bored or frustrated; as you’ve been waiting for a cycle to complete.  There is a chance for something fresh here; and that’s one of the reasons it’s so enticing.  But it does feel like a choice in directions – like multiple offers or possibilities – so you will need to choose carefully and you may need to take your time over this one.  Whichever direction you go in – and for most this seems to relate to work (though for sure this comes up in relationships too), you’re in it for the duration; for the long haul; and you will have little to gain from picking it up and dropping it.  There is considerable potential here; but it will require a big investment; and probably turning something else down or letting something go that you have felt a reliance on up until now.  It’s also a good week to work on breaking any harmful addictions you may have.

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Five of Cups / Five of Wands

Someone’s emotions may start to get the better of them this week, Virgo.  You’re going to need to watch yourself because this is a time for restraint.  Simple (and not so simple) upsets, setbacks and disappointments may threaten to affect you more than usual at this time; as your usually calm demeanour struggles to deal with them.  And this may cause you to lash out or fly off the handle; possibly even at those unconnected but who are conveniently within reach.  So there is a risk to your relationships if you let this get on top of you.  Remember, if you’re upset or angry; it’s OK to feel that and acknowledge and honour it; but you’ll need to avoid taking it out on anyone else; as impulsiveness will cost you at this time and these are the very people whose support may not only help you to deal with the challenges that hit you – but by confiding in them they may also help you to reach a different perspective.  Because whatever’s coming in, it’s all far from being lost – worse things happen at sea and things are likely to look and feel very different once the dust settles.  For many of you this all amounts to a simple need to chill out and wait for the storm to pass.  But impulsive and volatile reactions on your part may be more costly than usual at this time; so keep an extra check on yourself over this.

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Five of Pentacles / Page of Pentacles

You may be feeling neglected or a sense of lack this week, Libra.  Unexpected bills or costs; lack of help; you may even simply be feeling ignored or unloved at this time.  With Venus retrograde in your 2nd house; your access to resources may be an issue but for most of you, this seems more to be a question of struggling with self-worth.  You’ve been putting in a lot of work of late, Libra, but you don’t seem to be getting the returns on your investment that you expect and it seems like those you would normally turn to for help are busy with other things; which you may be perceiving as disinterest.  It’s important not to take this too personally – that isn’t actually about you in the first instance; it’s simply the nature of the time as the strain increases on those around you as well as on you.  And this is a situation that you’re going to need to navigate for yourself; and it’s going to require some ingenuity and some patience.  Be very careful with your outgoings at this time – retail therapy is unlikely to be your friend; instead you need to be focusing on work and on creative projects.  You’re setting the tone for the next year at this time; so choose what you invest your time and money into wisely.  And while you should be careful with money; start to consider investing in learning; taking classes in areas relevant to you is likely to pay off and may yield valuable professional and social connections.  Resist the temptation to blame anyone else for your difficulties at this time; and accept it as a tricky period but one through which you are learning new skills of self-reliance – invest wisely and it will lead to far more stable self-worth and less need for external validation.

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Five of Cups / Queen of Swords

You’re in a very sensitive place this week, Scorpio; and you may be taking any setbacks very much to heart.  It’s like your armour is thinner at this time; every blow is hitting that bit harder; every cut a little closer to the bone.  With Venus retrograde in your 1st house, your whole self-image; and in particular the attributes you value in yourself; are something that you are having troubling feelings about.  There’s a sense of vulnerability that you’re not used to; or to the extent that you seem more likely to show it on the surface at this time; and things are more likely to boil over for you; with an attitude of “oh what’s the point of any of this?” coming through for you and piercing your normally cool veneer.  It’s important to stay on top of this and focus on the bigger picture and the longer-term; as this threatens to spiral and it threatens to undo you.  Whatever you’re being hit with; it is unlikely to be as severe as it feels or as you’re making out; but it is there for you to re-evaluate how you view yourself; what you base the things you identify closely with on; and whether they still serve you.  This needs to be weighed up logically and it needs to be weighed up rationally; and you can’t do that in the middle of a meltdown.  When you feel it hitting; take the time out that you need.  But don’t ignore this more over-arching task at this time; as you do have some dead weight to jettison.  As you clarify who you are to yourself and to other people; you will start to feel lighter and more able to deal.  This is your crucial task at this time; and something you owe it to yourself to take seriously.

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VI – The Lovers / Eight of Wands

Oh my, it’s a big week for you, Sagittarius – as a deep and passionate romance is on the cards.  For many this is going to feel like a fated connection – simultaneously dreamy but with a real sense of depth and a strong physical attraction driving it.  There’s an instant sense of harmony and you’re genuinely believing in this and readying yourself to invest in it.  And the signs are that you should go for this; you should follow it; as it’s leading you to a bright and very different future from what you had resigned yourself to.  If the heart says “yes” and if you feel the connection; then at this time you should follow it; trust it; and see just where it takes you to because this has the potential to turn into something special very fast indeed.  What’s going to be key to this relationship is that harmony; it is that balance – it is that sense of what you both bring to it being something that enriches and enhances what the other is bringing.  It’s not about matching your partner; but it is about being at your best, doing your part; and being open in your feelings and how you build each other up – because that’s what will add fuel to this fire.  Enjoy it; even be prepared to get lost in it at times; but be prepared to do the work to keep it moving forward when the flames start to die down.

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Ten of Cups / Eight of Cups

You’re feeling it this week, Capricorn.  It’s like your ship came in and you may well be hitting a moment of pure elation.  For most this is playing out in relationships – you’re feeling so deeply and so fully and you’re starting to dream of being with this person forever; because it all feels so right.  Here, you’re cautioned against getting carried away; especially if this is a new relationship.  Seeing clearly and thinking clearly are vital at this time because all may not be as it seems; and you may be prone to ignoring warning signs and red flags as you get caught up in the moment.  You may have waited a long time to meet someone like this and to feel like this; and so your response and what feels like a strong desire to settle down is understandable.  But this is where you have to check in with yourself and what’s actually driving this.  Are you projecting more than is really there; are you amping this up to fill a perceived need in your life to have this and to have it now?  The answer is something that you will have to decide for yourself; but it does require vigilance and it does need you to look at things under the cold light of day.  Settling down is all well and good; but settling is not; and rushing into things at this time may backfire on you.  Take a step back; ease into this rather than jumping head-first; and be honest – totally honest – with yourself about this situation and what’s motivating you.  Deep down, you’ll know if this is right for you or not; and you’ll need to continue checking in as time goes on.  Recognise that what you’re feeling could last; but it may be finite; so be prepared to make that call now or in the future.

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IX – The Hermit / Ten of Cups

A struggle for you this week, Aquarius.  To feel loved, to feel wanted; and for some of you you’re just feeling plain old bored and unfulfilled.  You crave success; you crave something new; but things have slowed and you’re struggling to find your mojo.  This is going to take some work for you to get to grips with and to form a clear understanding of; because you’ve been repressing something and now it’s forming a block on your happiness.  This feels like something you’re disappointed in and still harbouring resentment over – someone who didn’t love you back when you thought they should; who you felt betrayed you or let you down.  It’s important for you to identify what this is so you can finally release it.  Because the space you’re creating is the space for the self-love that you’ve been denying yourself; and this is ultimately the missing ingredient for you.  You spend a lot of your time chasing after the next big thing; but for you at this time the solution is simpler and more fulfilling; so long as you’re willing to do that inner work to find it.  It will all be worth it; and is your key to attracting what you need in the external world too.

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Knight of Wands / VII – The Chariot

Someone exciting is coming into your life at this time, Pisces.  Someone with a biiiig self-image; and they have you very firmly in their sights.  You may be very strongly attracted to them; as they arouse deep sexual attraction within you and you instantly feel that pull.  It’s easy to get drawn in here.  But do be careful because this may be someone who likes to call all the shots; and if you set yourself up as a pushover then it may be easy for them to see you as someone they can use and quickly discard.  What matters here for you is what you want; and if that is something you can get from this situation and from this person.  You’re challenged to be very assertive here and ensure that your own intentions and desires are crystal clear.  This requires self-confidence and self-belief; because any less than that and this person is likely to disrespect you.  It’s up to you to hold your own here and it’s up to you to not give yourself away unless you’re sure the situation warrants it and that you’ll be getting your needs met too.  This isn’t a natural position for you to take up; but you are capable of it.  Make sure you’re asserting yourself and make sure you’re getting a good look at who this person actually is; and that there really is substance to match their style.  And if not – be prepared to walk away with your head held high – onto something bigger and better with your integrity and self-esteem intact.

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Cards featured are from The Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel © 2018 Starseed Designs.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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