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Your Tarotscope: Readings for all 12 Signs for 1-7 October 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising



Lovers / King of Wands

Some of you are going to be getting a new opportunity this week, Aries.  An opportunity for partnership and collaboration; and if you take it up, it will be a long-term commitment – so this could be a pivotal moment for your career and certainly for your current job.  Many of you have been looking or waiting for this to come up for some time; and hopefully this will be someone whose skills and approach complement your own – each bringing different things to the equation and with a great deal of mutual respect.  Whether that is the case is something you will need to weigh up before you make that commitment.  Because one of you is not necessarily the most adept at working in a balanced partnership, or committing to the long-term – and if this person has fiery energy to match your own; then there is the possibility of a clash here.  Your natural urge may well be to assert yourself on or dominate a situation – but in this case that is likely to mean you get off on the wrong foot and potentially sow the seeds of mistrust.  This is a test for you because self-control is required; and it’s possible that you should consider drawing up and agreeing some very firm ground-rules; ensuring that you can both adhere to them.  Making a commitment of this kind is a very serious business; and it is going to be vital that you remain professional at all times; and that tempers and egos don’t get in the way of this.  There is potential here for sure; but you need to ensure you are both fully aware of the other and what you may be letting yourselves in for.

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Nine of Wands / Lust

It’s been a difficult time for you, Taurus; but you deserve credit for how well you’ve been handling it.  For some time now you’ve been pushing on; forging ahead; and you may have been doing so without too much obvious support.  For a lot of you; this has also been punctuated or possibly had a backdrop of some kind of emotional turmoil – most likely a relationship ending or at least a significant fight or clash with a loved one; and this is what has left you feeling unsupported.  But your determination and willpower have carried you this far; and you’ve done well to move away from and past what has been troubling you.  But it seems like for many of you; you’ve moved away from but haven’t released it; and this week you risk falling back into it.  Be it from that person making contact with you; from something triggering you; or your own thoughts returning to the subject and dwelling on it just a little too long (or some combination of these); this may be the week where you start to struggle emotionally over this.  You could just aim to keep it in check; to stay on top of it; as you have been.  But this is always going to weigh you down and slow you down in some sense.  The times call for you to acknowledge and feel this stuff; to process and release it.  This may happen with the help of a counsellor or other healer; or through a ritual of some kind.  Because yes, you’ve done well to make it this far; but part of the reason you feel unsupported is because this is still ultimately affecting you on a subconscious level; and it’s still taking up room in your life in that sense.  And this is blocking the support that you need from coming in.  While we have to walk some roads alone; that is not necessarily the case here.  And as long as this isn’t processed and released; you are making things harder for yourself than they need to be.  Believe in your ability to deal with this in a healthy way and without it overwhelming you – and if you do find yourself triggered; make sure to get to the root of it and what it means for you.

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Three of Pentacles / Six of Swords

Things have been proceeding well for you, Gemini.  Especially in the workplace; things have been settled and you’ve been contributing and making steady progress.  It feels like some of you have received a promotion, raise, or new contract lately; so someone certainly values your work.  And yet; this level of stability doesn’t always suit you – and if you’re not used to it; it may feel cold, jarring, or disorienting.  Struggling to believe your luck and to trust in yourself.  So for some of you, you’re starting to get itchy feet anyway.  If this is you, you’re going to need to find out what’s behind it.  What’s stopping you from accepting the praise and the recognition?  If this is a good thing – and it seems to be – then why are you struggling to accept it?  For many, this really is just overthinking; and that means you need to get it out of your system.  That might come from a break or a period of leave.  Or it might mean you need to make the time in your day to get out of your head; whether that’s through exercise, meditation, or any other approach.  The strong indication here is that you may well be looking for a problem where there is none; because you’re so used to firefighting and having to be on your guard that you’re struggling to let your guard down even when it’s indicated.  This week is about loosening up for you.  It’s about trusting what doesn’t pose you harm; and being able to settle into it and into your teamwork and collaborations in order that this can continue to develop for you.

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Ace of Pentacles / Queen of Wands

It’s such a light energy for you this week, Cancer.  New opportunities and new beginnings are coming for you; and these are sowing the seeds for something lasting and this is making you feel confident and in control.  While for some this is happening at work; for most of you, I feel this is happening in your relationships.  It feels like you’ve been through a tricky spell where for those of you in relationships; there may have been rows, bickering; or simply that you and your partner have been at odds and things have been blowing hot and cold; and you haven’t been sure whether to stick at this or to cut your losses and get out.  But that’s easing now; and finally you’re starting to understand each other on a much deeper and more trusting level.  This may mean much deepened and advanced intimacy, as your level of trust builds.  While for those of you just meeting someone new; you may be getting swept up in a whirlwind of passion this week as someone sweeps you off your feet.  An exciting time.  For you, you may just need to slow down a little; trying to keep at least one foot on the ground – remember this is a brand new situation for you.  But in both cases, enjoy it – you may feel very alive indeed.  Just remember to ground yourself a bit; allow things to develop over time; and don’t feel that you need to push any harder than you already have been – this is enough and you can let it flow from here.

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Chariot / Ace of Wands

You’re on the verge of something new, Leo.  And that also means leaving something behind.  This seems to be specifically an area of spiritual development for you; as you’re getting an opportunity to reach new heights and new levels of understanding.  Up to this point you’ve been holding onto certain beliefs or ideas that served you well for a time; but they’ve begun to hold you back and it’s time to break free.  Part of you is apprehensive about this – what you would be leaving behind is something that you have relied upon for some time.  This may also include turning your back on a teacher or other source of wisdom; someone or something you deeply respect or feel close to or like you owe them something; and you may be a little fearful of the unknown – of what is to come when you do.  But it is time to cut these ties; and when you are able to – oh my goodness; there will be no need to look back.  Because this is unleashing the power to carve your own path; to find your own system of meaning.  By no means are you abandoning all you have done or learned so far; but what you are doing is taking control; you are starting to become the master of your own destiny.  And this will open doors for you.  Doors of understanding; doors of deep feeling; and doors that connect you to people and situations that you never thought you’d encounter.  This is coming up because it’s necessary and deep down you know it too.  Is it easy running under your own steam?  Not at first; but as things develop; you’ll realise just how much you were being constrained.  Trust the part of you that tells you what needs to come to an end; and trust in your ability to forge new paths that will lead you to exactly where you need to be.

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Three of Wands / Ace of Wands

Your hard work is starting to pay off this week, Virgo; and possibly in unexpected ways.  There’s something that you’ve been investing time and effort in for some time; and it’s possible that you’d been doubting if it was truly worth it.  But this week; not only are you getting your rewards; you’re getting a nice bonus with it.  This seems to be affecting a couple of areas of life; and you’ll know which applies to you.  For a lot of you it feels like a creative project – something you have really poured yourself into.  Others have worked really hard on themselves whilst not in a relationship.  For those in this second category; you’ve been becoming more receptive; and this is something that will pay off as you’ve been learning that you won’t find the relationship you’ve been longing for by over-assertively seeking it.  For those who’ve been investing in creativity or creative forms of work; you’re going to start to get noticed and recognised.  In both cases, this brings up something new and your experience or reaction may be quite euphoric; as you experience this as a massive release.  This is big news for you and you should be celebrating; you should be rewarding yourself.  Whatever is coming in; you need to be grasping it with both hands and running with it.  Because it has been earned, and it is the start of something much bigger for you.

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Sun / King of Pentacles

The energy is vibrant for you this week, Libra, as the Sun continues to transit your sign.  This is going to be an active time for you – a lot of going out socialising; feeling good generally; a lot of people in contact with you and making you feel special and appreciated.  This year may have been something of a hard slog for you; but this is a time when you can relax and make the most of it.  Having said this; while overdoing it physically doesn’t seem too much of a risk; you may need to be a little careful with your finances or other resources at this time.  There seems to be a temptation to spend, spend, spend; whether on yourself on or others and while you should be having a good time; be aware that with Venus turning retrograde in your second house this week, there may be a need to keep something back as your spending priorities may start to shift and you may feel the urge between now and November to start to refurnish or redecorate your home or to put together a fresh look for yourself.  You’re not necessarily the best with money; but you’re being challenged to work on this area and to keep a firm track of all your outgoings; ensuring you’re not splurging for the sake of it.  Enjoy the moment and the good times that are coming your way; just do so responsibly and in a way that is sustainable – and be prepared for additional costs in the near future, and ensure that you have adequate resources in reserve for them.

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Temperance / Death

The calm before the storm.  You need to go slowly this week, Scorpio; keeping things in balance and in check and resisting the urge to fly off the handle or get carried away because you will need your energy for what’s coming next.  You may well feel it in the air already because things are going to shift quite dramatically for you very soon; and you’ll need all your capacity for it.  It’s a week for patience; it’s a week to meditate, to ground and to connect.  Because it’s going to get a lot busier and a lot faster; as some of your key conceptions – especially how you view yourself, are going to be challenged to shift.  This will be felt more and more as this and possibly next week continue; as both your feelings and external events start to push you towards where you need to go.  That’s not a process that you can rush or force; but you can expect the force of it to come to bear on you; as your whole approach to certain areas of life and how you view yourself in relation to them comes under strain in order to force you to evolve.  This is anything but trivial and is likely to set the tone for at least a significant period of time in your life; and for some it will be bigger still; as the scales start to fall from your eyes.  You’ll need to accept what is coming in and be prepared to work with it; and that’s why you need to slow down and clear the space and your own capacity to be be able to do so when it does – because this will be expansive for you; even it if feels uncomfortable or confusing at first.  Being prepared to relinquish your grip on what you’ve assumed to be true, particularly regarding self-image, will be vital in order that you can become who you need to be.

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Ace of Wands / Eight of Wands

Something big is opening up for you this week, Sagittarius; and it feels like you’re flying straight into action.  The urge is there and you’re struggling to hold yourself back at all – and at this time, you shouldn’t be.  Because there is an opportunity for a new beginning and with it a chance for you to set the tone of where this leads to; so you should be setting your sights very high indeed.  This feels for a lot of you like a whirlwind romance; but it requires you to set your sights on who has captured your interest and to make that interest clear – you’re being required to play that role here.  And you shouldn’t be holding back on it; not when this can be so fast-moving and not when it has so much potential.  You may not be used to playing this role in relationships; but at this time, there’s a need for you to step up to the mark; to be the passionate one; and to rise this wave as far as it will go.  This can be steamy, it can be exciting, and it may feel very new and fresh; and the sky is the limit in terms of how far it can go.  Be prepared to put into it and be prepared to ensure things remain exciting over time; but trust that this will be a journey you undertake together; and that both of you will only get more and more excited and into each other; as you discover new parts of yourselves and each other.

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Hanged Being / Eight of Wands

Well you’ve slowed right down, Capricorn.  Moved into a period of waiting; moved into a period of indecision.  There’s either some pessimism or a lack of self-confidence playing a role here; but you’re lacking vision and drive and you seem to be waiting for others to provide you with opportunities or ways to continue.  It’s a little out of character and it doesn’t really suit you; but these blockages are real and it’s time to figure out what’s behind them as well as a way past.  Because the blockages do seem to mostly be mental ones at this time – they’re doubts; they’re lack of clarity; they may be rooted in some knockbacks or delays that you’ve faced; but you need to break out and you need to quicken the pace; and that’s going to take a bit of internal work.  While you may feel resigned to slowness at this time; it doesn’t actually suit you; and despite the high standards to which you hold yourself; you’re not actually seeing clearly; or on some level you’re choosing not to.  There is something for you to go after this week; and for many of you it feels like a work opportunity.  And one where you need to be forceful rather than the laidback attitude you’ve adopted – at least externally – of late.  Because this time holds great potential for you; but it requires you to get that drive back; and to go after what you truly want.

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Devil / Two of Cups

Mind-games.  And aren’t you good at them, Aquarius?  Thinking one step ahead and always trying to get the upper hand; yet also always trying to second-guess those around you; trusting little, suspecting much.  And sometimes you need to be fully on your game like this; because not everyone is what they seem.  But sometimes… sometimes you need to give it a rest.  Because this has set in as your default mode and it’s becoming quite harmful to your relationships.  This applies particularly to to your romantic relationships; because this level of suspicion and of distrust is doing some harm and is doing you a disservice.  Yes, trust has to be earned, at least to an extent; but if you don’t allow at least some level of trust to develop then how are you ever going to find harmony?  This may be a pattern for you – this may not be the first relationship you have been in that has stalled in this way; but it’s a pattern that needs to come to an end.  You need to start communicating more; and that means talking about feelings.  It also means listening to your partner and to what they are actually saying – before you overlay it with a cloud of suspicion.  There’s no doubt that this pattern has come from somewhere real; but your relationship needs you to be open and it needs you to allow your partner to be themself and to be who they tell you they are.  It needs you to take part as equals; and it needs you to trust each other so your love can deepen.

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Ace of Wands / Knight of Wands

Someone’s blasting into your life this week, Pisces; and this feels hot and steamy; and it may be easy to get carried away.  This person is very flashy; very determined; and they have you firmly in their sights and it feels good to attract something so exciting and passionate.  There’s space to enjoy yourself here; but you need to be prepared for the fact that this may be a good time rather than a long time; and you’ll need to decide if that’s something that you want.  This figure seems quite uncompromising and maybe quite intent on having things all their own way – and you may need to raise your game to match them; because this may be the kind of person who blows in like a tornado and often leaves a trail of destruction in their wake.  Does this mean you shouldn’t pursue it?  Not at all; provided you are aware of what you’re getting into; and that means keeping your eyes open and ensuring what you’re seeing is what is truly there; and not just what you’d like to see.  A good time is on offer, just try not to lose yourself entirely in it and if you can; make sure you’re not just being ridden roughshod over.

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Cards featured are from She Wolfe Tarot by Devany Wolfe © 2017 Serpentfire.  All rights reserved, used by permission.


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