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Your Tarotscope – Readings for all 12 signs for 24-30 September 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and rising.



Seven of Swords / XV – The Devil

With the Full Moon in your sign; it’s time to look deeply within yourself as there is something you’re not admitting – not even to yourself.  You’ve placed yourself into a situation that; while superficially stable; is ultimately causing you significant harm as it traps you.  A lack of honesty with yourself has become a lack of honesty with other people – and it’s become such a habit, so entrenched; that you barely even remember the truth underlying it.  What began as a coping method has now become the foundation of damage; and it’s damage that’s manifesting in particular in your interpersonal relationships – which are exhibiting signs of dependence, co-dependence, or disrespect.  This stems from an old wound, possibly a very early wound; and this has given birth to a repetitive cycle; a relationship pattern that you feel like the victim of.  And to an extent, you certainly are; but this projects onto others and just causes further harm.  This week, that is what comes under the microscope; in order for you to reach insight into what is driving you; so you can finally free yourself from this.  I could say there is no hiding but ultimately there is a choice here; but it requires being honest with yourself about your own patterns and where they have led.  For those this applies to, this is no easy task; but it is of the utmost important if you are to free yourself to move forward in the coming period.  The rewards are high because they are a revival of integrity and an opportunity to move into alignment.  The Full Moon offers you an opportunity to make the correction; and at the same time to move yourself towards much more fulfilling and healthy relationships, including to yourself.

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Six of Wands / Divine Wisdom

Some of you are completing something this week; or else you’re gaining something.  Sudden insight; but not just a sense of knowing for its own sake – here there is an impetus do to something; a space to move into action and with confidence as a blockage clears.  Or at least, this is on offer to you at this time.  This insight may arrive in a number of ways: sudden downloads; signs and synchronicities; messages received through dreams, meditation or channelling.  This is a good week to focus on any of these.  Journalling will help you a great deal this week; so be sure to write down anything that comes through or that you notice, even if you don’t understand its significance at that moment.  You’ll be given an idea, and it will probably be experienced as a push to either move in a new direction; or to take something you’re already working on in a new direction as you receive some kind of accolade for it.  Whatever it is, you should move on it quickly as this is a fertile time for you and the more you put into it, the faster it is likely to develop.  So trust whatever comes through, whatever emerges; but once you have the understanding, don’t wait about, as what you are embarking on shows immense promise and has deep value; and you can expect the means to proceed to be available to you.

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Nine of Swords / Five of Pentacles

Something’s on your mind, Gemini; something that you’ve not been able to shake off; and it feels like an old worry, but one that you’ve been repressing, rather than dealing with.  You feel unsupported; in particular for those of you in relationships, you’re feeling unsupported by a partner; and this insecurity has started to affect you on multiple levels.  On the surface, it’s hard for you to point to anything that’s wrong – this person clearly cares about you quite deeply.  But below the surface you lack trust in this situation; and this is starting to play out in a number of ways.  For some, this is leading to arguments or flashpoints; and yet these are blowing up over trivial or material or financial matters rather than what’s underlying things; but ultimately this is acting as a way for one of you to sabotage this relationship (because some of you are on the receiving end of this).  This is being driven by a lack of trust and a lack of honesty; and a heart-to-heart is badly needed.  What is it that stops you from opening yourself up fully; or else what it is that stops your partner from opening up fully to you – and what support and re-assurance can you offer to them?  For your relationship to expand and to develop, it needs to deepen; and being able to open up to that is the key task for you at this time.  Because this is something that’s going to nag at you; and for so long as you’re not open about what’s causing it, and for as long as you don’t bring this into your consciousness and begin to unpick it; you’ll struggle to see the wood for the trees.  The first step to not being driven by your fears and doubts is to acknowledge them and how they impact what you are feeling so you can then work on understanding where it is coming from.  Because the support is there, the potential in this relationship is there.  But only if you trust each other enough to continue.  Otherwise this will undo you, it will undermine things; and that will at the very least feel like a waste.  So take the time to reach understanding; take the time to communicate; including your true fears – because this is ultimately how you will face them down and turn the potential you have here into something you can count on.

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Four of Pentacles / Ace of Swords

Cancer’s in quite a materially stable place at this time.  You’re feeling quite content; no overt worries at work or at home; and this has been in place for a little while; and the lack of drama feels good.  But the risk here is complacency.  It’s not taking an opportunity to build upon this.  Or for some of you who may not quite feel so set and secure; you’re focused entirely on one thing – one thing that you feel will bring you this; whether that’s a promotion or a raise at work; or the home that you’ve been looking to secure.  And it’s OK to prioritise these things; as clearly having your material needs met is a minimum requirement to enable you to reach fulfilment in other areas of life.  But for you the danger is similar – as it is that you fixate so much upon this; that other areas of your life do not move forward where they need to at this time.  So this week comes as a wake-up call to you.  It emphasises that to focus on the material or on minimal stability is not really enough for you at this time – so you are being nudged hard to get out of what – one way or another – has become a comfort zone for you.  There’s a chance to begin something new, to target and go after something new; but it requires you to be able to make a possibly startling admission to yourself about what it is you actually want, deep down.  For some of you it also means cutting away something that doesn’t serve you any longer.  Clearly this is not a call for you to martyr yourself or to self-sabotage.  But do consider what is stable but may ultimately no longer be fulfilling for you.  And what, deep down, it would take for you to regain that sense of fulfilment; that feeling of being alive.  You’re being urged to start going after that at this time; not to simply keep doing the same old things.  It’s time to break out.

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VI – The Lovers / Three of Cups

Someone’s having an easier week, Leo, as whatever you’ve been investing in really seems to be paying off.  The air is lighter and blissful, and you’re feeling loved, possibly from all sides.  This is offering you a window, a chance to enjoy yourself and to spend time in good company, whether this is with a loved one, family or friends.  There is still a difficulty some of you are facing though; and it concerns how to divide your time.  It feels like some of you are in new relationships; and in the throes of that, there is a possibility that you’re neglecting other people in your life.  This is obviously quite an exciting time for you, and you may well be quite wrapped up in things; but that doesn’t mean you should be totally withdrawing from your other relationships.  Others of you have been with your partner a little longer; things have become more stable; and it’s possible you’re not actually paying them enough attention or bringing enough excitement and freshness to the relationship.  This is a tricky balancing act and it is possible to take things a little too much for granted.  But if it feels like the spark has gone slightly; it is your responsibility to ensure that it stays lit; and that means refreshing the relationship.  For those still in that more enraptured state; remember that you still need to be making time for other people in your life too.  It’s easy to just gift yourself to whoever is paying you the most attention.  But balance is needed, as so is ensuring that the needs of those around you are met.

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King of Cups / Two of Pentacles

Some Virgos have almost given up on romantic love.  It’s not quite coming out this way on a conscious level though.  Rather some of you have convinced yourselves, somewhat prematurely, that you don’t need that, you’ve moved past that; it doesn’t interest you – that infatuation or crushes are immature; and that you’re beyond that.  It feels like some of you have come from difficult past relationships; and have worked hard to move on and heal from them; but that this is the conclusion that you’ve drawn – and while it stops you from being sucked into anything superficial; and while it stops you from obsessing about finding love; it’s also meant that some of you have closed that door altogether.  You have your reasons, of course.  You’re too busy with work or with study.  There’s something that you’re saving up for.  You’re rationing your resources and this allows you to feel far more in control of your life.  But maturity doesn’t mean shutting yourself off and it doesn’t mean avoiding what for most people is a key part of life; however difficult the past has been.  You’re not being asked to do much here, Virgo; just to open that door a crack.  To allow something magical to be able to come your way and to trust yourself to be able to handle it as an addition to – not competition for – the rest of your life.  It’s good that you focus on building things up for yourself, on future stability, on personal achievement.  But don’t close yourself off to sharing that; not when there’s so much you can bring to that too.

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Eight of Pentacles / Knight of Wands

Some of you are going to be helped by a mentor this week, Libra.  Someone is coming in who is going to encourage you to use and develop your gifts and to express yourself far more freely in your field.  This is an area that you may well have been working on for some time and your progress has been steady as you’ve been very diligent and committed to what you have been doing.  And your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  This person may seem a little erratic to you and you may not quite understand their way of doing things.  But they are coming in to shake your life up for the better and to help you to move forward in far more dynamic ways.  As a Libra, you don’t necessarily like to rock the boat and you may be reticent both to ask for help and also to accept assistance of this nature when it is offered; especially by someone somewhat removed from who you normally mesh with.  But they’re here to light a fire under you and inside of you and if you’re open to it, their ideas and their vision will start to open doors for you; but moreover, they’re someone who can help you to develop similar qualities in yourself.  This offers you a chance for real progression, gains, and to show yourself for who you are and what you can do – and crucially for you to start to share your own personal ways of doing things.  Trust that they’re seeing something in you and that this relationship can be hugely beneficial for you.  Yes, it’s still a long way to the top, but they’re offering you a chance to find your own unique way there and to make a lasting and distinctive mark on whatever you’ve been working on.  With the Sun transiting your sign, this is a huge opportunity for you; and one that you need to grab onto and run with.

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Two of Swords / Shadow Work

You’re feeling held back – something isn’t moving for you; but what’s more, you’re finding it difficult to see a clear way forward at all – even with the options in front of you, you’re struggling to see real potential.  For some, this is being felt as self-doubt and for others, a kind of malaise.  Getting to the root of this and moving past it means getting below the surface because this hasn’t come out of the blue; even if with your normally calm exterior, you’re not giving much away to anyone observing you.  Your perception tends to cut very deep, Scorpio; but you’re faced with an increasing need to turn that upon yourself.  On some level, you’re feeling deeply unfulfilled; and this is what’s causing your joy, passion and incisiveness to start to fade and it is hitting your confidence and starting to seep into other parts of your life too.  This is a week to sit with and identify your feelings; it’s a week to journal; it’s a week to observe your dreams but also your waking reactions to people and to events.  These, together with your current impasse, are sending you a message; and this message contains the key to breaking past this and to moving forward more confident and whole.  This isn’t work that anyone else can do for you, because you’re the one who’s been repressing this; but it is trying to force itself out more and more now.  As you start to examine what’s behind this, you may find you’re not all that comfortable with what you uncover, but this is precisely what makes this work so vital.  It’s very hard to keep going with one hand tied behind your back; so the gift you can give yourself here is invaluable; however much it shocks you (no matter how much you pride yourself on your unshockability).   You’re challenged to work to integrate whatever comes up; and trust that in time it will open new doors, perspectives, and ways of doing things for you.

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King of Cups / XXI – The Universe

This is concerning those of you who are in established relationships.  Because for some of you; you feel a little like these are going stale.  And that may or may not be the case; but for many of you, what’s actually coming up is a kind of boredom or restlessness.  There seems to be a desire here to cut and run; some are expressing a sentiment along the lines of “Is this it?  Is there nothing more to this?”.  But it feels like you’re putting all the onus on your partner to be the one to capture your heart again; or to inject a new layer of passion into things.  In reality for things to continue to develop or renew; it requires both of you to be putting in; and that takes work and it takes commitment.  In the first instance; this means that you need to recognise whether or not you’re doing your part here; and if not, why it is that you lack the desire to.  It means you deciding what you ultimately want from this relationship; and communicating this with your partner; planning how you move this forward together; if you can both invest in it.  The main message is “don’t sell yourself short” – you should be thinking big, so if your partner genuinely can’t deliver alongside you and if you still feel you deserve more than is on offer then that’s fair enough; and it might be time to walk away.  But not selling yourself short also means doing yourself justice where there is potential – so if there is space to transform the relationship into something far more meaningful; then you owe it to yourself to put that in and to help things to deepen  and to bloom.  From being honest with yourself, and with your partner, you’ll know which this is.  And that will tell you what to do next.

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King of Pentacles / King of Cups

It sounds like a cliche, but Capricorn’s been all focused on work; on getting ahead; moving forward; building the strongest possible material and financial basis for themself and their future.  And for a lot of you, it’s not been without success; but all work and no play still makes Cap a very dull goat.  For those of you in relationships; this focus may have led to you being quite closed off to your partners; while for those of you not in them; this may have left you quite closed off to opportunities.  Either way; you’re way out of balance and you simply have to be more open than this and you have to be more feely than this; no matter how alien that might feel to you.  Deep down you are actually sensitive and you do actually crave deep connection – even if this is the side of Capricorn that often isn’t on display – you value security in relationships.  But this can make you a little heavy-handed and can lead to you wanting to call a few too many of the shots – you may expect relationships to fit a certain mould or pattern and devalue them if they don’t.  There’s work for you to do here; and a big part of it is taking a step back from yourself and allowing yourself to acknowledge and honour your feelings and needs as well as those of current or potential partners.  That doesn’t mean you need to be any less successful or driven in material matters; but allow the other side of the story to come in; and ensure that you’re doing yourself, and anyone else, justice there too.

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Page of Pentacles / Nine of Swords

You’re faced with a creative block; and you’re glancing around, looking for a solution or inspiration.  This is frustrating for you and you’re giving yourself a really hard time over it and this is causing you to spiral a bit as you go round in circles but get no closer to moving forward in the task at hand.  You need a break and you may well need some outside help of a kind here; but it’s not going to come from some saviour riding in with the answers.  Stuck far too much inside your own head, some kind of retreat is indicated as the solution here – or at the very least a change of scenery and a reconnection to nature.  Whatever has stalled, whatever you can’t work on; put it down and put it to one side for a few days because there’s a dire need for you to take some time out from it.  There’s a strong sense here that your retreat needs to be something you can enjoy that will help you to feel rejuvanated – for some that may mean something like a spa or a massage; for others it means heading off for a hike or to be near water.  But you are in need because you’re running yourself down for no good reason now.  Things will shift, but not so long as you fixate on them.  So do whatever you need to ground and to re-centre yourself.  Because reaching so hard and then giving yourself a hard time for not getting there isn’t benefitting anyone.

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Knight of Pentacles / X – Wheel of Fortune

Someone’s coming in to help you or to offer you some kind of opportunity for collaboration this week, Pisces.  Someone who works hard once they have an idea or a vision; but maybe seems a little dry or lacking dynamism.  But this is someone who can fit well with you.  Because while they may not be that imaginative themself; that’s where you come in.  So you’re both going to be helping the other out here; because they can take what is in your mind already and help you to shape it into a reality.  Others of you are meeting a similar figure but in a very different context; because this is a potential partner; and likely an Earth sign or someone with a lot of earthy qualities to them.  In either case; this is an important encounter and a potential turning point for you; offering you something that you’ve waited some time for; so it is vital that you grasp the opportunity.  Because this isn’t a flash in the pan – whether this is a new relationship or an opportunity to collaborate on work; it will lead somewhere, and possibly further than you’re expecting.  It’s been a tough spell for you and you’ve waited a long time for this to come about.  So be prepared to put a lot into it, and to stay the course.

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Cards featured are from The Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel © 2018 Starseed Designs.  All rights reserved, used by permission.


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