Your Tarotscope – Readings for all 12 Signs for 17-23 September 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising



10 of Cups / 6 of Cups

It’s been difficult and your stresses haven’t gone away, but you’ve managed to build something for yourself and it’s something meaningful and emotionally fulfilling to you.  Close relationships; whether romantic, platonic or with children are something you have worked hard to construct and it is in these relationships – in the intimate contact you are establishing – that you are able to feel strong and at peace – your port in a storm that may still rage outside of this.  These have immense value in and of themselves; but that you have built this also gives you an opportunity to do some deeper work.  Some of you are still carrying deep wounds from childhood – possibly so deep that you have not always allowed yourself to feel them before – far less work to release them.  But this week, that work starts or it deepens.  As well as undergoing healing; some may feel motivated to reconnect with figures from a difficult past; and these may be caregivers, siblings, or someone else who failed you in some way, beginning the process of what was shattered.  Others may reasonably see this as scorched earth and for you the work is around connecting to your inner child.  It is the safety you have built that makes this work possible.  For those this applies to; this is the week to take time to get in touch with and show love to that inner child.  As you reach back; remember or visualise the things that you did enjoy at that time; or as you go deeper into yourself and your inner child speaks to you, prepare to listen.  How you support them may be different to different people.  Some may wish to buy their inner child a favourite food or play a favourite game.  Others may find themselves motivated to visit the zoo or a theme park.  Whatever it is, take the time to do it; and let them know they are safe and loved.  Your healing must encompass all parts of yourself – these simple acts of love can make a profound difference.

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2 of Swords / 9 of Wands

A big decision lies ahead of you and it feels like you’ve been overthinking it and rather than facing reality, you’re blurring further into indecision – going back and forth through the what-ifs and the buts.  But it’s all happening up in the mental space – despite your sensual nature you seem to be avoiding your true feelings on this.  You may have been seeking the opinions of other people too – but this hasn’t helped, it’s just confused you further; because you’re trying to use it to avoid taking responsibility for yourself.  You need to get back in touch with yourself.  What are you passionate about; what do you enjoy; what can you sink yourself into in your spare time this week that allows you to go deep enough into that task – into an active meditative or flow state – that that constant thought process starts to slow down?  Creative pursuits such as music, painting, drawing or colouring in will suit some of you here.  For others it may be walking or hiking or vigorous exercise.  Whatever you can sink into that distracts the mind is what will bring clarity to you – suddenly seeing the light.  And you’ll wonder what all that to-and-froing was even for.

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19 – The Sun / 4 of Cups

A breath of fresh air as success, recognition or clarity enters your life – you’re feeling revitalised and nourished and this feeling is likely to grow as the week goes on.  A new-found confidence surrounds you and that confidence is allowing you to attract people, opportunities and new ways of doing things into your life.  In fact, you’re so much the focus of attention here that you may feel slightly deluged with offers and options – and all of them seem so appealing too.  You kinda wanna grab a piece of everything all at once, because it’s all so enticing to you.  And while you should enjoy yourself and while you should take advantage of what is coming in; you will need to stop and weigh things up.  At the moment this is coming in on top of your existing commitments and responsibilities; and you may be tempted to start jettisoning some of these.  Slowly does it, Gemini, slowly does it.  Existing matters should be considered fairly before automatically ditching them; and of what is coming in, you need to take the time to feel into what will meet your deepest needs, rather than just chasing whatever appears shiny.  This is a point of transition for you; and for sure you will be starting something new.  Focus on what will provide lasting benefit to you and, where appropriate, to others – you need to play the long game here; allowing you to carry the joy and hope you are currently feeling with you and being able to spread it around.

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6 of Pentacles / 5 of Swords

You’re being very generous with your time and resources – giving and sharing very freely, taking a keen interest in ensuring that everyone around you has all that they need.  And while this is generally virtuous – like all good things it can be taken to excess.  This week it’s time to think of yourself a bit more; because you may well be spreading yourself thinly or risking running yourself into the ground.  Yes, there are always people who need your help and yes, you should give what you can; but there still needs to be a balance here – you need to be ensuring your own needs are being met too because making a martyr of yourself or simply not taking proper care of yourself is anything but healthy.  And there’s a good chance that you’re neglecting yourself in this area.  So this is the week when you focus on yourself.  This is the week when; before simply agreeing to what is being asked or taking on even more; you stop and think about what the benefits are to you as well.  And if giving up too much of your time and resources has become a habit; so much that perhaps you don’t even think about it; this is the week to start to take these things far more into consideration.  For you to be of long-term help to yourself and to the collective, you can’t be starving yourself of anything.  A difficult but important shift and one based on self-love or – where the pressure is already starting to tell – self-preservation.  Remember that you cannot afford to neglect either the self or the other; you need these to be in balance.  And a big part of that is caring about yourself enough to take steps in line with your own needs.

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17 – The Star / 10 of Swords

Pride comes before a fall and all that glitters is not necessarily gold.  This is a week where you need to be vigilant, Leo.  Something is on offer – emerging or coming into your life and it’s so appealing and so attractive that it’s got your total attention.  You feel drawn in, possibly almost hypnotised; especially for those of you where this seems to have come out of the blue.  But it may not be the answer to your prayers – not just yet.  Take it slow and take the time to think things over – especially if grasping this means giving something up.  Because what appears sweet may turn sour, or even bitter.  For some this will mean staying well clear.  For others you may still choose to proceed; but at least be prepared for a potential sting in the tail, as something else may fall by the wayside.  Tread carefully this week, and don’t rush into commitments without considering all the implications on yourself – and others where necessary – ensuring you have a plan B or an escape route.

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10 of Swords / 18 – The Moon

Something has already hit you.  Whether it’s from putting yourself under too much pressure or strain; or a sudden development that you did not expect, you’re feeling shaken and weakened – possibly even wounded.  And you didn’t see it coming, and hence the shock.  The first thing you need to know is that this may not be as big or profound as it seems; but it may certainly be a warning sign and you may need a break or a good rest at least.  If something has come in suddenly and unexpectedly then yes you need to deal with it and the fallout from it, but please don’t let it take over your life.  You risk spiralling anxiety and possibly even paranoia.  But what has happened is unlikely to be as deep or profound as it may seem on first glance; and crucially it is something that will pass, and pass relatively swiftly.  Your main work this week is simply to take time out to centre yourself and to get in touch with your feelings and not the thoughts and emotions being projected on top of them.  You have the strength and capacity to deal with this; but that starts by not letting it spiral.  Once you’re more in touch with yourself, you’ll be able to take it one step at a time; and emerge more confident and much clearer on where you go from here.

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3 of Cups / 12 – Suspension

A beautiful mood greets you on the eve of the Sun moving into your sign and this feels freeing.  Your interactions are smooth and effortless; you have friends around you and your heart feels big.  Some of you will be celebrating with friends or loved ones this week; others will simply be finding it easier to flow through your day and disruption seems minimal.  And you should enjoy this – you should absolutely make the most of it as these times don’t always come often.  However, enjoyment doesn’t mean being totally swept up in it; and you do need to ensure you keep at least one foot on the ground.  Because you have a tendency to grab onto what’s good and run; and to become so absorbed in it that you might use it as an excuse to avoid trickier or more complicated matters.  So what is it that you’re still avoiding or putting off?  Some of you are also using this to ignore red flags or warning signs in relationships; or maybe to promise more than you can deliver.  Do enjoy the moment – but harness that and use it to fuel you; so that you can also confront and deal with those more difficult questions.  Because for your happiness to be sustainable, you need to clear space for it – and that means tackling that stuff head on; not seeing this as a coping method that lets you off the hook.  Take off those rose-tinted glasses and trust that by doing the work; you’re making space for the good times to be more lasting.

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Queen of Cups / Ace of Pentacles

As Venus enters your sign, you’re finding your desires and emotional needs are starting to become clearer and possibly in unexpected ways.  It’s like the veil being lifted, and you find yourself able to see and to feel clearly; viewing a much bigger and more whole picture.  As what you want becomes clearer, your focus turns to how you get there from here; and in this your intuition is going to be your best guide at this time.  You’re urged to think long-term in terms of your goals; but not to get bogged down in worrying about every single detail and hurdle you may face along the way.  This is a time to begin to rationalise your life in light of this – to consider honestly what will help you, and what will hinder you; in what you are now looking to pursue.  That’s a task that you’re beginning and things will become clearer as you go.  More than anything you should be trusting your own tools and your own judgement, even if they appear irrational from an outside perspective – because you’re the one charting this course.  Consider this week what might need to be cut back or or go in order for you to pursue your goals.  It might seem a little late in the year for Spring-cleaning (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere in which case it’s bang on time), but this decluttering of your life will benefit you enormously as you proceed to lay those bricks.

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9 of Pentacles / 7 of Cups

Feeling comfortable, confident and self-reliant – whatever you’ve put the work into, it is coming off and it may even feel like coming home.  It’s secure and reliable and you’re justifiably feeling accomplished as you have a sense that this is yours and you have earned it.  It has probably taken a lot of focus and drive to get to this; and you may now feel quite accustomed to that mindset.  Firstly, well done on your achievements; and make sure you’re offering yourself the recognition you deserve for them because it hasn’t been easy.  But now you need to decide what you do with this.  Because it’s easy for us to close ourselves off, to settle, or even to stagnate.  This week you need to be thinking about what you can do with this and how you can use it as a launchpad.  This doesn’t mean gambling with it, but it does mean being ready to reach for something or someone new or even multiple new people.  Because you do need to keep going, keep building, keep expanding – and this means pushing out into areas of your life that you may have been neglecting.  But with what you have created for yourself, you are in a better and stronger position to do so.  Because this is yours and no-one can take it away; so you don’t need to grasp at every opportunity that comes in – you can afford to be choosy with what you allow in now.  Follow your heart’s desire and remember that you don’t need to settle for second best.

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Queen of Swords / 7 of Wands

You have a decision to make this week, Capricorn, and this is where all of your experience comes in.  And it may need to be a quick choice; but at the same time, there is a risk of making it solely on the rational level.  There’s a strong sense that some of you will need to decide whether to begin a new relationship or – for those already in one – whether to deepen it and take it to the next level.  On this, feeling is a vital consideration – because any kind of commitment like this should not be taken out of convenience or practicality alone, even if these are the areas where you tend to excel.  Others may be deciding whether to continue their relationship within a group or a workplace – and again while this can be looked at on a far more rational level; what your gut is telling you is absolutely vital information – especially if you’re reminded of something you’ve felt before.  What’s being tested here is your willingness to give up what isn’t right for you; and to go it alone if necessary.  And this may be uncomfortable ground for you to find yourself on.  Trust that making a truly considered decision that takes in both sides of this will ultimately lead you to where you need to be and who you need to be with; and don’t settle for a quick fix.

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10 – Wheel of Fortune / Ace of Pentacles

Something new is coming in quick and may take root quickly and all you have to do is work with it; giving it your best.  A big opportunity but one that you will need to put into as well.  For many this feels like an opportunity in the workplace – this could be a new job, a promotion, or extra responsibility – and it’s very welcome but for sure it will challenge you.  Some others are going to be offered a chance to improve their living situation.  But while this is new, it is building on what you have done before – on the tools you have amassed and, for those feeling this at work – the respect you have earned.  Welcome this in, even if it feels slightly overwhelming at first, because you are up to it and it will help to develop you as well as your life still further.  It’s the culmination of what you’ve already done, but it’s also the start of something much, much bigger; so it is worth committing to, even if you have to let something else go in order to do so.

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3 – The Empress / 3 of Cups

You’re feeling grounded and in your own power this week, Pisces; harnessing your intuition and using it to guide you as you drive yourself forward; and all the signs are that you can trust it at this time.  The focus is on relationships and specifically it’s on mutual enjoyment within relationships at this time.  Everything is pointing towards the more intimate and especially the physical side of your relationships.  So you can expect your sexuality and sensuality to come to the forefront; and you’re being asked to feel very deeply into it – into what you desire and into how you and your partner or partners can deepen your connection and enjoy yourselves.  This is going to mean plenty of communication but also probably a significant degree of experimentation.  So this is the week to be talking about trying something new; perhaps something that you’ve wanted for some time but haven’t felt comfortable to raise before.  Trusting and deepening your connection with a partner does mean trusting them with all your desires and offering space for them to do the same.  This has the potential to shift your relationship to new levels as well as dramatically increasing your own confidence.  And that starts with a discussion, and it starts with mutual trust and respect.

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Cards featured are from Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road © 2017 Croadcore.

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