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Your Tarotscope – Readings for all 12 Signs for 10-16 September 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and Rising.



Queen of Wands / Two of Swords

You’re feeling pumped and ready to go; even though things have been chaotic of late.  Rising above the storm and feeling powerful – in fact you feel very much in your own power at this time.  Doing what swiftly needs to be done has become a habit for you; and you have grown through this – it’s led you to feel confident and independent.  Being quick off the mark has served you well; and you have made so much progress.  But so much of it has been instinctive; and there is a need to slow down now.  You’re planning ahead – well ahead; in fact you’ve almost certainly decided your next move based on gut feeling; something which has been serving you so well.  But you do risk getting carried away and missing something.  You can’t be sure of where that path you have already chosen – perhaps already feel committed to – leads; and this is the time to stop and to think things over.  Not because you’re necessarily wrong; but because you need time to plan; and that may also be time to reconsider.  Whatever you decide – whether you push on or whether you re-evaluate and make a change; taking this time will stand you in much better stead.  And will also allow you to move forward more rested and in balance.  This week, try to jump to conclusions a little less often; and to trust that your power is not weakened by taking your time over decisions.  You will still be focused when you move forward; but you will do so with additional clarity.

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Three of Pentacles / Page of Wands

The focus is work and you’re eager to move forward with it.  Feeling accomplished and ready to make your mark – and to commit to the long haul.  Your mind has been buzzing; it has been planning; you feel full of ideas but they’re concrete and you can see how they can come to fruition.  You may be starting a very big project and all you want is to get going – to put into it because you know that the faster you move, the faster you’ll get where you are going.  But especially for those of you who work as part of a team; or who will be collaborating or possibly working on a commission for someone in this task; it’s not going to be quite as plain-sailing as that.  Someone does threaten to upset your apple-cart with their own ideas or their own force of will.  Or if you’re working alone; there may be someone else trying to advise or steer you – something your natural stubbornness doesn’t take kindly to.  This person may well be younger or seemingly more inexperienced than you – and you may wonder what on earth you could learn from them.  But any encounter like this is a learning experience; and is a chance for you to expand.  This week you’re being asked to give them a fair hearing; and even though this may indicate a radical rethink (and you might feel this as a blow to your professional pride); they are purposeful, and they also have a vision.  This is a test of your ability to collaborate and to incorporate what is being suggested.  But the result can be spectacular, as long as you are open to this.  Allow that space and allow their ideas to mesh with yours; and you may produce something beyond your expectations too.

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Six of Pentacles / King of Pentacles

Feeling balanced and in control.  On top of your emotions without ignoring them and you’ve been using this – using it to strengthen your connection with others; deepening those connections; building trust by putting out there and being open to receiving.  You may well have made a firm commitment to someone recently; and it’s offering you safety and security and allowing you to look forward in hope as you feel you’re being rewarded for your hard work and your willingness to help others.  This is leading somewhere; and a question of further commitment is on the cards.  Increased responsibility in some sense – you’re being asked to take on some level of authority; when perhaps you’ve been more used to grappling with the authority of other people.  I mention that you have been giving a lot – and you have – and you have received in return; but there is a risk of spreading yourself too thin.  What is coming in will require you to focus your approach more clearly – and increased responsibility in one area may mean having to let something go.  Where you haven’t been used to saying “no” recently; here you may have to in order that you can measure up to this.  Because this is an opportunity that you should be grasping with both hands; but you’re still finite, and hence there is a choice involved.  Have confidence in your abilities and that others will understand why you are making this choice; and embrace what is being offered to you.

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Page of Wands / XXI – The World

Early success is greeting you – you’re impressed by what you’ve achieved and you’re likely to be receiving accolades at this time.  And there may be someone in your life at this time who greatly looks up to you; possibly who sees you as a mentor – whether or not you are acting in that capacity officially.  Some of this may be going to your head a little bit – and you should enjoy it; but it’s important to keep your feet on the ground at this time.  This is early success – it’s an indicator that you’re going the right way and you’re doing the right thing – but you haven’t made it just yet.  And the pace you’ve been setting may not necessarily be sustainable.  You’re being asked to look at the longer-term now; the bigger goal; the one which will take time to reach, but which you certainly have it in you to reach – a much bigger test nonetheless.  As you are in a position as a mentor or role-model; your responsibility to an extent goes beyond just yourself too.  Allow yourself the time to rest and to recognise what you have achieved; but remind yourself that you are in this for the long haul; and the rewards will be all the greater if you play the long game.  Focus your intentions on where it is you ultimately want to reach; not just on where you can get to quickly; and ensure your approach is geared towards taking you there.

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Six of Swords / Queen of Wands

You’ve slowed.  You’re waiting.  Not out of a lack of confidence; but out of an unsureness of what comes next.  You’re waiting for the pieces to fall into place – for your direction of travel to be lit.  This doesn’t come naturally to you and you may be feeling a little restless – still eager to get going.  But this is an opportunity for you to gather your thoughts and – without overthinking – to evaluate recent experiences and what they meant for you.  This short gap – this break – may offer you an opportunity to retreat a little – whether this is taking part in an actual retreat, or simply retreating into yourself a little.  But for now, enjoy the calm and make use of it.  Because things are going to be stirred up very soon; as someone else is bringing their own fire and intent into your life.  This is someone who intuitively knows exactly what they want and how to get it; and you may feel the force of their willpower clashing with your own.  Indeed you may feel the need to go head-on with them; rather than being left trailing in their wake.  This is where taking the time to assess your next move and recharge your own batteries will serve you well – you will need to be committed to whatever you choose to do next and to be able to decide if this is someone you can work with.  Do not assume that just because they have a strong personality; that your interests cannot dovetail.  But don’t be a doormat – you will still need your wits about you; and the clearer you are on your own direction of travel; the easier they will be to deal with and, for those it applies to, to work with.

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XIII – Death / Four of Cups

This is a transformational time for you and it is likely that you have already left something significant behind; or are in the process of doing so.  With the New Moon in your sign, you recognise the need to start something new – and therefore the necesssity of not bringing all that is old with you.  And so you’ve begun this process, in the knowledge that you can’t go back on it.  Yet this week you may find yourself looking to the past; doubting yourself; wondering if this was the right decision.  You don’t give things up easily and certainly not in the absence of certainty about where it may take you; and you want a sign – you want validation that you were right to do so.  But in practice you risk investing time and energy into that process of glancing around and of seeking external validation rather than letting it come to you – in this your distress is self-inflicted.  This is a long road; but in truth things are very fertile and they are coming together for you.  Warmth and rich feeling are on their way to you; and you can trust this new situation, this new world.  Continue what you have started and allow yourself to feel the first fruits of your efforts as they come to you.  The new is emerging and it is growing inside of you.  And as you continue, things will only become more and more fertile, so trust them.

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Six of Wands / Ace of Pentacles

You’re feeling buoyant.  This New Moon has cleared a lot for you; and you may be feeling rewarded or recognised in some sense – the atmosphere for you is one of exuberance and enjoyment; feeling like you can take on the world.  Your level of feeling is rich and you’re not afraid to delve into it as it fuels your self-belief and expands your horizons – you’re feeling hopeful for the future.  And hope is exactly the emotion you should be feeling at this time; as something new is coming in for you.  A new start and one in line with what you had hoped for; one that offers real potential.  This is something that can enrich your life and can build on your current success and the work that you have put in.  But it is going to mean getting down to work and down to business – you can’t ride the euphoria forever.  You’ll be laying foundations for this this week and you should commit to it – more than anything what you bring to it is the confidence that you have developed – a recognition that you are up to the task.  This won’t be a fast process; but it can take you well beyond where you find yourself at present – it will be worth whatever you commit and put into it.

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VIII – Justice / Eight of Wands

You’re taking your time over this one; weighing things up.  Drawing not just on your own intuition; but also on deeper knowledge – on what you’ve studied and learned.  You may be seeking guidance or counsel too – this is a big decision and you recognise it as such; and and you absolutely don’t want to go off half-cocked.  But this does also betray a slight doubt you have in your own decision-making prowess – ultimately only you can make this decision, and adding more and more input and information to the pile only gives you more to sift through; and there comes a stage where this confuses things rather than illuminating them.  Yes, your decisions should be carefully considered.  But you don’t need this level of self-doubt to creep in.  When you focus so much on being fair, right, considered; you can lose sight of what it is that you were after in the first place.  So it’s time to refocus your sights and to make a move before you miss the boat.  The outcome and the future that you want require you to focus on them and to pursue them forcefully.  At some stage you have to forego the light touch and do just that.  As a Scorpio, this is entirely within your nature.  So while you should learn over time to take things in balance – you don’t need to give up what comes naturally to you.  Take on board all that you have learned – but remember that it is there to help you towards your own goals; on your own trajectory; not to hold you back from them.

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Five of Swords / Knight of Swords

It’s a fine line that you’re treading and you feel like you’re under a lot of scrutiny.  Like someone is waiting for you to put a foot wrong or out of line – someone who thinks they know better than you and has a point to prove to you.  And this may be a real person, so you may be treading carefully for a reason.  Do you assert yourself; or do you pull back?  Is this person’s agenda to help you; or to get one over on you?  Others may instead be feeling your own inner critic – your own sense of self-doubt.  But this is pre-occupying you for sure.  You need to consider this situation carefully, and if it is worth continuing.  It feels like some of you are experiencing this in a relationship – where nothing you can ever do is good enough.  This is battering your self-confidence; and this is a situation that you should look to protect yourself in and leave wherever possible; because it isn’t worth it – not with the punishment you’re taking.  But for those facing your inner critic; your inner critic needs to be shouted down or put in their place – proved wrong.  And that means putting that doubt to one side and trusting in your decision-making and abilities.  Less time in the mental space, more time simply doing and trusting in yourself; and you’ll emerge more confident and successful.

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XIX – The Sun / XXI – The World

It’s like a weight’s been lifted and suddenly you can breathe and just enjoy life for a bit as all that stress and all that strife starts to ease.  And it has been your own work that’s helped you to get there, so give yourself some credit because that tenacity and possibly that heartache has paid off.  Just for the moment, you can bask in it – before you get back down to the hard stuff.  There’s a good chance this has been a heavy and slow year for you; with a whole bunch of delays and setbacks; so now things have cleared, you absolutely should make the most of this time.  But then you do still want to focus; so this is definitely a time of enjoying the moment but not letting malaise set in.  Because there is still a bit further to go; a bit more to do – this year isn’t quite over yet.  The strength you draw in now – and the lessons you have gleaned – are what will carry you forward.  Because the rest is nice, but what you crave is success; and you want it to be solid and lasting.  And it can be; but you will need to recommit and wish to move up a level.  This is all part of a bigger picture that is developing for you and you can expect to be challenged because you have more to reach for.  So be prepared to get back to work – but it will be different now; it will be lighter, things will come easier.  Because you’re through the hard part; now you just need to maintain it.

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Four of Swords / Nine of Swords

You’re out of it.  You’ve moved past it – whatever caused you such hurt, such grief; is done; and you’ve grown from it; so it can be laid to rest and you yourself can take some rest from all the difficulties you’ve been facing.  It was binding you – but those shackles have been released; and from here, hope starts to spring.  And yet you struggle to focus on that hope.  You struggle with accepting that you’re out of it, that you’ve moved past it.  The tendency is to glance over your shoulder; to think that things might creep back up on you; might drag you back in – there’s a chance that whatever you’ve left was part of a much longer cycle; and you worry about it repeating yet again.  But you have grown.  You have drawn the lessons; and the only reason you would have to repeat them is if you choose to tear them up and go back to old ways.  Your thoughts and beliefs have changed; your reality has shifted; and there’s no reason to focus your energy back onto what you’re now free of.  As you confidently move forward – accepting your safety as a reality – the light will become brighter still.  Until in time, there’s barely a trace of the old left.  Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want and what you have left behind.  It’s a new dawn – and you can embrace it and follow what is coming in for you.

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Four of Cups / Page of Pentacles

You’re moving onto more fertile ground and things are more promising than you may have considered them to be.  And yet you’re not trusting it yet – you’re faced with a tendency to look inwards or to look backwards.  Pessimism is rearing its head – yet at this time it is quite unwarranted as you have made real progress; and this is only poised to develop.  An opportunity is coming your way and it is one that you will be able to trust – if only you can look forward and recognise it as it comes to you.  Because it is offering you a chance to start to build something solid – something real that can free you and crucially that as it materialises will soothe your heart.  You deserve a break from the doubt; from the intensity of feeling that you’re often subjected to – and what you’re being offered is something that will allow you to ground yourself.  The level of feeling won’t go away – but you are gaining something real here.  Recognising it as such; allowing yourself to receive and to accept it; and seeing it as the beginning of building something more stable for yourself.  But you need to accept it as real and deserved; rather than constantly undermining yourself through self-doubt.  Trust it and use it to build greater trust in yourself.

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Cards featured are from Serpentfire Tarot – 7th Edition by Devany Wolfe © 2018 Serpentfire.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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