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Your General Tarot Reading for 3-9 September 2018

Five of Swords
Nine of Wands
Knight of Cups
Three of Cups
It’s a very gentle atmosphere as you begin the week but there is a likelihood of it becoming passionate and you may start to feel very romantic or receptive to romantic gestures from someone else. In this you have a sense of longing, whether it’s to be romanced or to romance someone else – or else something else that you have longed for or dreamed of may start to come into view. This could also mean a much desired job or career opportunity or maybe a dream house; but the sense is one of dreaminess and with a romantic or poetic vibe to it; and it’s likely to be coming out of the blue. You’ve struggled alone in whichever area this is affecting for a very long time – wishing and hoping for sure – but nonetheless pushing on with your personal struggles and battles and not expecting to catch a break any time soon.
But now your head is being turned and suddenly you need to consider things. Is this a welcome gift or is it a potential spanner in the works? Because it could be very easy to get swept up in this – or even swept away. Whatever is coming in will grab your attention; and just as importantly you’re its focus of attention too. So what do you do when something comes in, seemingly to fulfil your wishes – to meet a long-held desire but maybe falling outside of your existing plans? What is on offer and what are you prepared to turn your back on?
At this stage, you’re being asked to evaluate what your desires truly are. What your deepest needs are. And if they are still in alignment with the dream you held when you wished for this in the first place. What you are being offered may seem too good to be true; and you may fluctuate between wanting to grasp it and a reluctance to go near it. This is your decision to make for sure; but you do not necessarily have to make it alone. Take some time out and spend it with friends and ask their opinions too – after all they know you well and you hopefully trust them. If this is romance, then enjoy the moment to its fullest but do not feel the need to rush to a commitment – what is fertile will grow over time, and what is only for the moment can still be enjoyed for what it is. But with anything here; alignment with your needs will become the key question. If it is a bigger decision, it does come down to what you would be giving up and what or who you may be turning away from. Let your heart guide you; but take the time to ensure that what you reach for is genuinely what you want and need; and can provide you with joy and fulfilment going forward. Ensure any sacrifice is genuinely worth it – and if it is not; then just enjoy the moment for what it is and trust that something more solid will come your way.
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