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Your Tarotscope for all 12 signs for 27 August – 2 September 2018

Please check your Sun, Moon and rising.  



Prince of Swords/Princess of Swords

You’re feeling clouded.  So much time spent in the mental space, so much overthinking; but you’ve been keeping it to yourself.  Shame is possibly present here.  Guilt too.  You’re not always great at asking for help; choosing instead to plough on through it and to deal with it yourself.  But at this time it weighs you down and weighs heavily on you; as you struggle to make sense of things and feel you have no rest from it.  At this time you need an outlet – not a distraction, not a new project; but a way to express this.  This may mean confiding in a friend, a loved one or possibly a counsellor; but it may be as simple as journalling, writing or expressing through some form of art.  Either way, you need to get it out of your head so you can get out of your head.  Whether you receive feedback from the person you speak to; or read over what you have written after a good rest; you are likely to see things in a new light.  This all seems so big because you allow it to go round and round in that space.  It’s OK to let it out and to seek support.  And the fresh perspective this creates will be invaluable to you.

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King of Pentacles/XVII – The Star

Bound up in work, in refining your abilities and quite possibly in a long-term project – one which you have given so much to.  It’s likely you’ve ploughed away for a long time but you feel you’ve had neither the rewards nor recognition due to you over this; or else whatever you’re working on has started to consume far more time and energy than you had anticipated.  But you are being called on to stick at it and to resist the temptation to give yourself a hard time or to project it outwards onto anyone else.  Your commitment is not for nothing and the recognition you crave is coming your way – but you’ll only be ready to receive it if you start recognising how much progress you have made and how you have already gained much from the experience.  Take a break; take a breather; but keep your commitment – what you crave is coming to you; and you are laying the all foundations you need for a much brighter future.

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Five of Pentacles/XVIII – The Moon

It all feels very hard and like the world is against you.  Whether you have lost something very recently or whether you are perceiving lack generally, you feel out of luck and out of steam and are desperately hoping for this to change.  This not only has your attention – there’s a good chance you’re fixating on it; and you’re lacking belief in things changing.  Yet your situation is not as dire or drastic as you’re perceiving it – but what is happening is that it’s triggering an old wound; and this is causing you to lose hope and to turn in on yourself; feeling unloved and unsupported.  In this context you have a need to breathe deeply and examine exactly what your deeper sense of lack is – likely something that you feel you have always lacked.  Self-love is vital here; as is allowing in external love – but just as vital is not allowing yourself to catastrophise like this.  This is all temporary; it is only a phase; and while what you’re feeling does reflect a deeper hurt that you will need to work to heal – your current situation is not the root of this and you do yourself a disservice by projecting like this.  Take a break and do something nice for yourself – however simple – because self-care is vital at a time like this.  But remind yourself that you will attract the resources you need, that you are worthy, and that you are capable of healing.  This will shift quickly, but the more you can allow yourself both to feel and to heal; the less likely the situation is to repeat.

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Princess of Wands/Three of Cups

You’ve been throwing caution to the wind of late; moving well outside of your comfort zone in pursuing exactly what you desire.  This hasn’t been easy for you, but you’ve felt committed and driven enough to go after it.  You’ve not allowed other people’s opinions or harsh judgements to stand in your way – and that is something you will need to maintain as you find yourself wavering at times – but the situation calls for you to be more resolute.  Or for those of you who have allowed fear to enter into things just a bit and haven’t put your plans into action yet – now is the time to.  Because when you do you will receive a burst of energy and confidence.  And you will be rewarded for this with good times with exactly the people you need around you; as well as the sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing through your normal barriers.  This will allow you to feel light, free and exhuberant.  And all it will take is that push – that willingness to go beyond where you normally tread.  Maintain that focus and push forwards.

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Nine of Swords/Seven of Pentacles

Another sign that has been putting in the work; but has started to struggle with it of late.  And this is testing your normally calm and warm demeanour; and your normally reliable commitment.  You’re struggling to feel accomplished and you’re struggling to feel good enough; and you’ve started to fear that it isn’t worth it – you’re giving yourself a hard time and it’s narrowing your horizons and closing you off, as anxiety takes hold.  You’re focusing heavily on the future rather than the now – but you’re not doing so clearly; and this is making your difficulties out to be much bigger than they really are.  In this case, no way but through it means breathing and it means centering yourself.  Moving out of your headspace and into your body – taking steps to ground yourself – and into the task at hand.  Because things will shift and you will get where you need to – just not quite yet.  Commend yourself for the work you have already put in, because it hasn’t been easy and has required both application and skill.  But there is nothing to fear here except for what you produce yourself – so you need to keep going.  It will pay off; but it requires you to do yourself justice rather than giving yourself a hard time too.  Nothing good and lasting comes easy.

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Three of Cups/Four of Pentacles

The Sun is transiting your sign and you’re feeling good.  Very good in fact.  Hopeful and optimistic and like a weight has been lifted; and you’re keen to enjoy yourself.  You may have received some good news – a windfall, a promotion, or just someone or multiple people wanting to spend some quality time with you.  Excitement and hope are the order of the day.  There is a risk though; and it is of overdoing it.  Of burning this rush of energy or good fortune out too quickly.  So in the midst of it; you will still need to slow down.  If you have received some money then you do need to plan to be able to use at least some of it in the future.  And while you should share your time and resources; remember that you are still your own first priority.  Enjoy yourself and help others to enjoy themselves too – but don’t get carried away or spread yourself too thinly and remember you are building for the future.  And that what you can help to endure will be more valuable than anything else.

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Five of Swords/Six of Pentacles

You’re feeling a bit like the world is against you.  You know exactly what you want and it’s what you’ve wanted for some time; but it remains tantalisingly out of reach.  Yet the longer this goes on, the more you desire it; and this is creating a spiral.  Not just in harming your perception of yourself and your world; but in lowering your perception of others too, and your thoughts and even your words may be harsh.  It’s time to take a step back and figure this out.  Why are you this fixated – why do you need that one thing so badly when you are whole and safe without it – and what kind of energy are you actually focusing on this?

Ultimately if you focus on what you don’t have; you make it much harder for it to find you.  And in reacting harshly, you push it further away still.  So another approach is required; and it has to be one based on gratitude and reciprocity.  What do you have to offer the world that you still hold back?  Where do you refuse to offer or receive help where it would be easy to say yes?  In this week, practice saying yes more often.  Valuing what you have more.  And trusting that what you need will come to you; but only once you’re putting out and sharing what you need to as well.

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Two of Wands/IX – The Hermit

You have a fresh impetus and in some ways you’re poised and ready to go – ready to take on the world.  Yet you’re not sure which direction to take – more than one option has opened up for you; and it opens up as a straightforward choice – an either/or; as whatever you choose will require your full commitment and in neither case can you be sure of the outcome.

It is a choice you will have to make; and you will have to make it quickly – this isn’t going to hang around for you to umm and ahh over.  So this means you need to get below the surface; to find which of these it is that offers to truly satisfy your deepest needs here.  The power will come in making that choice, and it will rise still further; but it does mean a firm commitment and it means being in it for the long haul.  It’s a long way to the top; and you’re not even sure what you’ll find when you get there.  But this is an important step for you and the commitment will help you to grow and to trust yourself.  So feel into it; grasp your chosen option; and never look back.

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Prince of Pentacles/0 – The Fool

It’s slowed down, as you examine your options.  You’ve had a sense of weariness about you – it’s likely you’ve become embedded in routines and, while you’re developing skills and deepening roots, you’re feeling lethargic and possibly a little constrained.  This may be breeding a degree of negativity in you; coming more than anything else from a level of boredom; as Sagittarius doesn’t normally like to be tied down.

But your commitments are real; and you can’t simply up and leave them – well I mean you can, but there are consequences to that kind of impulsivity.  But something does need to give and fortunately for you something new is coming in.  This may be sudden understanding or a flash of inspiration; or an opportunity presented to you suddenly.  But to be able to receive it, you need to get your head up – no more staring at the ground: lose the fixation and the “why me?” attitude.  You have a new lease of life available to you; but you need to be open to it and to stop seeing what you’re already doing as a chore.  You’ve actually been building a new part of your life – and now your life stands to be enriched.  But you have to open yourself to allowing that joy in.

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Ten of Wands/Five of Cups

It’s hard-going and you know it’s hard-going; but stubborn as ever, you’re ploughing on.  You know your commitments and, while you’re tired, you’re accustomed to taking on this much – it’s become second-nature to you.  But this does come at a cost; and even you are beginning to get worn down.

Do you remember what it was that led you to start pushing yourself this hard in the first place?  Because that’s what’s driving this and that’s what is trying to surface at this time.  There was some loss or some disappointment – maybe very early in life; but possibly more recent.  But either way it led you to get your head down and push on; and to push yourself incredibly hard.  But it means there’s probably something you never grieved for.  And at this time, you’re being invited to take the load off for a bit; and to do just that.  Not to wallow in it; but to acknowledge, accept and honour your feelings.  And to recognise that you are enough and you always have been.  That you don’t need to prove yourself constantly.  It’s OK to lighten the load and it’s OK to ask for help.  This week, concentrate on feeling a little more and taking on a little less.  And then start to develop it into a habit.

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VI – The Lovers/XX – Judgement

A big step and a chance to make a firm and enduring commitment is coming your way.  And it is a test – of how far you’ve come, how much you trust yourself and indeed how much you trust the universe around you – so it’s big.  Whether it’s a new romance; an existing romance potentially rising to the next level; or a commitment to work – it’s something huge.  But it’s something that offers prospects for you to develop and grow so, so far; to become more and to exceed your own expectations.  What is coming up is in line with your needs and indeed with destiny and you can trust it.  But you will need to give it your all – it is that big.  You’re wary because you recognise it may not always be comfortable or smooth-sailing – it will take a lot.  But it also promises to give a lot; and you will surprise yourself and learn so much about yourself in the process.  Grasp it, run with it; and you’ll be amazed at just where it takes you to.

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King of Swords/Four of Cups

You’ve been making some fast decisions lately.  Quick-witted, understanding situations, and quick to act; and this has been helping you in making some important changes to your life; and as a developing skill that will serve you well in the future.

But there’s a fine line between quick-wittedness and rashness; and you will need to ensure you stay on the right side of that line – remaining discerning rather than impulsive.  Here you are invited to slow down and to reflect for a bit; because while you have been deftly grasping the things that have been presented to you; all that glitters is not necessarily gold.  Taking this pace will ensure that you don’t grasp what is not necessarily right for you, but also that you don’t in your haste miss what certainly is.  For now, take a bit more time to feel into those decisions.  No rush – what is right for you will be available to you so long as you’re not totally preoccupied with something else.

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Cards in images are from Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding © 2011 Schiffer, all rights reserved.

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