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Your General Tarot Reading for 20-26 August 2018

XI – Strength

X – Wheel of Fortune

Six of Pentacles


Opportunity continues to arise for you. And what you’re experiencing now is an expansion of possibility – whatever has arrived in your life in the last week or so is opening things up; and that includes opening up choices for you. You are being confronted with multiple things; situations; scenarios; or possibly people that you desire. And this is setting up a dilemma for you. Especially if you’ve made a recent commitment; or at least chosen a direction of travel. The Wheel brings in fantastic chances and fantastic opportunities. But when they come up in multiples and when it is not possible to grasp all of them at once; then choices have to be made. So if you have already made your choice, only now to find there is more out there – do you go back on it? Do you flit this way and that, trying to sample everything? That is only likely to weaken your attempts to grasp any option at this stage. This isn’t something you can try to decide purely in the mental space – for it relates to deeper drives; and bigger forces at play.

And your challenge is to locate what is driving you. Our drives are important and beneficial to us; but it is not beneficial when they take over and run our entire lives. This is likely to be a key decision for you; and this is why you require this level of self-understanding to make it. And that does mean getting beyond superficial appearances; and it does mean not going for a kneejerk response.

Sink deep into your feelings; and look for balance. You are investing in your future and you are investing in hope – and ultimately only you can choose the path that you follow – the one that will guide you to the next phase; and that should not be done in a rush. You will feel the pressure mounting as this is an important choice. Your power can expand in any of these directions as you choose your focus. But it means calming yourself enough to exert some control; and it mean seeing things for what they truly are. That is what will allow you to lay a solid foundation – and at that stage you shouldn’t look back. Allow your focus to find its way to the most balanced option; not just the most superficially exciting one. From there you will be able to feel your way forwards; but continue the habit of checking in with what is driving you. Whatever you grasp will expand over time to its full potential. And ensure you are moving towards something you truly desire; and not just away from something that you can’t have or no longer want.


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Card images are from Serpentfire Tarot by Devany Wolfe © 2017 Serpentfire. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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