Your general Tarot reading for 13-19 August 2018


X – The Wheel of Fortune
Eight of Wands
IX – Serenity
Three of Wands
Following Saturday’s Solar Eclipse in Leo, the energies are rising and it is likely that you are feeling it. Solar eclipses bring new opportunities and new beginnings, and set the tone for the next six months; and if something new or expansive or not arriving in your life already; then it almost certainly very soon will be. The house in your natal chat ruled by Leo – and the house opposite it – should give you an indication of what parts of your life this will most effect and potentially reinvigorate. And as these new opportunities come in; you are likely to feel a push into action – perhaps a need to move very fast indeed and only to accelerate from there. This may feel like a welcome antidote to your recent lethargy; but this does carry certain dangers too and there is a risk of getting carried away.
There is a good chance that the opportunities are or will be arriving in multiples and you may be feeling an impetus to grasp and move on every one of them. And you may feel a need to move very fast indeed. Potentially not taking the time to weigh them up; instead just wishing to ride these waves because you want to waste no time in getting where you’re going. The exhilaration and the exuberance feel good and they tempt you to do more and more.
But remember, these changes will play out over six months so there is no rush and you can afford to take a breath and centre yourself. Not to overthink things; but instead to go within – to feel into your reactions and into the deeper feelings that these events bring about in you. Any decision you take, any commitment you make; should be made calmly and based on what is in alignment with your own spiritual needs. Because anything you take on will set the tone for the next six months; and therefore you need to both set the pace and ensure you’re not just chasing anything that looks new and shiny. So patience is urged; and more of a step-by-step approach may be beneficial. The more you grab, the more is likely to come your way – but you still have limitations and other priorities too. What is right for you – what you know deep inside to be right for you – can be approached more slowly and in a more considered way; can be allowed to play out over time because you will still get the returns you are looking for. You are laying a foundation here; not building the whole wall overnight. So having taken that breath; move forward in hope. Have faith that what is right for you; what is in alignment; can be approached over time and with due care; and that there is no need to fly into all out action, potentially taking on too much, too soon. The rewards will be there; but they will be all the sweeter if you allow things the time and space to unfold.
Card images are from The Starchild Tarot – Akashic Records Edition by Danielle Noel © 2017 Starseed Designs. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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