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Your general Tarot reading for 6-12 August 2018

Queen of Swords
Three of Cups
Two of Cups
The long, hot summer continues. Are you finding joy at this time? Is your light shining? And who are you sharing it with? Hopefully you are with the right people – those who understand you intuitively, deeply, even intimately. For those who have that; this is supplying you with hope, security; and the ability to power forwards. Whether biological or chosen family; being with your people not only fills your heart; but enables you to be so much more than if you are looking over your shoulder.
But not everyone reading has found that; and your needs are no less important. For all you have achieved and for all your undoubted mental and emotional strength; you are feeling the need for this too. Good things are happening in your life – but you feel a gap; you feel a lack; as if you can’t quite trust your situation. In some ways your self-worth and self-belief is very high, and you have achieved a lot under your own steam. But at times you’re resistant to feeling – resistant to believing that you can have this too. Old hurts and old wounds that you have striven to rise above and to move past. But in doing so, you may be denying yourself something – denying yourself far too much.

Convincing yourself that you don’t have these needs can last for a certain length of time – but to be human is to love and it is to feel; at least as much as it is to think and to choose. Your decision-making may be excellent; but there is still a risk of cutting yourself off further. And this still tugs at you; whether or not you acknowledge it. You still have a need to connect on a deep level with others. And that means connecting on a deep level with yourself – all parts of yourself: the light and the dark, the divine and the mundane; and learning to love all of them. This opens the door to connection; far more than anything else ever can. How kind are you to the darker parts of yourself – the ones you often deny? There is a need to reach peace and balance within yourself; and there is no way around this. And doing so does open up space for greater connection with others – deeper and more loving connection with others – and the community that you crave. As we come to this final eclipse of the season; ensure that you are carrying all parts of yourself through it – you will need to be whole to get where you are going.


Cards in image are from She Wolfe Tarot by Devany Wolfe © 2017 Serpentfire. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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