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Your general Tarot reading for 23-29 July 2018

Five of Pentacles

Wheel of Fortune

Knight of Pentacles


Things are poised to move.  To change for you.  In a highly significant way.  This is a highly charged time and the lunar eclipse in Aquarius on 27 July is going to allow something to manifest into your reality – provided you are open to it and can work with it.  If this is something new coming in – something that you have hoped and prayed for; then to make room for it means releasing something older; something finite that no longer serves you.  The other possibility for some of those reading is that something that seemed tentative – that you hoped could solidify – can now become more secure, can move on and up a level.  And it will be up to you to weigh up which of these this is; and therefore the approach you should take.  A reckoning of sorts; but one where more depends on your willingness to adapt to the circumstances and to think of the longer-term; not to sell yourself short.


There is a danger of you not grasping this opportunity though.  And it will come if you are not truly open to what is on offer, or if you cling to what no longer serves you; if you approach this from a place of lack, not trusting the universe to deliver.  And if you are unwilling to commit yourself and your resources.  Change can be scary.  Giving something up can be hard, even if it has run its course; and allowing something important to solidify can also be far from simple.  But that is precisely what these times call for – because what is coming in may well feel like a bolt from the blue.  At this time you must expect the unexpected and be prepared to work with it; trusting that it can endure and that you can grow with it; however daunting this may seem.


This means being totally open and willing to see what is coming in as it enters your life.  And to be able to recognise it for what it is; and to grasp it.  To have confidence in your abilities to commit and to apply yourself.  Because this wouldn’t be happening if you weren’t ready for it.  It is potentially a seismic shift – but that’s because that is what is needed at this time – individually and collectively these changes need to occur.  So be ready to work with it.  Even if it seems some way removed from an old fantasy of where you might have once wanted to go.  And even if it seems like a lot of work will be required on your part.  This is bringing you into alignment and providing you with what you need going forward.  But it won’t hang around forever for you to think about.  So grab hold of it, and run with it.


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