Your general Tarot reading for 9-15 July 2018

Ace of Cups
Six of Wands
XXII – Akashic Records

Although things have been so turbulent recently; at this time you find yourself in a place of joy, relief and great hope. And it is imperative that you are as forward-looking and optimistic as this allows you to be; as this is what will not only allow you to grasp what is coming your way – but the approach you take and the outlook you adopt will encourage others too. And all of this you will need as you step forwards. This is a good time to commit to something new; to what draws you in the most; to what lifts your heart. And you will need this so that you can commit to it passionately; to pour yourself into it, to trust in its potential.

What you have the opportunity to embark on and commit to is something that can become balanced and solid. But in order for that to happen; it needs you. And not just dipping your toe in the water, but immersing yourself. The more of yourself that you give to this; the more it can become and the more you can draw from it. And yes, it feels very new to you. And hence your hesitation, and your doubt. But these are misplaced. This calls to you because it is where you need to be; in fact it is where you have been heading all along. This is its importance – it is future and destiny opening up; and what you have been going through in recent times has been preparing you for this. Step into it with all of your heart.


Cards are from The Starchild Tarot – Akashic Records Edition by Danielle Noel © 2017 Starseed Designs. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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