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Your general Tarot reading for 2-8 July 2018

Something is pushing you into action and you may not even be sure where it is coming from. It may feel like divine inspiration or a sudden burst coming after you have waited so long and worked so hard; but in any case, the path suddenly opens up in front of you – beckoning to you, urging you forwards. Openness has led you here, and openness will carry you further. You feel stronger, more determined, and simply more capable; and even if you can’t see clearly who is assisting you, you have a strong sense you are not alone. And again, it is your own openness that is allowing the universe to supply you with exactly what you need to move forwards.

Part of you wishes to seize this opportunity- and that is precisely what you should be doing. Because this is something you deserve. While you wonder where exactly this is coming from; this will be revealed to you in time, so long as you co-operate and work in harmony with it. You are being challenged to work harder, push harder, be more – to summon your inner power and to build on all the work you have put in that has prepared you for this. This is your emergence and it is your time to shine – possibly even to lead – and this will require your focus and your willingness to commit yourself wholeheartedly. This is not a time to underestimate yourself or the world around you – things are shifting and changing quickly and fluidly; and the circumstances require you to shift with them – you will need to be at your best, yet to do so is entirely within your grasp.

This is a big change and it is a big shift. You have hoped, you have prayed; and now you are being helped off the floor and on your way. But seizing this opportunity means looking forward at all times now. This promises to be fast-paced; so there will be no time to gaze backwards nor to overthink things. Whatever is done, whatever is gone, must be released – this is how you continue to make space for what is to come. Grasp this opportunity; accept the help you are being offered; allow your inner power to grow; and trust that more will be revealed to you in time.

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