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Your general Tarot reading for 25 June – 1 July 2018


It has been hard work to get to this stage and you have probably been feeling very restricted in your actions. Not much freedom in what to do, and with your choices seemingly restricted; you felt you had to stare straight ahead and focus on the task at hand. While you briefly considered alternatives, they all seemed lengthy and drawn out and with no obvious reward on offer. In the circumstances you stuck with what you knew and what you already felt committed to – even if this felt like a drag at times, it seemed better than trying to do something else from scratch when that had prospects that seemed no better.

And now you find yourself at the stage of wondering when you get your reward for your hard work. You recognise your own commitment and are ready for it to begin to pay off. There is a danger that this becomes a fixation – looking for the evidence that you were right in your choice; you want something tangible in return for your efforts. But this is where you can easily betray yourself. Looking for rewards at this time misses the point of what you were engaged in – you were doing this for yourself; and through your commitment, you proved something to yourself. Throughout that time, you have been growing – far from it being for nothing, this is something you can carry forward.

And the evidence is that that growth, that self-confidence, which only you can gift to yourself; is what you will need at your disposal in the coming period. You are going to need to stand up proudly and defiantly – with what is coming, self-belief and ability to act on and trust your beliefs and to stay the course, will be everything. The power has been growing inside you throughout this time. It is for you to recognise the scale of that transformation. As you grasp and channel your inner power, and use it to fuel you as you move forward far more instinctively. The opportunity to do so is coming and it will take all of your focus and self-belief; but you are up to this, it is what you’ve worked for; more than anything else you will need to trust yourself as this can move you on to the next level.

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Cards are from Serpentfire Tarot by Devany Wolfe © 2017 Serpentfire. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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