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Your general Tarot reading for 18-24 June 2018


Your focus turns to creativity and expression; but at this time it focuses on the blockages in these things that you are feeling. This is coming from somewhere deep inside; somewhere that is usually out of both sight and mind. Rather than being able to channel feeling freely into expression; you are instead hitting frustration and a form of anger; and without a suitable outlet or understanding of what underlies this, you may well be experiencing uncomfortable emotional or physical symptoms. If left unexplored; if you do not do the work of bringing what is unconscious into your consciousness; this is likely to amplify. And what is likely to be underlying it is an inner conflict; one where your own fear and self-doubt are preventing you from feeling free and safe to express yourself. Whatever you are feeling most deeply; you are blocking it from yourself through either shame or guilt – learned attitudes that are making you feel exposed and unsafe but which here are restricting your ability to express yourself authentically; this is what is manifesting on the surface as a creative blockage.

There is a great power, an untapped resource; that is available to you, if you can unpick this and free yourself from the knots you are tied up in here. The lid on this pressure-cooker is being held down by your thoughts; your self-beliefs; so it is vital that you reach an understanding of these internal processes so that you can release them; and in the process can free yourself from the unwanted symptoms that your latent energy is being diverted into. You might be experiencing this as depression, anxiety, fatigue or pain. In any case, you are being called upon to journey deep in order to unravel this.

And if you can do so; you are likely to experience this as a significant release – a relief that allows you to express yourself in the very ways that you need to. This can be incredibly expansive for you as you are accessing a previously untapped part of yourself; with a far greater potential than you may be expecting. Completing this work will allow this to flow through you and out into the world and may herald the start of something bigger and more enduring still – so do not underestimate the change it can bring about and where it may lead. While this may mean further work; it is unlocking hidden potential; and the relief but also sense of achievement and self-worth is priceless – this is an investment in yourself that is very worth making. So do not ignore your frustrations at this time; they are a huge opportunity; if you can work to understand their root.

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Cards in image are from She Wolfe Tarot by Devany Wolfe © 2017 Serpentfire. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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