Your general Tarot reading for 4-10 June 2018

Seven of Pentacles
Five of Pentacles
The Empress
Ten of Swords
King of Wands

You’re lacking confidence in your efforts continuing to pay off and your impatience is starting to tell. You’ve worked hard and waited a long time; and you feel it’s time you were rewarded. You find yourself looking externally for an assurance that you’ve made the right choices; invested in the right things – surely someone will give you the validation and recognition that you seek?

This betrays a lack of self-confidence; a lack of assuredness in the path you have taken; the decisions you have made; and possibly in your ability to see things through to the end – and that is what emerges in this desire to cut and run. There is a weariness about you; that may come from pushing yourself a little too hard, or not maintaining the sense of balance that you need. Your work and projects are incredibly important and deserve the commitment you give to them – you should be investing yourself in this. But this lack of confidence and this looking externally indicates that you may have neglected other parts of your life. Self-expression is needed; and so are fresh friendships and sources of love. You may well feel a lethargy regarding your relationships at this time too – and, assuming you still feel valued within them, this is a time to re-adjust and re-align within them – because this could be a source of the difficulties you are having elsewhere. Relationships and friendships where you feel valued will help to carry you through this rough period; it is vital that you ensure they are giving you what you need and that you have space to contribute and grow within them too.

This ultimately requires you to act and to be decisive. If you feel something fading or failing – this is not the time to sit back and watch it fall away. Your relationships as well as the projects and work that you have invested so much of yourself in; do need to deliver for you as well as giving you the space to feel valued. It is in re-locating your inner self-worth that you will be able to judge honestly if the reality matches up to what you need. And if not; then it is at the very least time to start re-adjusting. It is important that you assert yourself – if you simply let things that are wrong continue to be so; this is likely to cause you some difficulty and anguish. Invest in and re-adjust what is genuinely worth it. But be prepared to leave the rest behind.

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